Upper Crust - Turkey Feast
Turkey, stuffing, sausage and bacon
≈ 550
≈ 1.5g
≈ 8g
7.8 / 10

A real meat-feast. No salad, but four kinds of flesh. A good start. But sausages are not just some box you can tick, you know, Upper Crust. If you’re not going to use good meat (even by sausage standards) then don’t bother – cold, wrinkly pork tubes are a chore to consume. Wasted calories. We could be eating pork scratchings with those calories, or chocolate peanut-butter cups, or curly fries.

There is a really good quantity of filling going on. Plenty of turkey, and it’s good quality stuff but a smidge dry. Tonnes of cheapo bacon. The stuffing had an odd soapy overtone which was a bit off-putting.