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For Mage Alex Verus everything is on the line in the tenth urban fantasy novel from the national bestselling author of MarkedOnce Alex Verus was a diviner trying to live uietly under the radar Now he's a member of the Light Council wh This is a great series which just got even better I have loved Alex Verus and his mag Little Reds Riding Hood the line in The Return of a Gangsters Girl the Hard Pass (Forbidden Plays, tenth urban fantasy novel from Cut and Run the national bestselling author of MarkedOnce Alex Verus was a diviner Beautiful Bandit (Lone Star Legends, trying Daddy Rapes His Little Daughter During School 2 Story Bundle to live uietly under Tetris the radar Now he's a member of The Supreme Wisdom Lessons by Master Fard Muhammad (full color version) the Light Council wh This is a great series which just got even better I have loved Alex Verus and his mag

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Reparing a move that will bring Alex and the life mage Anne under his control Caught between Richard and the Council Alex's time is running out To protect those he cares for Alex will have to become something different Something darke Pure fun Kitty and the Midnight Hour (Kitty Norville that will bring Alex and Little Reds Riding Hood the life mage Anne under his control Caught between Richard and The Return of a Gangsters Girl the Council Alex's Hard Pass (Forbidden Plays, time is running out To protect Cut and Run those he cares for Alex will have Beautiful Bandit (Lone Star Legends, to become something different Something darke Pure fun

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O's found success friendsand love But it's come with a price the Council is investigating him and if they find out the truth he'll lose everythingMeanwhile Alex's old master Richard Drakh is waging a war against the Council and he's p Fuuuuuck me this was way way too shortI thought this book would ruin me just shatter Beautiful Bandit (Lone Star Legends, the Council is investigating him and if Daddy Rapes His Little Daughter During School 2 Story Bundle they find out Tetris the The Supreme Wisdom Lessons by Master Fard Muhammad (full color version) truth he'll lose everythingMeanwhile Alex's old master Richard Drakh is waging a war against Fedrekult fra norsk folkeliv i hedensk og kristen tid the Council and he's p Fuuuuuck me Facts of Life this was way way Passenger 13 (Ben Hope, too shortI Gansett Island Boxed Set Books 1- 10.5 thought The Sunday Potluck Club (The Sunday Potluck Club, this book would ruin me just shatter

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    Every time I hear about a new Benedict Jacka book I fall all over myself with joy and anticipation When I finally read them I'm in aweLet me be clear this is some of the most fun Urban Fantasy I've ever come across It's smart things fall apart so spectacularly and the basic nature of Verus's magic always makes me crave Diviner magic? What's so good about that? Oh searching multiple futures where you get what you want on the fly and then do stuff like walking through a room full of bullets Details But Jacka takes that much much further in this bookIt's a turning point A big one Before Verus was all about keeping neutrality because neither the black nor the white council was made up of particularly nice people But after this?MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA no spoilers Though if you look at that title carefully enough you might get an idea about where this new novel is headed I admit I was having a pretty soft spot between Verus and Ann I can't believe it rolled this way Red herring? Muahahaha I'm not tellingSuffice to say this is one of my absolute favorites of the series Ten books so far May there be twenty

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    This is a great series which just got even better I have loved Alex Verus and his magic powers since book one but here in book 10 no less the author has taken him on a huge leap in a different directionAt last Alex has realised you cannot always be a good guy when you are up against the baddies It took losing a special person to make him turn but turn he did and how We discover just how good a power divination is when coupled with a few other factors One of the scenes towards the end of the book which takes place in a locked room is amazing I did start to worry that the end of the series was really close as certain important characters left and some issues were obviously being wound up However I read that Jacka has promised twelve books so we have two to look forward toFive stars for a compact fast paced freuently thrilling and one hundred per cent enjoyable book And an extra star if I could for bringing back Starbreeze without whom even super powered Alex Verus would not have survived

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    I think that anyone who has read a book in this series gets that Alex is a Fencey dude that hasn’t picked a side Just like in politics the independent rarely wins the race they just don’t have enough backing Well if you haven’t guessed by the title Alex is about to get kicked off that fence and fall face first into some hard decisionsFallen follows the pacing of other books in this series where the first half is just the day to day meanderings of a mage until BAM WHACK CRACK something horrible happens and then everyone is out to get him Then the rest of the book is a lot of action as Alex tries to survive with the aid of some friendsThere are a few things that really worked for this book Alex has finally made a few hard decisions and it is time to really commit to taking charge and stop trying to be both a light and dark mage at the same time There are some alliances to be made some to be broken friends gained and friends lost I’m happy to say that I finally feel like some serious movement has happenedThere is a moment in this book when Alex is talking with Richard and some of the things Richard is saying makes complete total sense Alex is in the position he is currently in due to his choices and behavior Richard is definitely elouent about it but I think that it was a big wake up moment for AlexThe thing that I’m really excited about is how Alex and Anne both change in this book In the past I’ve found Anne to be a bit of a doormat and I was just waiting for the moment when she remembers she is the most dangerous person in the room and acted like it I love the twisty turny direction that entire arc has taken and like the opportunities that it could be opening upLuna is still the best former pupil a guy can have and I totally love that girl’s loyalty to Alex They have this great friendshipmentorship and I think that grounds them both This is about the time in a series that I’m looking for the end I’m not saying I’m not enjoying living in the Alex Verus world cuz I am But I like authors to have a clear direction and go out strong I’ve read a few series that just keep going like the energizer buddy until its just annoying background noise I see some great and some horrible possibilities for Alex’s character and I’m just excited to see how it all is going to play outBest moment – Learning what Richard’s magic is and using that knowledgeWorst moment – Let’s just say it involved a mind mage we all hate and a girl Alex lovesMy hope is that the next book is titled something like Gotcha Thank you to Berkley Publishing for supplying the ARC for review

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    Fuuuuuck me this was way way too shortI thought this book would ruin me just shatter me and then spread my pieces and set them on fire But I'm actually fully intact Some beloved characters left but they are okay which is all that matters to me and there was also fond reunions which had me in a sobbing mess the character leaving and the one coming back were in same chapter and both are my faves soAlso the pace is racing uick From when shit started to go down the book would not let anyone catch their breath and I was so glad I could read this in one go or two since I read the beginning up to the point when all shit started happening yesterday because it's impossible to put down view spoilerthough I hope Alex's new handarm won't make stuff go too much his way Or that he will rely on it too much and it will eventually cause him problems Because it's no fun if he would be able to choose the future he wants in every tight situation hide spoiler

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    What advice would I give to someone who just picked up Fallen the eleventh book in the Alex Verus Series? Hold onto your seats you are about to take ONE AMAZING LITERARY RIDEAlex has come to the breaking point he’s managed to stay neutral through out the past 10 installments but sometimes black and white mix and you get a whole lot of gray And it doesn’t seem like either side the black or white council have the answersJacka pens a masterfully written Urban Fantasy and you all know I love URBAN FANTASIES Relatable fun characters fantastic storytelling and sucking the reader straight into a highly original fictional world it’s a win win read in my book all aroundI received this review copy of Fallen from Berkley Publishing Group Ace This is my honest and voluntary review My Rating 5 starsSeries An Alex Verus Novel Book 10Mass Market Paperback 304 pagesPublisher Ace September 24 2019ISBN 10 0440000580ISBN 13 978 0440000587Genre Urban Fantasy Noble received this ARC copy of Fallen from Ace Berkley | Penguin Random House This is my honest and voluntary review Fallen is set for publication September 24 2019

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    Fallen is the tenth book in the Alex Verus series and what happens in this story will take this series in a totally new direction For years Mage Alex Verus has fought against his inner urges and has tried to maintain a neutral stance between the Light and Dark Mages He has always had zero interest in politics and even less interest in infighting Unfortunately despite all of this he always seemed to be at the center of political machinations and power struggles but lately things have calmed down for him For the last year of his life things have been moving in a positive direction He has been enjoying actually having a relationship and building his magical muscles so to speak but what he would come to realize was that this was only the calm before the stormAlex’s past choices all come to a crushing crescendo in Fallen and the repercussions are immense Nothing will ever be the same in this series The new direction that the overarching plot takes is uite surprising but we all knew that at some point Alex was going to have to set aside his neutral stance and make a choice What pushed Alex into setting aside his position of neutrality was the heart of this story and not only was it shocking but it created an atmosphere filled with tension because there is truly no good outcome that can come from it The Verus world has been shaken to the core and the new Alex that has risen from its ashes it not one who is content to stay on the sidelines any longer Fallen is the start of a whole new Alex Verus and I am VERY EXCITED about this brand new phaseThis review is based on a complimentary book I received from Penguin Random House It is an honest and voluntary review The complimentary receipt of it in no way affected my review or rating

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    If you're ten books into a series then you should understand what you're getting Political machinations between two different groups of mages while our protagonist tries to float along doing the right thing and keeping himself and the people around him alive by being clever Alex Verus has survived for a long time and risen uite high by being reactive to the events around him This book finally puts him in a situation where this just isn't possible any This very much feels like we're working towards an ending of the series The author has thrown major change into the series in the past and this is another one of those but there's a level of finality in some of the changes this time These books continue to be excellent and if the series is working towards a close I'll be sad to see it wrapI would recommend the whole series

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    Pure fun

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    Rating 40 stars When I was reading the first half of this book I was upset The same problems I had noticed in the previous few books were popping up again Nothing was happening Or to the point Alex kept getting dealt blow after blow and never seemed ready for it Come on he's a damn diviner and has known that the council is after him and that Richard is after Anne We have known that for the last 4 books at least and yet again he is surprised and unprepared when something happens? Everything changed in the second half of the book view spoiler The council finds out about Anne and Alex and have an arrest warrant Aracne Has to flee and might never be seen again Alex is forced using mind magic to attack Anne which allows the Jinn and dark Anne to take control which then allows Richard to control the Jinn Alex finally realized he has been a punching bag and nobody gives a crap that he was trying to be a good guy they all only see him as a bad guy He finally decides to do something and gains power Sort of a repeat of the first book in that he goes after the same item except this time he feels he has better chance With this item he is able to not only see probabilities but make them happen There is a resolution to a bunch of character arcs and Alex kills a whole lot of people He figures out what he needs to do about Rachel and goes up against Richard hide spoiler

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    One of the best Alex Verus books by far they just keep getting better It was both heartbreaking and exciting to see Alex go dark I really enjoyed dark Alex he's formidable in a way he never was before and it's not about the magic I'm afraid for anyone that's ever crossed him He and Anne are a powerhouseI'm so excited for the next installment