The Psychopath by Mary Turner Thomson

The Psychopath by Mary Turner ThomsonIn 2006, Mary Turner Thomson’s world shattered when she discovered her husband Will was a bigamist, con man and convicted sex offender. Unbeknownst to her, this would be the start of a bold new chapter in her life, fighting to protect other women from his heartless gaslighting campaigns—and putting a stop to his endless deception.

Mary thought her story would end with the revelation that Will in fact had several families—and numerous children. But when she discovered that he had continued to prey on new victims, she vowed to turn his betrayal into a force for good. On her mission to protect these women and others, Mary also learned more about the psychopathy behind Will’s duplicitous behaviour.

Teaming up with his newest fiancée in the US, Mary attempts to put an end to Will’s devastating activities. But will she and her fellow victims succeed in their ultimate goal: to bring down Will Jordan forever?

An Ordinary Life by Amanda Prowse

An Ordinary Life by Amanda ProwseFrom the bestselling author of The Girl in the Corner comes a tale of love, loss—and one last extraordinary dance.

Christmas Eve, 2019. Ninety-four-year-old Molly lies in her hospital bed. A stroke and a fall may have broken her body—but her mind is alive with memories.

London, 1940s. Molly is a bright young woman, determined to help the war effort and keep her head up despite it all. Life becomes brighter when she meets and falls in love with a man who makes her forget everything with one dance. But then war forces her to make an unforgettable sacrifice, and when she’s brought to her knees by a daring undercover mission with the French Resistance, only her sister knows the secret weighing heavily on Molly’s heart.

Now, lying in her hospital bed, Molly can’t escape the memories of what she lost all those years ago. But she is not as alone as she thinks.

Will she be able to find peace—and finally understand that what seemed to be an ordinary life was anything but?

You Belong Here Now by Dianna Rostad

You Belong Here Now by Dianna RostadEnter for your chance to win an Advance Reader's Edition of YOU BELONG HERE NOW by Dianna Rostad, on sale April 6th!

“Rostad’s bighearted debut is full of surprises, and warm with wisdom about what it means to be family.”
—Meg Waite Clayton, New York Times bestselling author of The Last Train to London

Montana: 1925. An Irish boy orphaned by Spanish flu, a tiny girl who won’t speak, and a volatile young man who lies about his age to escape Hell’s Kitchen, are paraded on train platforms across the Midwest to work-worn folks.

Before they reach the last rejection and stop, the oldest, Charles, comes up with a daring plan, and alone, they set off toward the Yellowstone River and grassy mountains where the wild horses roam.

Fate guides them toward the ranch of a family stricken by loss. Nara, the daughter of a successful cattleman, has grown into a brusque spinster who refuses the kids on sight. She’s worked hard to gain her father’s respect and hopes to run their operation, but if the kids stay, she’ll be stuck in the kitchen.

Nara works them without mercy, hoping they’ll run off, but they buck up and show spirit, and though Nara will never be motherly, she begins to take to them. So, when Charles is jailed for freeing wild horses that were rounded up for slaughter, and an abusive mother from New York shows up to take the youngest, Nara does the unthinkable, risking everything she holds dear to change their lives forever.

A Recipe for Bad Lemons by Angie Hundley

A Recipe for Bad Lemons by Angie HundleyEnter for a chance to win one of 10 personalized signed copies of A Recipe for Bad Lemons: Ingredients for Success from Life’s Sour Moments by Angie Hundley.

Angie Hundley received one bad lemon after another. There have been many challenges in her life that could break her – like abandonment and abuse as a child resulting in years spent in the foster care system. Rather than wallowing with a sour taste of defeat and victimhood, Angie chose differently. She has made the choice to embrace the gifts each trial presents and use them as ingredients to create a truly successful life.
From being the kind of mother she always wished she’d had, to running a multi-million dollar per year company, Angie has defied the odds. You too are one choice away from choosing the same powerful drive that Angie taps into. A Recipe for Bad Lemons will move you and inspire you to sweeten your life and succeed.

The Umbrella Lady by V.C. Andrews

The Umbrella Lady by V.C. Andrews*Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this shipment may be delayed.*

A young girl who has lost her father finds herself at the mercy of a mysterious woman who is not quite what she seems in this atmospheric and unputdownable novel from the New York Times bestselling author of the FLOWERS IN THE ATTIC series turned into popular Lifetime movies.

Left on a train platform in an unfamiliar village, little Saffron Faith Anders is certain her father will return shortly, just like he promised. She holds out hope even as the hours pass and the station grows dark. When a strange old woman with a large umbrella approaches and inquiries about her situation, Saffron doesn’t immediately trust the imposing do-gooder, but with the chances of her father returning growing ever slimmer, she agrees to rest at the old woman’s house.

Her stay was supposed to be for a few minutes, hours at most, but soon, Saffron soon realizes she has been confined to a house of dark secrets and is now at the mercy of the enigmatic Umbrella Lady. One minute grandmotherly and the next wickedly cruel, she shears Saffron’s hair, burns all the clothes she had in her suitcase, and pretends that the photo of a young girl hanging on her bedroom wall is no one in particular. When strange letters arrive from Saffron’s father, claiming that he will send for her shortly, hope returns to her young heart. But Saffron soon discovers that those who claim to love you will often hurt you the most....

This Is Not the Jess Show by Anna Carey

This Is Not the Jess Show by Anna CareyEnter to win one of 100 e-book copies of THIS IS NOT THE JESS SHOW by Anna Carey!

“At once thought-provoking and hilarious, THIS IS NOT THE JESS SHOW is a timely, incisive book so masterfully-plotted you won't want to put it down.”—Tahereh Mafi, NEW YORK TIMES best-selling author of the Shatter Me series and A VERY LARGE EXPANSE OF SEA

The year is 1998: TITANIC just won 6 Oscars, boy bands are dominating MTV’s airwaves, and like any other teenager Jess Flynn is just trying to survive high school. Between a crush on her childhood best friend, overprotective parents, and her sister’s worsening health, the only constant is her hometown of Swickley, which feels smaller by the day. Jess is resigned to her small-town life, until the day she discovers a mysterious device with an apple logo, causing her to question everything and everyone she’s ever known. As more cracks appear in Jess’s world, she faces a choice: can she live the rest of her life knowing it’s a lie or should she risk everything for the truth?

A fast-paced, mind-bending YA thriller packed with ‘90s pop culture references and perfect for fans of BLACK MIRROR, THIS IS NOT THE JESS SHOW will keep readers guessing until the very end.

Cold & Deadly by Toni Anderson

Cold & Deadly by Toni Anderson“I need to get back to Quantico.”
“What?” Kanas stopped and faced him, incredulous. “We need to go talk to the medical examiner. See if they took swabs for DNA. We need to trace Van’s movements the day he died. We might be able to place him with someone—”
“We’re not actively assigned to this investigation, remember?” Although he had an excuse as Aldrich had asked him to look at the files. Kanas didn’t. “You need to get back to the office before your boss notices you’re AWOL. I’ll contact the ME and the lab and—”
“No. No way.” She put her hands on her hips, her t-shirt stretching tight across her full breasts. He had to force himself not to let his gaze get distracted. Ava Kanas had the sort of body that could make a man break every rule in the book, and Dominic was not a rule breaker.
“You are not sidelining me on this,” she insisted.
And the sort of mouth that could drive a man insane. Not in a good way.

Little and Often by Trent Preszler

Little and Often by Trent PreszlerEnter for your chance to win an Advance Reader's Edition of LITTLE AND OFTEN by Trent Preszler!

No PO Boxes please.

“An impressive memoir…I thought (with relish) that I was getting a book about wood and tools, but the canoe built herein is merely the vessel carrying the buoyant narrative about a father and son, a mother and sister, love, hard work, wine, boats and a dog. I may have grown misty at one point.” —Nick Offerman, actor, comedian, and New York Times bestselling author

Trent Preszler thought he was living his best life in a seaside Long Island home and working as the C.E.O. of a winery. After 14 years of silence, his estranged father called to say his cancer had worsened and he made an unusual request: would he return to South Dakota for Thanksgiving? Though Trent was uncertain, he went. It would be the last time he saw his father alive. In the months that followed, Trent tried not to let his father’s death affect him, but the anger and disappointment, unresolved issues and things left unsaid overwhelmed him.

His father had left Trent only one item: a toolbox, an inheritance that befuddled him. He wasn’t the kind of man who worked with his hands, ever. But maybe that was the point. And with that came an epiphany: he would build something.

That something would be a wooden canoe, and he would complete it by the anniversary of his father’s death. Little and Often captures the struggles and triumphs of one man’s unpredictable journey of self-discovery and healing.

Spin by Patricia Cornwell

Spin by Patricia CornwellWin a Signed Copy of Spin by bestselling author Patricia Cornwell.

Captain Calli Chase races against time to thwart a plot that leaves the fate of humanity hanging in the balance in this new thriller from international bestselling author Patricia Cornwell.

In the aftermath of a NASA rocket launch gone terribly wrong, Captain Calli Chase comes face-to-face with her missing twin sister—as well as the startling truth of who they really are. Now, a top secret program put in motion years ago has spun out of control, and only Calli can redirect its course.

Aided by cutting-edge technologies, the NASA investigator and scientist turned Space Force pilot sets out on a frantic search for the missing link between the sabotaged rocket launch and her predetermined destiny…a search that someone else seems very interested in stopping.

From NASA to the Chase family farm, to the White House to distant orbits of space, Calli plays a high-stakes game of hide-and-seek with a cunning and ruthless adversary. One wrong move will unleash cataclysmic consequences reaching far beyond the boundaries of Earth.

This heart-pounding Captain Chase thriller from Patricia Cornwell will leave readers desperate for more.

Steal My Magnolia by Karla Sorensen

Steal My Magnolia by Karla SorensenAUTOGRAPHED COPY
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The Shadow Box by Luanne Rice

The Shadow Box by Luanne RiceThe Amazon Charts bestselling author of Last Day delivers a haunting thriller about how far one wife is willing to go to expose the truth—and the lengths someone will go to stop her.

After artist Claire Beaudry Chase is attacked and left for dead in her home on the Connecticut coast, she doesn’t know who she can trust. But her well-connected husband, Griffin—who is running for governor—is her prime suspect.

Just before the attack, Claire was preparing for an exhibit of her shadow boxes, one of which clearly accuses Griffin of a violent crime committed twenty-five years ago. If the public were to find out who her husband is, his political career would be over. Claire’s certain her husband and his powerful supporters would kill her to stop the truth from getting out.

When one of Claire’s acquaintances is murdered, the authorities suspect the homicide is linked to the attack on Claire. As the dual investigations unfold, Claire must decide how much she’s willing to lose to take down her husband and the corrupt group of elites who will do anything to protect Griffin’s interests and their own.

The Ruthless by David Putnam

The Ruthless by David  PutnamEnter a chance to win a signed copy (ARC) of The Ruthless.
Bruno Johnson, shaken to his core, but still a formidable force—an unrelenting focus on doing the right thing—unwilling to let anyone or anything stand in his way

Pushed to his emotional limit, Los Angeles County Sheriff Deputy Bruno Johnson struggles to hold his family together while immersed in his unrelenting career. His daughter, Olivia, is a teen mom to twin toddlers; her common-law husband, Derek Sams, is a thug; and one of their little boys has disappeared under his care.

The overwhelming intensity demanded of Bruno on this personal level is compounded by the brutal shotgun murder of a superior court judge and his wife, both friends of his. Bruno cannot ignore these violent crimes even though he's supposedly off the law enforcement grid—undercover—working an illegal gun sting.

Tragedy strikes Bruno's life on all fronts: family, friends, and professional—however, none of these colossal forces can match the unthinkable catastrophe that will forever dominate Bruno's life.

Perfect for fans of Robert Crais and Michael Connelly

While all of the novels in the Bruno Johnson Crime Series stand on their own and can be read in any order, the publication sequence is:

The Disposables
The Replacements
The Squandered
The Vanquished
The Innocents
The Reckless
The Heartless
The Ruthless (coming February 2021)
The Sinister (coming February 2022)