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It’s seven in the morning The Bantrys wake to find the body of a young woman in their library She is wearing evening dress and heavy make up Last year the re

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Which is now smeared across her cheeksBut who is she? How did she get there? And what is the connection with another dead girl whose charred I figured it out

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Remains are later discovered in an abandoned uarry?The respectable Bantrys invite Miss Marple to solve the mystery before tongues start to wag What a pleasure

  • Hardcover
  • 191
  • The Body in the Library
  • Agatha Christie
  • English
  • 06 July 2020
  • 9781579126261

About the Author: Agatha Christie

Mary Westmacott and was in the Epub Û occasionally published under the name.

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    It had been a while since I read an Agatha Christie novel I combed through the list of her work and thought to myself I'm not actually sure if I ever read this one And it turned out I hadn't Now I want to watch a TV version to see how they interpret itGreat story So much has been re done from this early on work It's a must read for Christie fans and truly any mystery buff When you are rich and you have people who take care of things and it's nearly 100 years ago what does one do when a body shows up in the library and you're not sure who it is? How confusing But even so when there's another girl who is missing and they look alike Which is which? And you know someone's lying But you can't uite tell Marple can thoI think this is one of the better Marple mysteries it's less about Marple and about the story And how the body got there Nothing is as it seems but that's where Christie shows her strength The writing leads you to one conclusion based on how the facts are shown But it's not trickery The info is there you just have to weed thru it The only issue here I'm just sorry I waited so long to read this one About Me For those new to me or my reviews here's the scoop I read A LOT I write A LOT And now I blog A LOT First the book review goes on Goodreads and then I send it on over to my WordPress blog at where you'll also find TV Film reviews the revealing and introspective 365 Daily Challenge and lots of blogging about places I've visited all over the world And you can find all my social media profiles to get the details on the whowhatwhenwhere and my pictures Leave a comment and let me know what you think Vote in the poll and ratings Thanks for stopping by Note All written content is my original creation and copyrighted to me but the graphics and images were linked from other sites and belong to them Many thanks to their original creators

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    Last year the reading the detectives group read through Agatha Christie's Miss Marple mysteries as a yearly challenge Having joined the group late I did not have a chance to read all of the ueen of Crime's cases featuring her famous spinster sleuth As I participated in the challenge when I could I came to appreciate Miss Marple as an everyday detective who is a champion for the average person Using her uality of reading human nature to solve cases Miss Marple became a favorite crime fighter of mine as the year drew on When this year's classic bingo board in the group catching up on classics featured a classic mystery suare I used this as an opportunity to once again catch up with the ueen of Crime and the village of St Mary Mead's resident detective Dolly Bantry is woken by what she thinks is a bad dream but is really one of her maids alerting her and her husband Arthur to the presence of a dead body in their library Immediately the older couple notifies the local police who are just as baffled by the young woman as the Bantrys are In a village as small as St Mary Mead gossip spreads like wildfire and Dolly fears that people would start to believe that her husband murdered the woman himself Immediately she calls her close friend who happens to have a penchant for solving murders Miss Jane Marple Not giving a choice in the matter Miss Marple is dispatched to Gossington Hall to assist the Bantrys in solving this heinous crimeThe cast of possible suspects expands at once to include local film star Basil Blake as well as the younger set of people vacationing at the nearby Majestic Hotel The police discover that the body is that of Majestic dancer Ruby Keene yet are addle brained as to suspect and motive Dolly Bantry and Miss Marple head to the Majestic in order to solve this mystery before the entire village suspects Arthur of wrongdoing As with previous cases that I have read Miss Marple has put her facts together and pieces together the crime while the police are still shaking their heads She finds out that Conway Jefferson a close friend of the Bantrys is spending the season at the Majestic alone with his son in law daughter in law and her son Jefferson is shaken by the death of Ruby Keene who he had recently decided to adopt as a daughter and phones his friend retired Inspector Henry Clithering to help solve this case Clithering has always had respect for Miss Marple and the two join forces to work out the mystery especially as they see the police stuck for ideasAs in many Christie mysteries murders happen in threes Halfway through the book another young woman is found murdered in a burning car At once Miss Marple knows the identity of the murderer but has to verify the cause and alibi with the guests at the hotel as well as some residents in her village before the third murder occurs Miss Marple is indeed a shrewd judge of human nature whereas she notes that the police believe everything they hear at face value As a result she is the detective who is left explaining the entire case to the police force time after time With all of Marple's cases Christie has developed an older woman who is overlooked as a spinster and close to the scrap pile yet is still sound in mind and other body faculties Time and time again Miss Marple has proven to the police and readers alike that age is just a number and should not be used to inhibit living one's life to the fullestI often read mysteries in between denser reads or when I feel that I might be going into a reading rut as a means of cleansing my mind in anticipation of involved books ahead With the enduring reputation as the ueen of Crime Dame Christie's mysteries remain enjoyable to me as I often have to read an entire book to discover whodunit Even after completing this bingo suare I have a feeling that I will be reading through cases featuring both Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot throughout the year most likely alternating between the two each month These uick whodunits sharpen my deductive reasoning skills and put me in a better frame of mind to accomplish reading a wide variety of books that I have on tap Palette cleansed375 stars

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    I confess to absolutely loving Dame Agatha Christie's books I find the coziness of them very soothing Miss Marple's character becomes rounded as we see her interact with her friends Even though there were less action in this book but I don't think that dooms it to being a bad book it's just a change of pace which is often refreshingIn the author's foreword Christie writes I laid down for myself certain conditions The library in uestion must be a highly orthodox and conventional library The body on the other hand must be a wildly improbably and highly sensational bodyChristie kept to her conditions and the results were excellent Her writing is timeless She keeps you guessing right up to the very end The characters are well developed and detailed The Bantrys are warm and funny but still have their own depth Conway Jefferson who seemed to be permanently in mourning is one of the most interesting characters It was humorous when the author portrays the village's people and their gossip Very tongue in cheek PThe best thing about Agatha Christie is that she writes with typical British wit and humour and also wry observations appearing here and there The skill of observation and drawing similarities between unrelated events of Miss Marple are unparalleled One of the most intricate of plots The Body In The Library is certainly a splendid read for cozy mystery fans

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    The Body in the Library Miss Marple #3 Original Publication Year 1942Characters Miss Jane Marple Inspector Slack Colonel Arthur and Dolly Bantry and Abstract Bleached blonde girl clad in not new spangled evening gown is found strangled in the library of old Colonel Arthur and Dolly Bantry best friends to Miss Jane Marple The village spinster expert in human nature and motivations for murder notes closely clipped nails commonly bitten at that age unlike talons usual to Josie's job of professional Hotel dancerتاریخ نخستین خوانش روز بیست و پنجم ماه نوامبر سال 2011 میلادیعنوان یک راز خ‍ان‍م مارپل، مترجم پروین‌ عظی‍می ‌قاسم‌ زاده نشر ‏تهران، نشر دنیای‌ نو‏‫، 1371، ادبیات پلیسی و جنایی در ‏‫224ص؛ شابک نداردعنوان دو جسدی در کتابخانه عنوان روی جلد یا جنازه‌ ای در کتابخانه عنوان همین کتاب در اسناد کتابخانه ملی؛ مترجم مجتبی عبد‌الله نژاد، ‏نشر تهران، کتاب هرمس‏‫، 1388، ادبیات پلیسی و جنایی در 220ص؛ ‏شابک 9789643635817؛عنوان سه تصویر جلد ندارد؛ سرقت در گراند مترو، مترجم بهرام افراسیابی، نشر تهران، مهرفام‏‫، 1389، ادبیات پلیسی و جنایی در ‏‫334ص، شابک 9789649915364؛یادداشت کتاب حاضر با سه عنوان «راز خانم مارپل» با ترجمه­ ی بانو «پروین عظیمی» و توسط «انتشارات دنیای نو» در سال 1371هجری خورشیدی، و با عنوان «جسدی در کتابخانه» با ترجمه ­ی جناب «مجتبی عبد‌الله نژاد» توسط «نشر کتاب هرمس» در سال 1388هجری خورشیدی، و با عنوان «سرقت در گراند مترو»، با ترجمه­ ی جناب «بهرام افراسیابی» توسط «نشر مهرفام» در سال 1389هجری خورشیدی، منتشر شده استسومین داستان از ماجراهای «دوشیزه مارپل» صبح اول وقت خدمتکار «گوسینگتون هال» در «سنت‌ماری مید» وارد اتاق «کلنل بانتری» و همسرش می‌شود، و به آنها خبر می‌دهد، که در کتابخانه، یک جنازه پیدا شده است؛ زن و شوهر، نخست باورشان نمی‌شود، اما پس از آنکه کلنل از پله‌ها پایین می‌رود، می‌بیند که جلوی شومینه­ ی کتابخانه، جسد زن جوانی، با موهای بور؛ به نام «روبرروبی کین» رقاصه ی معروف، با لباس شب، بر روی زمین افتاده؛ «خانم بانتری»، با بهترین کسی که برای رسیدگی به مسئله قتل می‌شناسد، یعنی «دوشیزه مارپل» تماس می‌گیرد؛ «دوشیزه مارپل»، که «در کار جنازه و این جور چیزها» خیلی وارد است، به «گوسینگتون هال» می‌آید، و با شیوه ی آرام و پیگیر خود، ماجرا را دنبال می‌کند؛ سرهنگ «ملچت» رئیس پلیس، سرهنگ «کلیترینگ»، و بازرس «اسلاک» افسر پلیس، مامور رسیدگی به این پرونده هستند؛ ستوان «اسلاک»، از «دوشیزه مارپل» خوشش نمی‌آید؛ در طول تحقیقات، آنها جنازه­ ی دیگری را کشف می‌کنند، که موضوع قتل پیشین را پیچیده می‌کند، و ماجراهایی در طول داستان برای کشف قاتل رخ می‌دهد، که در ادامه ی داستان بازگو می‌شود؛ شخصیتهای دیگری که در این ماجرا هستند «بیسیل بلیک» و دوست دخترش، که متهم به قتل هستند؛ «ریمون استر» مربی تنیس، «جوزفین ترنر» رقاص حرفه­ ای، و مادر تعمیدی «روبی کین»، و بالاخره «جین مارپل» دوشیزه ی پیری که تمام قطعات پازل را، در کنار هم می­چیند، تا معماها را حل کند؛ در «جسدی در کتابخانه»، «دوشیزه مارپل» پس از دوازده سال از گشودن راز «قتل در خانه کشیش»، دوباره وارد داستانی دیگر می‌شود؛ بانو «کریستی» در مصاحبه‌ ای با مجله «لایف» اعلام کرده، که بخش آغازین «جسدی در کتابخانه» جزو بهترین نوشته‌ های ایشانست؛ ا شربیانی

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    I figured it out I knew whodunnitI was smugly chuckling and congratulating myself on finally beating Agatha Christie at her own game as I listened to the end of the book drawing near knowing that I had beaten the ueen of Mystery GoddammitShe fooled me again I was all like waitwhatthefuckjusthappened? as I listened to the actual murderer get hauled off to the pokey sighsAnywayThe gist is that Miss Marple's friend Dolly finds a body in her library I know right?Yeah some random chick a dancer no less pops up all dead and sprawled out in her house and if she doesn't figure out the who what why everyone will just assume that it was some floozy her husband was banging on the sideThere are a whole lotta extra characters several with something to hide a fat inheritance and another dead girl this one a gullible teenager that gets thrown into the mix to make this an interesting storyStephanie Cole was the narrator of the version I listened to and as always she did an admirable jobRecommended for fans of Agatha Christie mysteries

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    There's a small note to the reader at the very beginning of this novel in which Agatha Christie basically writes the trope of the body in the library is very common throughout detective fiction so I wrote this novel to fuck shit up Good old Agatha This is a Miss Marple story well I think it is because our beloved Miss Jane Marple is in fact missing from uite a lot of this novel Thankfully the crime is exciting enough for us to overlook that minor setback It's a classic Christie foolproof and sturdy plot with a cast of both memorable and useless characters However there are scenes in this that I did find rather graphic for your typical Christie novel I won't spoil it but there is a scene set in a uarry and it is uite out there for Agatha Overall I enjoyed this like I do with most of Christie's books She really can't do any wrong

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    Someone here on Goodreads has a shelf called cozy mysteries and I think this is a perfect description of Agatha Christie's Miss Marple seriesYou can't get much cozier than a tea drinking elderly spinster in a tiny English village The Body in the Library is a clever little book Miss Marple is called in to investigate when her friend finds a dead body in the library What I enjoy about Christie is she doesn't take her mysteries too seriously There's lots of room for humorous little bits I loved the way she describes the relationship between Mrs Bantry and her husband Colonel BantryThey are pure upperclass silliness personified There's a brief little chapter when the news of the murder runs through St Mary Mead gaining momentum and inventiveness with every repetition And when young Peter approaches the detective saying he's collected some famous autographs including Dorothy Sayers and Agatha Christie I couldn't help smilingPlus I really want this library The library was a room very typical of its owners It was large and shabby and untidy It had big sagging armchairs and pipes and books and estate papers laid out on the big table There were one or two good old family portraits on the walls and some bad Victorian water colors and some would be funny hunting scenes There was a big vase of flowers in the corner The whole room was dim and mellow and casual It spoke of long occupation and familiar use and of links with tradition

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    Rating 4 solid stars of fiveThe novel surprisingly holds up well to a 21st century re read I was so pleased not to find anything shouting at me oh dear gawd please don't say that Slut shaming a huge component of the novel isn't something uniue to the times it is set in It was a pleasure not having anything other than that and class snobbery to overlookBut goodness me what a lot of it there was The film people were ever so louche my dear just Not Our Sort soAmerican you know The dead girl? A Platinum Blonde one ofThose Girls chicken's ass face and doubtless not one smidgen better than she should be Later it is revealed she was a virgin you old cowBut what divine fun An actual fictional Body In The Library Cliche central send up a cheap one Then Dame Agatha does her magic the sort that turns things inside out and it's the library that's the red herring the body that's the clue and the mystery itself isn't about ANY of those thingsDivine funIn 1983 ITV's Miss Marple turned the book into a good faithful adaptation starring Joan Hickson headache face It was a bit grave dusty for me as were the other Hickson Marple outings I simply don't get the lady's appeal in the role In 2004 Agatha Christie's Marple did it over and made significant character changes to the evergreen plot I won't spoiler them for you because I think you should watch it The changes are fun I'll say that What a lark and pace you Hicksonians I think Geraldine McEwan makes a damned good Marple But the biggest and best casting delight is the ever joyous to watch Joanna Lumley as Dolly Bantry Delicious

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    What a pleasure it was to reread this book The first time I read a Miss Marple mystery storyl I was in my early teens and did not appreciate just how smart the woman is She's very observant and remembers little things about people and draws parallels between different people to figure out who could have done it the murder that isAnd I don't remember Agatha Christie being uite so funny the first time I read this; I found myself laughing out loud at the dialogue between Mrs and Mr Bantry at the beginning of the book There are also little descriptions as the story progresses that are amusingThough I figured out who one of the murderers was and suspected the other I had fun reading as the story unfolded and Miss Marple did her thing uietly watching everyone involved and figuring out who was responsible

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    When a peroxide blonde is found dead in the library at Gossington Hall Colonel and Mrs Bantry are perplexed However Mrs Bantry is determined that the crime should be solved aware that suspicion will fall on her husband no smoke without fire and wisely calls in Miss Marple When the body is identified as Ruby Keene a dance hostess at the Hotel Majestic in Danemouth Dolly Bantry and Miss Marple head off for a short break to do a spot of sleuthingThis is a classic Christie novel and the second full length Miss Marple mystery after The Murder at the Vicarage It sees Miss Marple in fine form making her usual comparisons between the various suspects and locals she has known there is she says shrewdly so much evil in a village As always Christie utilises the setting expertly with the hotel housing a great array of suspects including a rich invalid professional dancers and tennis coaches There is also local Basil Blake who works in the film industry and causes a great deal of gossip in St Mary Mead Miss Marple manages to solve the crime and put all to rights with her shrewd judgement and common sense great fun

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