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Needlework and Cutting Out a Compendium for the Household

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characters Needlework and Cutting Out a Compendium for the Household

A comprehensive volume written as a primer for school children covering everything from the most basic c

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    In this day of reduce reuse and recycle many of the arts of repairing clothing have been lost The old books tell us how This one has very thorough instructions

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    Another highly rated little gem from my collection this volume once again answers my desire to collect books which not only teach construction techniue but which also give workable patterns or instructions on how to create them so that perfectly authentic examples may be created without having to trust to the authenticity of patterns created for commercial sale by othersThe scope is obviously not particularly wide you will not find herein the means to create a period ballgown or walking outfit but for the basic garments easily made at home such as childrens' pinafores chemises overalls aprons knickerbockers nightshirts and nightdresses for all ages combinations day shirts and infants clothing you will find little better than this bookThe methods given are often simple freuently worked to a proportional system of folding a sheet of paper but this makes them very approachable The garments are also made with the absolute minimum of waste a Cottage Pinafore gives a very pleasing arrangement at the shoulder simply by clever cutting and with zero waste along that seamWritten as an aid to teaching this volume starts at the absolute basics The correct use of a thimble how to hold the needle how to form a stitch all are covered here Knitting darning and patching are also covered very comprehensively and ever with practicality in mind As well as the ubiuitous instructions for hems seams buttonholes and decorative stitches here you will also learn how to turn the toe of a knitted sock how to deal with a hem crossing a seam and how to sew the strengthening gusset at the foot of the side seamThe discovery or rediscovery of methods still valid today but seldom taught are what make these old volumes such a delight Anyone who has ever struggled to make gathers sit neatly would welcome the instructions for 'stroking' which induce them to lie in such uniform fashionThe diagrams for cutting out are shown drawn against a grid with dimensions clearly displayed for each piece making it simple to recreate it for oneself The grids are turuoise the lines themselves either black or else red and they are very easy to interpretIf I had to choose to keep only a fraction of my books this one would surely survive the cull as it contains much that is covered elsewhere and besides

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