Bagel Factory - Christmas Bagel
Turkey with sausage, spinach, mayonnaise and cranberry sauce
est. 445
est. 1g
est. 13g
quite a bit
4.3 / 10

A… uhm, uh, a… a Christmas bagel? Is that allowed? Is everyone cool with that?

Perhaps Bagel Factory are making a gesture. An implicitly Jewish foodstuff with an implicitly Christian filling – could this be a stroke of genius? Religio-cultural culinary fusion!?

If so, it’s a shame the whole offering tastes mildly rank. I mean, good effort Bagel Factory for including sausages and everything, but don’t just use the cheapest offal you could find. The turkey is the thin sliced stuff too, which is sub par.

The most off-putting aspect was the undeniably fishy after-taste we noticed. Bleugh.