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E and humility and on purification and lustration of ones self and environment will bring light and joy to any readerThe purpose of prayer and ritual as practiced in the Shinto tradition is to reinsert ourselves into a divine state of being not as a new position but as an acknowledgement and reinforcement of what already exists Ritual restores sensitive awareness to our relationship to the universe Through purification and removal of impurities and blockages we return to our innate internal brightness and cultivate a demeanor of

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This book presents for the first time a collection of ancient Japanese Shinto prayers in a format where English speaking readers can both understand the deep meaning of the translated text and can also pronounce the original Japanese wordsShinto is an ancient spiritual tradition primarily practiced in Japan which is now spreading its traditions to the western world Its primordial rituals and traditions touch a deep chord within ones spiritual self Shintos focus on divinity of all beings and of all creation on living with gratitud

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Gratitude and joyShinto rituals and prayers were created by ancient man over 2000 years ago in a time when mankind wasintuitive about his relationship to this world Because of this the rites are archetypal and invoke deep emotion within the participantsThis book of prayers will introduce the western reader to the deep spirituality of Shinto providing explanation of the spiritual tradition and practice and providing a collection of 22 prayers for use in personal meditation and devotionsOrder a perfect bound version of Shinto Norit

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