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LONGLISTED FOR THE PENFAULKER AWARD ONE OF TIME’S 100 BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR ONE OF NPR’S BEST BOOKS OF 2019 “All the tawdry details I’m dying for are in these stories but they’re given out like old sweaters without shame without guile Amy Hempel is the writer who makes me feel most affiliated with other humans; we are all living this way hiding alone obsessed and that’s ok” Miranda July From legendary writer Amy Hempel one of the most celebrated and original voices in American short fictio At the end

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N a ravishing sometimes heartbreaking new story collection her first in over a decadeAmy Hempel is a master of the short story A multiple award winner Hempel is highly regarded among writers reviewers and readers of contemporary fiction This new collection her first since her Collected Stories published than a decade ago is a literary event These fifteen exuisitely honed stories reveal Hempel at her most compassionate and spirited as she introduces characters lonely and adrift searching for connection In I first hear

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“A Full Service Shelter” a volunteer at a dog shelter tirelessly devotedly cares for dogs on a list to be euthanized In “Greed” a spurned wife examines her husband’s affair with a glamorous older married woman And in “Cloudland” the longest story in the collection a woman reckons with the choice she made as a teenager to give up her newborn infant uietly dazzling these stories are replete with moments of revelation and transcendence and with Hempel’s singular startling inimitable sentences Holy shit Wo

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About the Author: Amy Hempel

Amy Hempel is an American short story writer It New eBook ✓ journalist and university professor at Brooklyn College Hempel was a former student of Gordon Lish who eventually helped her publish her first collection of short stories Hempel has been published in Harper's Vanity Fair G and Bomb She is the recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship as well as the Ambassador Book Award in the Rea Award for.

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    From pogo stick to Complaint BoardI gleefully pull out my pogo stick at the beginning of this small collection and I boing on down the road—it’s heaven on a stick But wait I don’t want to hop any I sigh sullen and read on even though most of these stories aren’t doing the trick Oh sure they have great language and style but they don’t have much in the character and plot departments They’re all too short too Short doesn’t usually bother me but it does here And forget about closure I think there may be buried meaning all over the place but I’m not willing to reread the stories than a few times And is it a good sign that I had to reread them at all? Huffing and puffing I haul out the Complaint Board when I get a load of the last story which takes up half the book It’s pretty long and pretty awful Okay the scoop on my short pogo stick ride The early stories are intriguing so I’m all happy face expecting the joy to be endless And then I come across one story that knocks my socks off It takes place in an animal shelter and is called “A Full Service Shelter” It’s so intense and upsetting It’s especially weird that this one works for me because I can’t stand sad animal stories But love it I do Cohesive compelling un put down able—and very thought provoking Hempel’s language is brilliant and there’s a rhythm to it that pulled me in No way will I ever forget this storyNow let’s get to that last looooong story “Cloudland” which I pretty much hated It’s a hot mess There’s one major storyline happening and it’s super interesting and poignant but there are all these off the wall side trips that have nothing to do with it and they trump the good story My guess is that they do have something to do with the good story but it went right over my head The story reads like notes from a journal or a rough draft of a memoir No structure no characters and it’s all ramble y Two of the endless and annoying asides are about Mariah Carey and sinkholes I kid you not Hempel doesn’t have a high opinion of either I don’t particularly disagree with her but come on—this is a short story Fiction Remember? Not the place to spew your opinions of a pop artist or educate us on dangerous geological structures Seriously? Do I really have to read about Mariah Carey? Even if Hempel had thrown in my beloved Meryl Streep I’d still be mad My reaction is weird because Hempel is considered such a pro She teaches creative writing and she is hugely popular among short story fans And I know she shapes her stories carefully so I’m surprised by the last piece in her collection I kept fantasizing about how much fun I would have as the editor pulling out the gem of the story hidden within and cutting out all the crapola in between They should have run it by me lol I read a couple of stories by Hempel many moons ago in the 1980s and was impressed by her language and her ability to get to the juice of life by using an economy of words Her way at looking at the world is uniue and mesmerizing and she picks up on little important or odd things that we all just let pass unnoticed and unexplained She can set up a scene that pulls you right in She truly is a master short story teller For some reason I have a tome of her short stories lying around my house and now and then I dip into it and get swallowed up So when I saw that she had a new collection I was all excited I’m trying to be happy that there’s one dynamite story and I’m trying not to think about the fact that many of the stories are blah—or really bad like that last story “A Full Service Shelter” gets 5 plus stars but “Cloudland” barely gets 2 so I end up doling out 3 stars for this collection Overall disappointing but I am glad I got to read the “Full Service Shelter” gem Thanks to NetGalley for the advance copy

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    I have finished this book days ago and I keep thinking about what I have read what it left to me and I can't find exactly the right answerThe stories are very short end as long as the time to tear a sheet they are so hermetic that everything seems told in the form of a creative whisperI liked The orphan lamb and Greed they sent me a sort of momentary pleasure without however being able to receive anything that would sediment in meHere perhaps it is this aspect that is missing in these short stories a glass of fresh water that gives pleasure and just satisfaction and can therefore do read John Duncan Fergusson “Poise”Ho finito uesto libro da giorni e continuo a ripensare a cosa ho letto cosa mi è rimasto e non riesco esattamente a trovare una piena risposta soddisfacenteI racconti sono brevissimi finiscono uanto il tempo di stracciare un foglio sono così ermetici che tutto pare raccontato sotto forma di un bisbiglio creativoMi sono piaciuti The Orphan lamb e Greed mi hanno alasciato una sorta di piacere momentaneo senza però riuscire a ricevere ualche cosa che sedimentasse in meEcco forse è uesto aspetto che manca in uesti racconti brevi un bicchiere di acua fresca che da piacere e giusta soddisfazione e poter uindi fare altro leggere altro

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    At the end I wanted to comfort him But what I said was Sing to it The Arab proverb When danger approaches sing to it The above uote is taken from the first story in this collection Sing to It The first story is not alone in being a very short story Less than one page short While it is not the only story in here that is that short there is one that is probably around half the pages in the entire book and one early on that is longer than the average length in this collection but this does have several very short stories My enjoyment of the stories varied considerably which had less to do with the length of these stories than only a few of them appealed to me based on various things – subject matter characters and in the case of the last and longest story the feeling that the story felt true to the character perhaps but the thoughts of that character seemed to flutter here and there making it very disjointed – to me However I will say that I found several of the stories beautifully written and moving and I was impressed how much she manages to pack into some of these short stories Pub Date 26 Mar 2019Many thanks for the ARC provided by Scribner

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    Sing to It is a short collection of short stories many of which are a page or less long What's amazing to me is that in a few hundred words Amy Hempel can tell an amazing story lyrical gorgeous and raw These stories are livewires and they read like poetry to boot I think The Orphan Lamb The Doll Tornado and the opener Sing to It are especially strong but my favorite as The Correct Grip which left me awed and reeling Of the longer traditional short stories the best by far is A Full Service Shelter about a dog shelter volunteer who works mostly with the dogs slated to be killed It's harrowing and beautiful at the same time savage and tenderSadly the longest short story in the collection Cloudland is the weakest The writing is still pretty but it's as if the extra length suffocates all emotion from the storyAs Sing to It is a very slim volume and the longest story is the weakest why am I rating it so high? 35 rounded up Because short stories when done right as most of these are are always worth checking out though I would recommend a library copy instead of purchasing Though I did preorder this after reading an ARC the very short stories in this are just that good

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    I first heard about Amy Hempel around 2002 when I read an interview at least I think it was an interview with Chuck Palahniuk who was one of my favorite writers at the time  Palahniuk recommended Hempel in such a way that I felt it was necessary to read her work  I'm so glad that I did  I found her books Reasons to Live and Tumble Home A Novella and Short Stories and they absolutely devastated me in the best possible wayI am not a huge fan of short stories   Saying they are hit or miss for me is putting it rather mildly   I either read a short story and feel like it was completely pointless because there wasn't time to get to know characters and develop any sort of connection or plot or I love it and then get frustrated because it didn't provide any sense of closure because there wasn't enough time to really let it unfoldBasically short stories frustrate me and I'm super picky about themAmy Hempel is the only short story writer that allows me to pick up a book and feel relaxed because it was written by her capable hands  She manages to pull me in to a vague moment and allow me to completely understand and connect to it  She breaks my heart in a few pages  She tells me stories that make me smile and wince simultaneouslySo now that I've gushed about the author I'll get to my review of her upcoming release her first in over a decade Sing to It New StoriesThis collection of fifteen stories covers a wide range of emotion all relating to connection  In A Full Service Shelter a volunteer explains the care given to dogs on the list to be put down and the lengths to try and save them  In Fort Bedd a person longs for a sense of homepermanence that isn't stifling when things go wrong   The Correct Grip stunned me in one and a half pages when a woman receives a call from the wife of her attacker Cloudland the last and also longest story feels random and disjointed at first but we eventually get to the heart of the story when a woman looks back on her time at a home for unwed mothers and must then reconcile her choice after heartbreaking information is revealed I loved finding out in the acknowledgements that Chuck Palahniuk shared with Hempel the information that she used in this storyAll of these stories were written with great care and deliver a huge punch  Several of the stories are a single page and yet I read them three or four times to take in all of the emotionThis is a solid collection of skillfully written short stories  I highly recommend this book especially if you haven't had much luck with short stories in the past Thanks to Scribner and NetGalley for providing me with an ARC in exchange for my honest review Sing to It Short Stories is scheduled for release on March 26 2019For reviews visit wwwrootsandreadswordpresscom

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    In every way perfect this set of stories Except perhaps “The Chicane” though it’s likely I’m missing something and just need to read it a few times and carefully Favorites include “A Full Service Shelter” “I Stay With Syd” “Greed” and “The Correct Grip” stories I’ve admired since reading them when they first appeared in litmags Minor complaint the substitution of “hell” for “fuck” in the latter story’s final line New to me were three wonderfully sad short shorts — “The Second Seating” “Moonbow” and “Euivalent” — but difficult to find I imagine is the reader who doesn’t locate the prize in SING TO IT in “Cloudland” the longest story in the collection which like “Tumble Home” convinces me that Amy Hempel and Amy Hempel alone knows how to navigate expertly the strange terrain of the long long storyalmost novella It’s a staggeringly great piece of writing and with enough autobiographical overlap — Hempel’s friend the late Christopher Coe is mentioned by name and the story does take place in Hempel’s new terrain of Florida — that it’s tempting to read as at least partially true in which case it’s all the devastating As was the case with “Tumble Home” Of course that isn’t what matters at all What matters is the language and fuck I mean even if it didn’t contain a Joni reference this is masterful“‘The geese in chevron flight’ — these are Joni Mitchell’s words and I hope the girl got to see this In my mind she sees this over and over every year at the right time of year The sound is part of the vision of course and part of Mitchell’s haunting song ‘Urge for Going’ I played it countless times Sound calls up yearning than anything you can see and is why I no longer listen to the much loved songYou can shut it all down Every last thing you defined yourself by — you can give it up and go without and put up a front that gets some traction You must keep your gaze turned outward Pay attention to others Don’t fall back on what is waiting to take you down Or choose to fall back on it with arms flung out at your sides”Thank the god I don’t believe in that she’s back

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    Holy shit Worship at the feet of the master y’all

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    275 stars I’m rounding down to distinguish from my rating of The Dog of the Marriage StoriesI received this book through a giveaway by Middle House Review a big thank you to them I want to like Hempel than I do I’m reminded of feeling the same with Lydia Davis and giving up on her At least I didn’t want to give up on Hempel's book The not even one page stories are as fierce and as beautiful as poetry Of the stories a bit longer I already don’t remember much Oddly the last story is a novella The storyline is intriguing but for me its disparate pieces didn’t cohere It’s set in Florida mostly with some humoroussad moments as the narrator relates the citizenry calling climate change “the controversy” even as their homes have been destroyed by increased flooding and new tornadoes The setting and issues remind me of my recent read of Florida by Lauren Groff and that her style is my style

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    This is a collection of 15 short stories and some are very short about a page long None of the stories seems to be related to each other My favorite story was A Full Service Shelter about a volunteer at a dog shelter It was heart breaking The other story I liked was the very first one Sing To It but it was because I liked the Arab proverb When danger approaches sing to it I appreciate that Amy Hempel is a great writer and says a great deal in a small amount of space which is the point of a short story I think Reading these stories I found many social and economic issues touched on without being preachy These issues are relevant and the ability to make people think about them discretely is a gift Unfortunately I wasn't able to relate emotionally to many of these stories or maybe they are just over my head I found the writing style detached and aloof and just didn't get warm fuzzies from these stories they just didn't evoke emotion for me Thanks to Amy Hempel and Scribner through Netgalley for an advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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    25 starsAmy Hempel's award winning The Collected Stories of Amy Hempel was chock full of absorbing somewhat dog centric tales with formal artistry and uirky characters Her latest collection proves that she has been doing something the past thirteen years The main problem is the brevity and insignificance of what is on display here Any selection of her earlier work is superior and most of the pieces in this tiny collection are clearly flash fiction There is only one full length story which delivers There were several uestion marks popping into my head when I read the lesser ones Remove all of the negative space in the book and you will end up with out 50 full length pagesOne other thing I fail to understand is why the publisher thought it necessary to state on the cover By the Award Winning author of The Collected Stories of Amy HempelIn the end this is a footnote sized collection for Hempel completionists I don't think it's my fault that I'm beginning to uestion my appreciation for an author I used to rank with Lorrie Moore and Joy Williams Still an influential author with a style all her own I highly suggest her earlier collection over this one

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