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    The fact that Joan Didion positively endorsed this book on the back cover makes me wonder a if she read it and b if she did read it and liked it should I continue to respect her? What a terribly written book Note that this is not a matter of liking or not liking a particular genre or style I don't read a lot of chick lit but I can get into a smartly written story of almost any kind Remember in fourth grade when your teacher told you to show don't tell in your writing? Apparently Ms Witchel missed that day of class Explication explication explication Few details that add any sort of interest or depth to the characters and those details there are feel so stock and cliched The heroine's not plucky she's a poorly drawn attempt at a plucky heroine Every now and again she drops the name of some great writer so we can know that she's smarter than her job at a gossip rag Hello this gal wanted nothing than to become a children's book writing stay at home mom married to her HS sweetheart sugardaddy At something like 23 There is nothing wrong with being a stay at home mom or a children's book author or wanting to marry and settle down trust me But nothing about this woman's behavior ualifies her as plucky christ pick up Anne of Green Gables if that's what you wantSimilarly I don't see anything sharply drawn about her descriptions of life in NYC or work at a fashion magazine Granted I've never worked at a fashion magazine so who am I to say but the fact is office life was described in a few lame cliches and weak character sketches New York? I don't remember a single concrete image of NYC from this entire novelThe only thing I can say in favor of this book is that it's a uick read that got me through a long subway ride to the UPS customer center in Brooklyn

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    This is totally forgettable chick lit that I picked up at the library book sale because I’ve read Alex Witchel’s articles in the New York Times Sandra Berlin’s world is turned upside down when her fiance turns out to have two other fiancees Suddenly her suburban mom future is gone and she must deal with weird roommates a fairly crappy job and dismal first dates If you didn’t know that Sandy will triumph in the end you haven’t been paying attention to the genre

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    Wellthis book was okay Nothing about it stood out except that I didn't like or understand any of the characters1 You find out your fiancee has two other fiancees and then you pine away for him for over a year? I don't care if he was your high school sweetheartreally? And then you whine about it and whine and whine some And go through your ex's trash can 1 year after you broke up??? I would have rather read about her getting over her scummy fiancee and falling in love with someone else2 The gay best friend who died of AIDS just seemedwellcliche And it was a story line that I didn't understand gay best friend who won't tell girlfriendfiancee he is gay while he cavorts with anything wearing pants And takes drugs like crazy and the best friend doesn't seem to care So maybe this is because I am looking at this from a 2013 perspective and not a 1980s perspective when this book was written I know that a lot has changed since then However I think that this is an indication that the book didn't do a good job of placing the events or the entire story into the appropriate period I felt like I was reading a modern story but it wasn't and therefore really didn't make sense to me

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    Ughok so I picked this book up off the discount rack at a used bookstore I guess I'm not really out much but wow talk about false advertising I was expecting a lot fun in this book There's a uote on the front of the book from the New York Times Deliciously wrought with a fun twist and some lovely revenge along the way Yeah so how about the revenge didn't even happen until page 279of 304 WTF? Also I kinda felt like I was reading three different books at the same time The one where the girl gets dumped by her HS boyfriend the one where the girl's gay best friend view spoilergets sick and dies of AIDS hide spoiler

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    Meh this was pretty much what I expected from a sort of chick lit rom com book Our main character learns her fiancé has two other fiancees Uh oh This felt like it had a lot of detail –as we got lots of backstory about Sandra as well as forward movement of the plot but it really felt like the author didn’t really know where the end point was The book had interesting moments and wasn’t unenjoyable to readbut it seems like a bonbona momentary distraction but something I can barely remember details about now

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    Warning this text may contain spoilers I only finished reading this book because I needed to read a book with textured pages and this is the only one I had on hand It was so uninteresting that I almost stopped reading it when I only had 30 pages left The story line is bland the writing was okay the stories that the main character writes don't make sense and even the interesting characters are boring I had absolutely no attachment to any of the characters Even when the best friend of Sandra dies I couldn't even muster up a that's too bad

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    Another Bridget Jones esue novel I know I read a lot of these stories about women in their 20s30sdealing with relationship issues Her The Girl’s Guide To Hunting and Fishing It’s a guilty pleasureAnyway the basis of the story is kind of silly – a girl engaged to her high school sweetheart discovers that he’s actually engaged to two other women – but there are some deep and moving subplots too Sandra struggles with the right reasons for marrying Bucky while discovering that her gay best friend Paul hasn’t been completely honest with her either

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    From the title I would it would be a completely different story than it was The story does jump around but I was hooked Once you find out Paul's storyline you just can't put the book down Very random story jumps all over the place so I can see how it got low ratings but once I finished the book I decided it was worth reading

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    I don't normally root against the wronged party in the relationship but Man is it hard to root Sandra in this book

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    It was okay some parts okay others I wondered why finish

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Cutive and descendant of Betsy Ross with whom she'll live in suburban Tudor splendor and have beautiful children At least that's the plan Until Sandy meets Bucky's other fiance Who tells her about the third Sandy's heartbreak betrayal Meh this was p

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Sandra Berlin's got it all She's living in Manhattan and climbing the editorial ladder at ultrachic fashion magazine Jolie and she's newly engaged to her high school sweetheart Bucky Ross Bucky's her knight in shining WASP armor ad exe This is totall

characters ¿ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¸ Alex Witchel

And the excruciating blind dates that follow paint a shrewd comic dead on portrait of the suddenly single life and remind us that even when fantasy crashes head on into hard reality love can still surprise us in the most unexpected way I don't normal