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examination. Especially am I indebted for his invaluable help to

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that the operation has been performed and no discredit at

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The period of incubation of gonorrhoea is sometimes but a day

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the bowels were irregular the biliary secretion was deficient and vitiated and

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radtw or parent nurses. These give birth to daughter radise or cercarue

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voted to grant license to these two men. Their names were entered

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wind a careless engineer has his engine standing upon the track of your

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bones are intimately incorporated the rock is of a dull

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of the male cases is better than of the female cases.

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the injury was far too great to allow of recovery. The lint

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conicity in each of these is accidental and that they are

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steady toning impression. It takes time for complete

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servations which only go to establish the fact that digitaline

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of any particular formula. The tendency to define may be too exclusively

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use. I believe they may be of great use in that special condition

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which was discovered in by Berg and Gruby and which

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health resort. It is slieltc red by mountain ranges from violent

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The Wolffian bodies are the temporary kidneys of early

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out having first acquired some knowledge of anatomy by dis

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have traversed a long way to arrive at our present exaltation. It has

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fufion of fenna fo as to induce three or four evacuations. Gargles

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suggestively in numerous and widespread directions.

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a developed system of examination and teaching special museums

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ondary increase of the stroma may fully account for the appearances

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we conceive be two opinions as to the propriety of immediate

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relapses of the original infection or were lesions arising from the

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tion was held in Vancouver on August th and st. The president

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nated. Cardiac surgery prosthetic joints and renal transplantation or

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propelling force but with due deference I submit in the first

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cine unless it has been passed upon by the city health department.

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fetlock. Allow it to remain for three days and let the animal

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caption of an editorial in the Medical Times which has truths in it

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nosis clinical experience calls for a separate recognition of this as a

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The extension was made by means of a bandage fixed round

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mortality in the Obstetrical clinic of Prof. Pawlik Oct.

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angitis occur by allowing horses so soon as they will eat to

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sufficient quantity to give the liquid virus an acid reac

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lary space. Of course there was constant dribbling at the

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Mr. RAYNER BATTEN said that almost anything would give a dog keratitis.

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