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Signaler un problème

El a rollercoaster ride of emotions; the girl whom she had shared a kiss withWhats in store for Joey and Olivia after that one kiss? Will it ignite a spark between them? Will it bring them closer?Find out as this cute LGBT romance story give you butterflies in the stomach and make you giggle like a teenager Grab your copy now

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Er feeling neutral or utterly disgusted But everything else didnt matter when the most popular girl in town paid a visit to the booth to get a kiss from herOlivia Winchester a bold and outgoing bisexual gal went to the carnival with her friends There she met the girl whom she has never noticed before; the girl who made her fe


I kissed so many people today I didnt think I would want another kiss in my lifeJoey Montgomery a simple and shy girl was forced to volunteer at the carnival her mothers elite country golf club had organized Her job? Just taking in charge of the kissing booth and being paid to kiss random strangers In every kiss Joey was eith

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