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of red blood-corpuscles to carry on respiration, and the immediate treat-

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the spirochsete being isolated from his urine on the 17th. Carville

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otlier treatment was indicated. I never use cod-liver

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this is particularly true when considering canine practice, because dogs

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was the pioneer of medical journalism in Jajian and

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John Young Brown, in reply, said he was verj' partial to the Murphy

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terior tibial tuberosity may be confidently expected to result in com-

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Asst. Phys. Dept. Dis. Nerv. Sys., Mass. Gen. Hosp.

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phlegmononstonsillitis, and the parasitic skin diseases as scabies and

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for cancer of the breast usually requires an incision only an inch or two

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to six miles, and this distance was covered quickly,

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subject before him, in order to illustrate their application ; nay,

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the present volume is likely to prove a useful one; and from

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the Hospital, and are subject to the rules and regulations

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wall, in such a way that it is much easier of access

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abundantly saccharine. This is not because the ingredients of the

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mediately after Koch made known his tuberculin, I commenced

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§ 8. Any Fellow neglecting to pay his dues for two or more

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isms; (2.) The same varieties are not always found in different

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the history. For example, in a case of a hip-joint injury in an elderly

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At the command, right, turn the head to the right so as to bring the

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Left chest filled with serum. Lung covered with lymph. — Drs.