Benugo - Christmas Roast Turkey
Roast turkey with bacon, stuffing and cranberry sauce in a ciabatta roll.
a dollop
9.8 / 10

Mwah! Just-ah like-ah mamma used to make. This is probably it – the pinnacle of the Christmas sandwich. Loads of turkey meat, which was actually carved to order from a bird in the shop. Actual proper proper bacon rashers, not the crispy long life crap everyone else uses. A lovely soft and fluffy ciabatta roll… this is the best culinary link to the past since Proust’s madeleines.

The luxury of authentic home-made style cooking isn’t cheap – at £5.50 this is the boutique-iest sandwich by a long shot. Originally we were going to save Benugo until the 24th, but decided that would be a bit cruel for anyone wanting to try the best sandwich in town. Available in London only I’m afraid, but there’s one in St. Pancras if you’re passing through.

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