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O by relentless US Government pressure urged on by land hungry whites She and her fellow Wyandots traveled in wagons across Ohio and by steamboats from Ohio A Wyandot Indian ueen The PDFEPUBto Kansas In Kansas Caty build a new life among many hardships Trauma had erased her childhood memory but after a life as an Indian with much persecution by whites one day in fate put her face to face with a brother she had never met At last Yourowuains learned her own identity and her aged mother learned her little golden haired daughter's fate

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Yourowuains A Wyandot Indian ueen The Story of Caty Sage

Historical biography of Caty Sage Wyandot Indian Kindle #209 a five year old white girl kidnapped from her home in Elk Creek Virginia in She was carried on horseback to a Cherokee Indian camp at Trade Tennessee where she was traded by her kidnappers to a Cherokee tribe Four days after her capture she was taken on a grueling mile trek north which included a wold canoe ride down the Yourowuains A PDFEPUBNew and Kanawha Rivers In Ohio she was adopted by Wyandot Indians and named Yourowuains At seventeen she married Tarhe Chief of the W

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Yandots At age twenty eight she became Tarhe's widow Under an treaty with the US Government Caty received a large tract of Ohio land She later married Tauyaurontoyou a noble Wyandot warrior and leader who too became a chief Tauyaurontoyou became a licensed Methodist minister A Wyandot Indian PDF #180 and famous preacher under his translated name Between the Logs Following the death of Between the Logs Caty married an Indian warrior named Frost Two years later she was again widowed In Caty and her Wyandot Tribe were driven out of Ohi