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In Drop the Pink Elephant Bill McFarlan reveals how to avoid the deadly trap of allowing poor communication skills to obscure your meaning and reduce your effectiveness Drop the Pink Elephant is filled with helpful simple and practical advice on how to make your words count for Put these straightforward lessons into Drop the Kindle practice and you will notice immediately how much effectively you are able to communicate with others Sharpen your conversation by First Spotting Then Dropping The Pink Elephant Getting Rid Of The Jargon Learning To Speak In Pictures Recognising When You Should Apologise Or Thank People C

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Drop the Pink Elephant

Ion Section One Dump The Baggage And Create Clarity Drop the Pink Elephant Every Picture Tells a Story Section Two Be Principled In What You Say Staying on the Louisiana Highway Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word Tell the Unpalatable Truth Rather than the 'White Lie' Thank You and Well Done Who Looks Stupid When You Criticize in Public Section Three Positively Assert Yourself Flush Out thewatering Down Words Talk Positively About Yourself Section Four Think Of The Audience It's All Relative Email and Text Bullets or Boomerangs Three Little uestions Section Five Create Deeper Understanding Listen First to Understand Po

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Aptivating An Audience NB No animals were hurt in the making of this book Can you spot your first Pink Elephant About The Author Bill McFarlan has been at the forefront of British media for over years starting with local newspaper reporting and ending up as a BBC and Sky Sports presenter He has worked on many prestigious programmes including Breakfast News with Jill Dando and Nicholas Witchell and The World's Strongest Man Since he has run one of Britain's most successful media consultancy broadcasting business Foreword by Eamonn Holmes GMTV presenter Table Of Contents World's Top Ten Pink Elephants Foreword Introduct