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(1) It is painless in its application, and, therefore, patients

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following method was used. The crude drug employed was carefully

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to illustrate this. We once treated a case of tetanus (lock-jaw).

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learned' profession. I wish to call the attention of those who

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elements. Gelatinous infiltration is, therefore, not the second stiige

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Lagrange holds to the hyjoersecretion theory as the main cause of

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to light gained 2,610 gm. The animals not under treatment gained

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The propriety of killing animals suffering from glan-

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instructed how to discriminate the one disease from the other, were

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stood or had not convinced the Fellows of the truth of the new

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vals of ease for two or three days, and secondly, complete

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for the exhibition of specimens are quite common. The exceptional

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Douglas, Worcester (1746), 2241 — Holbrook, S. P. ; White, L.

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of the farm. The buildings should be capable of being

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cumstances capable of throwing light on the subject.

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the Therapeutic Grazette. This table, he says, will suggest the

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relatively compressed. Now the uniform consistence of the uterus,

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week later, the patient had an episode of severe respira-

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the entire population, of Albany, N. Y., only one in twenty-five

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must l)oar in niiiui that in time of war the aim of all l)ranches of the

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elimina-.ing the metabolic products fast enough, and are probably dis-

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that adiiesions were extensive, but especially in the

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Its effects can be reversed by administration of such agents, e g., isoproterenol or levar-

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would be necessary to show gross ignorance and carelessness in

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all severe. At times either gelsemium, hyoscyamus, passi-

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can Medical Association, who was recently operated upon for gall-

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during which abscess is the most likely to occur, and this may

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own interior powers. For the sex-element, in its second or attractive

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stitched up and the bleeding entirely stopped. With the use cf stimulants the

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Second prize awarded in 1923 to Benjamin Goldberg, S.B.

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gus, thus making the vertebras a guide to the oesopha-

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November 14. Rabbit No. 230 (male, weighing 3± pounds) received subcutane-

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edge and notch being quite diagnostic. Since the paracentesis

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cow keeper and breeder to their great loss, and in some

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ciliary ridges, witli the elTaceinent or (!vun fretjiicnt

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least, by an accredited private practitioner and countersigned by a

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everything else except morphine. I Usually begin with a ten-grain

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found to be [a]° = +62.69 to +91.10°. The rotation of chondro-

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and is the result of four months' experience. Important

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As he is lying down you notice that the pelvis is tilted upward,