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SUMMARY Bad Things in the Night

Prisoned within a Jehovah's Witness family kept away from her mother forbidden from wearing a school skirt above her knees by day abused by her stepfather at night Years later when she s


Bad Things in the Night

A young girl at the mercy of her abusive stepfather and the religious community that protects him Bad Things in the Night is a moving true story of pain and triumphAs a child Beth was im

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Ummons the courage to report her stepfather to the police for the first time she is forced to relieve her childhood tormentWill Beth's fight for justice be worth the suffering reawakened

3 thoughts on “Bad Things in the Night

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    I've read a lot of books about abuse but this one was different Beth Ellis is a talented writer and I enjoyed the way she wrote so much that it almost distracted from the subject matter Interestingly unlike other books of this kind the abuse she suffered is not the focal point of the story her fight for justice and the sheer ineptitude of the South Wales Police force isMs Ellis is incredibly strong to be able to write so clearly and beautifully about the events that destroyed her life and I hope that I can take some of her fighting spirit on board and know that we all have love And faith and hope if only we are brave enough to accept it

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    I'm lostI respect the story that author is trying to tell but I'm lost in it There is barely any order of events and unfortunately it makes strory difficult to follow and understand

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    Sadly I couldn't get in to this book I did persevere with it but was thankful when I had finished it I couldn't get into it at all