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meglia, myxosdema, and extirpation of the thyroid. He

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cured by Proximal Pressure upon the Abdominal Aorta." The patient re-

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phatic. Then the mass of inflammatory cells organised into

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It is the most powerful non-toxic antiseptic I have yet found. —

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employed for hooking into. One great advantage possessed

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and that this new remedy is less dangerous than aconitine, digita-

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A.C. Thome, L.S. Turner, R.A. Veselis, J.D. Wasnick,

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Set the brand of society's soorn upon him. Here is the field of labour, and herein every one

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1903); Lichtenwalter, Harry W. C, V.S., San Francisco, Cal.

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contained numerous nodules of lobular pneumonia, in the

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tionately secure from attack. Now, however, that micro.'^copy, and

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and Noire, which change color under the influence of the rays, and

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result of our own ignorance or folly. The mass of mankind are

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Editor Medical Brief: — I am an old physician ; have been

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thelium shows cloudy swelling, most markedly in the proximal convoluted tubules,

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the wounding power has been derived was the ordinary black

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small quantity of serum from the blood warns them that unless they

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or to incomplete operation, such as neglect to drain a concurrent empysema,

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aggravating itching, and formication. The patient scratches himself

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Dr, Seaman: That is simply a proposition to have the

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definite report over the value of this method, except that in the

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normal, and the chance of a clear vitreous greater ;

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with this applied, and in a few hours the obstruction

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W. L. Nolan could not see wherein filling up the system with a

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of until after the criticism — some fifteen months after the

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long-forgotten salicin. For several months back, as soon as Dr. Senator

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"■ medical education in Ontario, before they are admitted to