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With her reputation forever tarnished by a youthful indiscretion lovely Emily Faringdon is resigned to a life of spinsterhood until she embarks on an unusual correspondence and finds herself falling head over heels in love Sensitive intelligent and high minded her noble pen pal I do not think I l

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Seems to embody everything Emily has ever dreamed of in a man But Simon Augustus Traherne the mysterious Earl of Blade is not all that he seemsDriven by dark smoldering passions and a tragic secret buried deep within his soul Blade has all of London cowering at his feet but no This book was a cr

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T Emilynever Emily For even as she surrenders to his seductive charms she knows the real reason for his amorous suit And she knows that she must reach the heart of this golden eyed dragon before the avenging demons of their entwined pasts destroy the only love she has ever know Upon reading a syn

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Jayne Ann KrentzThe author of over consecutive New York Times bestsellers JAYNE ANN KRENTZ writes romantic suspense often with a psychic and paranormal twist in three different worlds Contemporary as Jayne Ann Krentz historical as Amanda uick and futuristic as Jayne Castle There are over million copies of her books in print She earned a BA in History from the University of California at Santa Cruz and went on to obtain a Masters degree in Library Science from San Jose State University in California Before she began writing full time she worked as a librarian in both academic and corporate librariesMs Krentz is married and lives with her husband Frank in Seattle Washington Pseudonyms.

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    This was a light and fun historical romance It was typical Amanda uick in style We got a light tone plenty of humour and a uirky lead couple The romance was between the main couple was a good one The premise was pretty fun Emily Faringdon's reputation was ruined by a scandal when she foolishly ran off with a rouge at the age of 19 Now at 24 she lives in seclusion at her families country estate and her business acumen is crucial to keep her family father and two brothers of gambling wastrels afloat Simon Augustus Traherne the mysterious Earl of Blade made him money and reputation in the Far East but has returned to England intent on vengeance on the men who ruined his father and left his family penniless Lady Emily is his next tool He plans to use her as a pawn in his plot to take down her father so strikes up a pen pal friendship with her based on her love of romantic poetry The whole story was a lot of fun Both Emily and Simon were likeable characters Simon was a typical uick hero Tough stoic and calculating but also mostly a good guy Emily was even uirky and insane than the typical uick heroine and it was a lot of fun watching Simon and everyone else get caught up in her crazy ways I uite liked the romance Both Simon and Emily were pretty capable and self sufficient but both benefited from having the other in their life They were just a good match It always helps when a couple seem to enjoy each other company outside of th bedchamber as well as in it All in all this was a light and enjoyable read I liked the romance and enjoyed the light humorous tone Rating 4 stars

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    I do not think I like Amanda uick's heroes either They're all so cool Marble Ice men Emotionless They NEVER give anything away to their heroines Can't crack a smile much less a joke This irks me BadlyAnd if I have to hear the words Metaphysical transcendental or higher plane one timethere will be explosive projectile vomiting The ending was the best part It's over now3 stars is a high rating But I suppose it is apt

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    This review was originally posted on Addicted To RomanceScandal is a tale of a fiery dragon and the woman that out of love and devotion would become his own fire breathing dragoness “My God Emily” For a moment the world seemed to halt She could barely breathe let alone respond “Emily open your eyes and look at me”Dreamily Emily lifted her lashes and looked up into Simon’s harshly carved face He was so close that she could see him without the aid of her spectacles She was fascinated by the glittering heat that had washed away the coldness in his eyes Fire lit the beautiful golden gaze now a wild flame of masculine desire held under rigid control “Dragon” she whispered softly touching his hard cheek with gentle fingers “My very own golden eyed dragon”He narrowed his eyes as he stared down at her “Dragons have a dangerous reputation around fair maidens”She smiled softly up at him “’Tis no use breathing fire and smoke in an attempt to frighten me my lord I know I am uite safe with you” Scandal is the first book that I have read from Amanda uick although I have read some of her titles under her other name Jayne Anne Krentz this was my first time picking up one of her historical titles that she has written  I will admit that I had high hopes for this book and to be uite frank I really didn't know what to fully expect from this book And I can honestly say that this book was spectacular and I didn't want to put this amusing historical down and if you looking for an honest in depth well written dynamic readgrab up Scandal or any of her other titles Now I will admit that Scandal has the feel of an older style romance but not in ways you imagine I will be honest and admit I miss this style of writing in historical romance especially I really enjoyed the dynamics and what a well written book this is I mean honestly its been a while since I have picked up a book so well written and detailedScandal begins with our hero seeking revenge against the families that wronged him and his family The reasons behind his father's suicide and his mother being forced to live in the north and soon dying herself and where Simon soon learns that not everything goes according to plan Emily has been corresponding with the love of her life in letters and exchanging love of literature and romantic poetry Emily knows that Simon is her future but she never really imagined that she would meet him in real life Or that he would share certain delights and passion or agree to marry her But Emily soon learns that her father wronged Simon's she understand than anyone realizes and soon Simon and Emily both find that love heals wounds in ways you least expectNow I honestly became uickly immersed in Scandal and it had a sense of uirkiness to the story that I found simply delightful Now first we have our two main characters Our hero Simon is used to be feared He spent many years in India and deals with problems the way they do He has power and wealth and everyone tends to fear him But there is one person that doesn't fear him at allEmily Emily at first I wasn't uite sure how I felt about her But she is not what she seems to be on the surface We see her in the beginning being so immersed in poetry and romance and she seems to be a bit dim witted at times But she is way clever than all that Ever since she was seventeen she has managed to save her reckless father and brothers and handling their gambling debts again and again She is left alone on the estate unless they need funds But she knows everything good about making smart investments She also has a character that you rarely see in romance and I found her to be so refreshing and crafty She is one of those uniue characters that keep you on your toes because I NEVER knew what to expect from her Some of the plans she hatches I kept thinking poor Simon he has no idea what he is in for here but he does handle it with patience and grace so I have to applaud him for thatI also really liked the ways that these two falls in love and the little ways that they build upon the desire they feel that slowly develops into a strong love where they protect each other no matter what Their intricate dealings with society the precise details that are written that make this era just come alive for the reader And of course seeing how love does change you in some positive ways The changes we most especially see in Simon was uite frankly speaks of the talent to Amanda uick He has such a complex character and seeing how his affection and love that he develops for Emily changes how he deals with his enemies even “I am trying to tell you that I probably do not deserve you elf but I will kill anyone who tries to take you away from me” His golden eyes flashed in the candlelight “In that way I believe we must be two of a kind” Scandal is a uick witter and a story full of clever plot runs delightful characters whose story ends up give you all the feels and offers an in depth look at the regency era in the ways it was meant to be written SUPERB

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    I am laughing so hard as I think of this book and what to write Look I used to devour Amanda uick's older books with the one word description and usually a random object on the cover There were some that were really good And there were some that may be wonder about the intelligence of the heroheroine involved Scandal is definitely the latter You have a sort of reformed rake trope taking place here though the hero is not really a rake he's just an out and out ass with a naive heroine that believes that love transcends everything Seriously learn to love the phrases higher plane and cast adrift on love's transcendent golden shore Also she calls or thinks of the hero as a dragon so learn to love that word as well as the word elf that the hero calls the heroineThe heroine in Scandal is Emily Faringdon Emily is an aspiring writer her epic poem sounds awful by the way and thinks she is going to forever lead a solitary life in the countryside due to a scandal where the title comes from in her past When Emily was younger she ran away to get married and then realized on the way what a bad idea it was Emily was not found til the next day so of course in Regency era times this means she is considered an indiscreet young woman which no man would offer for This suits Emily's father since he just uses Emily in order to have her keep him and her two twin brothers Charles and Devlin afloat due to her investment schemes Emily starts up a correspondence with a man claiming to have her love of literature and then one days he announces he will be staying at a neighbor's home and they can finally meet Emily meets Simon Traherne also known as the Earl of Blade Simon has his own reasons for pursuing Emily and it's all about revengeSo Emilyis kind of tedious and aggravating When Emily finally meets Simon she decides that they are soul mates I refuse to go back and look to see if that phrase is used and even when she is told why Simon is pursuing her and wants to marry her to avenge himself on her father she still marries the guy It was beyond ridiculous Who marries someone who tells you that your father was responsible for his father committing suicide and you are part of his master plan to get revenge on all people who wronged himIt baffles me throughout this book how cruel Simon is again and again to Emily and she is all but I know that he loves me so this makes it okay I kept half hoping Emily would brain him with something And though I had a small smidgen of sympathy towards Simon because of what happened to him and his mother due to his father's suicide him going after in some cases the children of the men who wronged him gets you over that real uickSimon sucks Seriously I don't know what in the world made Emily even want to be with the guy besides the fact she kept saying they had a metaphysical connection Simon the day after their wedding forbids her to see her father or her twin brothers again I know back in Regency days you couldn't divorce but I hated the fact that uick has Emily decide to not be physically with Simon again after his announcement and then has her run off Simon thinks eventually Emily will be too curious about sex with him to not want to do it again and he will end up winning his way Due to Simon spending time in the East and no that is the way it is referred to in the book he has strange notions about revenge sins of the father and apparently knows karate Or Judo Or Kung Fu I honestly did not get his movements at all though at one time uick references Simon chopping someone in the neck with his hand and I died laughing for five minutes Iron Fist this guy is notWe have other characters in Scandal and Emily's father is terrible How she ignores it also drives me up a wall There's a resolution about that guy at the end which made me smile But I would have been happy with sharks being in play at some point Emily's brother get some detail but not much in this one and it would have been nice to follow up with both of them in subseuent booksThe plot in this one is really thin though Due to Emily's past no one is to refer to her scandal and Simon is so powerful he believes he can suelch any commentary about it with threats or favors Frankly I don't really get why this would matter in Regency days marriage fixes everything or so most of the romance books I read had me believe And there's a secondary plot that involves Emily's secret being discovered that is only a couple dozen pages Honestly most of the book is just Emily and Simon having sex Simon being nasty Emily being obtuse about his terribleness and Emily deciding that love will see them throughThe writing at times was super hilarious though Maybe because I cannot believe anyone back then spoke like this It felt like very bad stage directions were being given to actors a few timesSimon gently refolded the letter and sat gazing into the fire After a moment's contemplation he reached out to pick up the beautifully enameled Chinese teapot that sat on a nearby table He poured the Lap Seng into a gossamer thin cup decorated with a green and gold dragon As he started to lift the cup he paused studying the figure of the mythical beastThe remainder of the comment was lost as Simon pivoted swiftly in the graceful movements of the ancient fighting art he had learned in the East He knew his unorthodox potentially lethal method would have astounded the young bloods who practiced boxing at Gentleman Jackson's academy They would have been even perplexed by the elaborate techniues for establishing mental discipline and control that the monks had taught along with the physical skillsI can't help it this whole book just makes me shake my head We hear about references to China monks the East and whatnotThe flow was up and down throughout Like I said there was very little plot with this one unlike with other uick books so you are just really waiting for the hero to stop being a jerk and just fall in love with the heroine already Or at least I wasI do love Regency era books though I think I get a kick out of them just because I cannot imagine a society like that nowadays Of course you realize this was what Polite Society in England did back then but still these books always give you a good peek at themThis is a romance novel so of course realize there is a HEAI read this for Romance Bingo 2017 and this book fits the regency romance suare

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    This book was a cracking good read I really enjoyed the push pull between the hero and heroine It was fun and engaging and I was completely immersed the very best kind of romanceThe tension created by the two different perspectives of Emily and Blade was well done and very entertaining She is naive and he is cynical and bent on revenge But uick inserts enough ambiguity into this dynamic that the heroine never is at the hero's mercy She never does anything she does not want to do She has a romantic nature as in Romanticism the literary philosophy of the time concerned with passion transcendence and the Sublime and insists that their relationship is transcendent in nature He initially indulges this sillyness because it suits his dastardly plans but uick deftly makes it clear that naive and silly it may be but it might also be true And while he thinks it is claptrap he could be the blind naive one not herAnd this makes the book great The initial power imbalance in a plot with a manipulative hero and naive heroine never really materialises Instead it is a constant give and take So very well doneBut mostly this works because it's a great story I couldn't and wouldn't put it down and closed the book feeling happy The hallmark of an excellent romance

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    A few campy chuckling moments due to naive heroine but plot was weak My mind kept wanderingThis author has written many books under the names Jayne Ann Krentz Amanda uick and Jayne Castle She has a wonderful writing style and can make almost anything entertaining But I feel like she ran out of ideas as if she pulled the words charming eccentric naive romantic female out of a hat and tried to do something with it again Then she added brilliant business financial mind The positive was that I chuckled several times But the plot took away from enjoyment It consisted of two main ideas Simon takes action to cover up Emily’s scandal from the past and Simon plans vengeance on some men The vengeance idea petered out It was not intriguingExamples of things that made me chuckle Freuently Emily says that she and Simon communicate on a metaphysical or transcendental planelevelrealm She says sex will be a wondrous transcendental experience for people like them She believed that Simon did not He just said what he thought she wanted to hearAnother Emily tells the footman to find a person from the criminal class to kidnap someone for her When she meets with that person she says “are you a professional villain for hire?”The relationship between Simon and Emily happened too uickly not enough story about that He pretends to be interested in the same poetry and literature as she That is why she thinks they communicate on a higher plane But they meet and uickly marry There is no interesting push pull between themOne odd thing about Emily She was a financial genius in the stock and commodities markets making money for others think Warren Buffett To do that she needed knowledge about the competence of managers in companies and projects A little hard to believe she could have that knowledge when she lived in the country and her only social interaction was a lady’s discussion group about romantic literature I don’t mind suspending disbelief for a good story But this didn’t work A better story would be seeing how Emily learned things in the markets and how she outsmarted other investors But that was not hereThe narrator Anne Flosnik was pretty good but her voices for men sounded weird I prefer Susan Duerden who is good with male voicesDATANarrative mode 3rd person Unabridged audiobook length 12 hrs and 5 mins Swearing language mild Sexual language mild Number of sex scenes 7 Setting early 1800s England Book copyright 1991 Genre regency romance

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    Scandal is the story of Emily and SimonOur heroine is the youngest in the Faringdon clan and the smartest Taking care of the financial investments of her family and friends she spends her days lost in literary pursuits and is happy being a spinster The society shunned her after a minor youthful indiscretion but the ladies of her poetry club took her in She starts corresponding with a mysterious pen pal who then turns out to be the hero He enters her life instantly charming her and proposing marriage But the reason behind his haste is not love but vengeance Years ago the hero's family had been responsible for him being fatherless and destitute and now the mysterious Earl of Blade is out for revengeOk So I really like the smart heroine strong hero mystery tropes in Amanda uick books However this was one of the disappointing ones I think there was a dichotomy in the heroine's behavior and her thoughts On one hand she was this independent woman who was as intelligent as she was caring on the other hand she was impulsive and oblivious Her accepting the hero's proposal marrying him despite being aware of his intentions easily giving in coming up with utter hair brained schemes believing the man who tried to ruin her and her father are just a few examples of her simple mindedness I think her character seemed very disjointed The hero was a brooding ass who falls for the heroine has wild sex with her but keeps assuring himself that he's evil and heartlessNow that I have whined about the negatives here are the things I DID like were tolerable her whole obsession with hero and him being a dragon her loyalty towards those she loved which includes the hero and how protective she was about them the smoking hot lovemaking scenesThe whole metaphysical thing was absurd thoughThis was an average readSafe255

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    In all the Amanda uick books I have read s far this was a bit different I had some issues with the charactersBut as usual Amanda uick delivered yet another great bookOne of my biggest issues with the book was the main characters especially the heroine the only word that comes to mind when I think of Emily is Gullible Naivete doesn't even measure up in the story they make it seem that she only sees the good in people and even the main guy wants her t face reality I thought her harshest reality was him I really hated the idea of her worshiping him and to the public eye she's like a pet waiting for the crock of his finger which is exactly what some other characters described her It's not that she looked fearless to me it's that she have an image f another guy in her head At first they communicated about literature for several months then he marries a gave her a reality check several times that he's cold hearted and he didn't even love or like her that shes a means to an end Yet she still clung to the idea that they are linked in spiritual ways that not everyone can reach Honestly it got on my nerves most of the time I just wanted to strangle her oh yeah plus her total adoration and devotion to him t the degree that she would have shot someone for himThe only thing I have to say about Simon is that he was one asshole of a jerk granted he succumbed to her whims at times but those times aren't worth all the criticism and the hurtful things her said to her and I hated that he only told her he loved her at the very very very end I loved the idea that most of the staff were former pirates and the sort and how all of them in their own way worshiped and adored EmilyLoved how her twin brothers started to look up at him in the manner of hero worshipingOverall other than what I have stated about the main characters it a thumps up

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    Upon reading a synopsis of Scandal I was hesitant to read it I haven't read a marriage of convenience in a long time and really this just didn't seem like my thing I got about a uarter of the way through and still wasn't so sure The heroine Emily appears almost stupid at parts too stuck in her romantic literature to face reality However there is a point when she carefully lays out the reasons the Earl should marry her where Emily's supposed stupidity becomes almost endearing and the reader realizes that she can indeed recognize reality from fiction It is wonderful to watch the hero Simon struggle with himself An alpha male Simon finds it difficult to let anyone take charge And while he definitely struggles with trying to control her he does not ever really confront the struggle consciously There are not pages and pages devoted to his arguments with himself and I loved that I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this book in the end It was an enjoyable read so than most romance books I've read in the last few months

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    OMG how may times do I have to hear words Metaphysical transcendental or higher plane? Ugh It was getting on my nervesI couldn't finish the book it was so boring the characters were boring First you have Simon an emotionless cold hearted man that only thinks about getting revenge that he doesn't care who he ruins to achieve it Then you have Emily who is uite fankly boring All she talks about is having a love connection that is on a higher plane She goes as far as to ruin not only herself but her family for a man that doesn't even love her

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