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and the tissue beneath a loose cobweb connective tissue.

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carefully by Nocard and other French veterinarians. From the

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is based on the fact that anthrax bacteria or their decomposition

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of the abscesses pustules and granulating sores. The affected parts

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There is a rise of temperature usually accompanied with a chill.

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Stiles who says that the indications in performing the radical

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The subacute form is known as anthrax fever or intermittent an

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of sanitary regulations in the terminal cities and the

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volve such serious risks and on which lives may rest

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posterior median line. By gentle traction the mucous mem

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liver was enlarged but smooth and nowhere hard there was

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holding in suspension many flocculi. It imparts a deep yellowish

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intestine. Another way of dissemination is in the death of the

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mals and found that in order to produce a calculus it is

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In more severe cases the cough is frequently more or less painful

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duction of the effusion other tlian that of pressure on the

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There can be no question about the irritative effect on the

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comb bees and honey can be given to weak colonies and surplus honey

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aspirations until the sac ceases to refill. If the contents

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political influence on a body of institutions whose directing

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individuals are observed. Frequently two spirochetes are joined end

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frequent complication in both slight and severe cases. Often

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these facts. In all cases of typhoid fever mercury is well

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and there appeared to be no indications for opening the dura.

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should be done to prevent the virus from spreading from the animals

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diseases such as glanders. Angeloff found that the gray trans

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other is accompanied by simple non inflammatory hyperemia.

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sponsibility they incur when recommending a remedy

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Supporting this proposition he took internally single.

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In fiS cases while Huge and iebhard consider metaplasias in the

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suppurative processes to extend to the skin or to cause ulceration.

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is the entire uterus removed but also a portion of the

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Uncertainties of Diagnosis and the Necessity of Early and

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removed its companion and was then able to draw up the

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as fever pain catarrhal inflammations and central nervous de

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nucleus and protoplasm. Other forms of reproduction have been

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muscle from the iliac crest. Not pursuing the analogy too far

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being made to the nose or when injected about the tonsils

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infected matter may be carried on the clothing or hands of human