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York is greedier than the relic dealers the insatiable charlatans who sell flesh and bone as miracle cures but Magda will not sell the remains at any price Instead she asks Owen to protect the jar and keep one eye out for the dark figure that has been watching the island wai I love the Owe

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The Bone Jar Owen Archer #105

Owen Archer returns in a mesmerizing short story about the danger of false miracles and the treachery of true believers Magda the Riverwoman has called Owen Archer to her island hut in the middle of the River Ouse with a special favor to guard a jar of human bones No one in This is a very The Little Red Rescue Box (PAW Patrol) very

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Ting patiently for the right moment to strike THE BONE JAR is sure to delight long time fans of Candace Robb’s Owen Archer series and provide first time readers with a gripping introduction to her beautifully rendered world of treachery and intrigue set in medieval England The Bone Jar i

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    Short story in which Owen and two others are taught a lesson by Magda the wise woman

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    This is a very short story and though this is marked as 105 all internal clues indicate a much earlier date in the Owen Archer timeline probably during Lucie’s first pregnancy In many ways it is a practical joke Magda pulls on Owen and while it shows a different side of both characters it seemed completely random

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    I love the Owen Archer series and was glad to see this new short storyVery short takes about 40 mins but was glad Magda and Owen back together sharing a bit of old wisdom

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    This reads like it should be a chapter in a bigger mystery So far that's the only mystery

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    I'm a big fan of Candace Robb's Owen Archer series that is the novels I own all of themBut I'm profoundly disappointed in this short story I wish I had not purchased it even if it was only 99 centsThere was no mystery no opportunity for me to even get in to the story itself I know it was only a few pages and knew that when I bought it and so I knew there wouldn't be much substance but I'm truly astonished at just how little this story hadHowever it won't put me off the series If there's another Owen Archer novel I'll buy itSo what's it about? The Riverwoman Magda Digby a regular in the novels has asked Owen Archer to keep an eye on her Bone Jar while she was away She was afraid someone would try to steal the jar's contents if she wasn't present at all timesOwen agrees 1 because he's a good decent man; and 2 because Magda has done many a good turn for Owen and his family and he felt this was an opportunity to return the favor But he soon regrets his decision

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    The Bone Jar is a very short story Magda asks Owen Archer to stay at her home while she is away for the night She wishes him to guard her jar of bones from a thief who wishes to sell them as relics instead of burying them Candace Robb delivers in this short story

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    just too short also the fit into the timeline is not entirely clear

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    shortThis story was interesting but too short i am not sure that anyone could tel if they wanted to read the books from thos sample