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Hers to Protect Shores of Indian Lake #11

Townand on Violet But when Josh is connected to an investigation Violet begins to wonder can she trust her instincts when her heart is involved Although HERS

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She’s sworn to protectBut does that include a speeding celebrity? Violet Hawks is a by the books police officer so when she catches a man spee I love visiti

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Ding she arrests him Only the man is famous race car driver Josh Stevens To make amends Josh launches a charm campaign and it works on the small Return to Ind

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Protect Shores Epub Ý Catherine Lanigan is the bestselling author of over thirty published titles in both fiction and non fiction including the novelizations of Romancing the Stone and The Jewel of the Nile as well as over half a dozen anthologies including “Chicken Soup for the Soul to Protect Shores of Indian Epub / Living your Dream” “Chicken Soup for the Writer’s Soul” “Chocolate for a Woman’s Heart” Chocolate for a Woman’s Spirit” Ms Lanig.

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    I love visiting the shores of Indian Lake through Catherine Lanigan’s long running series But don’t worry if you haven’t read all the books or even one – they all work well as stand alones including the newest installment Hers to ProtectViolet and Josh have a uniue meet cute I mean it’s not every romance that begins when the heroine a rookie police officer arrests the hero a famous race car driver for driving over 200 mph and resisting arrest This creates an instant tension between them as you might imagine and that in turn leads to some delicious toe curling kisses later on in their storyIf you have been following this series for any length of time you’ll be delighted to see many familiar faces who at this point feel like dear friends Catching up on their lives is always fun as they pop in and out of the plot without taking away from Violet and Josh’s story And as it plays out in the context of the community project they are working on with many of those familiar faces I just mentioned we get an organic peek into their backstories – helping us understand both Violet and Josh on a deeper level even as they do the same with each otherI didn’t always agree with their choices nor how uickly they made assumptions about each other But their relationship is a bit like the races that Josh is famous for – sometimes the roughest start leads to the sweetest victory and the deepest emotions Not to mention the speed at which it appears they abandon their dislike and rush headlong into kisses and romantic feelings Never fear though the author doesn’t make it too easy on them There are some figurative hairpin curves and wipeouts in store before that finish line comes into view What a sweet finish it is tooBottom Line Brimming with the strength of community and the power of love Hers to Protect is another fun and rewarding visit to Indian Lake thanks to the talented pen of Catherine Lanigan The characters are layered and vivid allowing readers to experience the full range of emotion while discovering their stories and cheering them on once they’ve fully taken up residence in reader hearts Easy to become absorbed in even for those who are making their first trip to Indian Lake this novel is perfect for fans of small town romance that’s clean and well writtenI voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this bookfirst seen at Reading Is My SuperPower

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    I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy from the Prism Book Tours This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review A small town cop and a celebrity racecar driver whofall in love? Hers to Protect by Catherine Lanigan is a mesmerizing and captivating novel I devoured it as it was that good Josh Stevens and Violet Hawks are a cute couple and it was lovely watching them fall in love with not knowing it Violet Hawks Violet Hawks is the youngest of five siblings and she is trying to make a name for herself in the police force Mostly because she wants to be a detective and knows that she can be if they let her prove her worth She likes to think of herself as the cop that sees things as black and white until she meets Josh Stevens who turns her life 180 degrees around Violet is very trusting of her instincts which prove to be difficult after arresting Josh Likes Protecting the citizens of Indian Lake from people that could go wrong That she loves Josh a lot even if she doesn’t know it until she’s too far in Wanting to be a detective She can be a girly girl even when people don’t think that she can be A closet romantic Wants to be a good person and cop even though she’s a rookie and can be fired if she does something wrong Dislikes Having to watch after Josh and not tell him Wanting to be a detective even if it hurts Josh Not telling Josh somethings Arresting Josh when she could have tried a better tactic Josh Stevens Josh Stevens is a great character who has many layers to him that we get to see slowly peel away We have the guy looking for a way to see his parents again the celebrity that he lets everyone see when he’s in public the guy that he lets Austin and Katia see and finally the guy he is when he’s around Violet All these different personas take a toll on someone and especially for a racecar driver like Josh who works nonstop He is a great person that has finally been given a chance to see that he can have a life away from racing a car Likes Wanting to help any kids that are without parents or just in the foster system His car knowledge is pretty impressive Devotion to Violet and that they are each other first loves Having a great time in Indian Lake since he has to stay around Wanting to help get the guy that the police are after Dislikes That he didn’t trust Violet even when she warned him about what might happen at her job Five Stars Hers to Protect by Catherine Lanigan was a great book that I didn’t want to put down for any reason at all Violet and Josh are two fascinating characters that were a blast to read Violet is trying to be good at her job so that she can become a detective and get out of Indian Lake Josh with his thing of wanting to be close to his parents but also wanting to be kept busy I love a happy endingI am giving Hers to Protect by Catherine Lanigan five stars and recommending it to all Harleuin Heartwarming contemporary romance lovers out there Other Books in Series Tour Giveaway 1 winner will receive a 50 eGift Card open internationallyEnds May 29 2019a Rafflecopter giveaway  Tour Organized by To find the tour schedule each stop with exclusive content and all the tour information click the banner at the top of the page Thank you for dropping by I hope you enjoyed this review of Hers To Protect by Catherine Lanigan Don't forget to enter the giveawayUntil the next timeHappy ReadingThis review was originally posted on Baroness' Book Trove

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    Indian Lake is a peaceful town where the community looks out for each other So when the drug trade returns the police force is determined to end it for good including rookie officer Violet HawksViolet is a tough cookie when it comes to the job which race car driver Josh Stevens discovers the hard way—when she arrests him Yet this by the book tough as nails cop also has a softer and girlie side when she’s off dutyCatherine Lanigan once again gives readers a story to delve into and get lost in The police investigation and challenges for Violet are genuine the romance is sweet and the residents of Indian Lake once again welcome readers inDisclosure statementI receive complimentary books from publishers publicists andor authors including NetGalley I am not reuired to write positive reviews The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR Part 255

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    Hers to Protect is the eleventh installment from Catherine Lanigan’s series Shores of Indian Lake I thought this story was great Violet and Josh were such total opposites making their chemistry fun and delightful The mystery and suspense to the plot also makes for good reading I give Hers to Protect a well deserved five plus stars I hope to catch up on the Shores of Indian Lake in the near future to find out what has happened prior to this one I recommend this one for readers who enjoy good clean and heartwarming romancesI received this book from the publisher This review is 100% my own honest opinion

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    Return to Indian Lake with this eleventh heartwarming story Hers to Protect But don’t worry if you haven’t read them all yet—I haven’t and I still enjoyed this story plentyRookie ILPD cop Violet Hawks dreams of leaving her small town for some big city action Yet when drug trade rumors lead to her arrest of race car driver Josh Stevens it just might be time for her perspective to change Circumstances brings Violet and Josh together again and again and though instantly likeable as a couple they must still overcome suspicions past guilt and the distance and danger of their careersThough a few relationship moments toward the end seemed too unnecessarily black and white dramatic I had fun with this story between Violet and Josh that Hers to Protect delivers There’s plenty of romance amidst the cop intrigue and small town charm For the reader looking for a uick contemporary read it is sure to be a delightful and fun summer reading choiceThis review is also posted on Hallie ReadsI received a complimentary copy of this book and the opportunity to provide an honest review I was not reuired to write a positive review and all the opinions I have expressed are my ownReading Challenge Categories May Bookish Bingo Published in May

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    In Hers to Protect we’re following Indian Lake rookie cop Violet Hawkins in her uest to become a detective Up to this point she’s done little than hand out the occasional parking ticket but she knows she has the instincts and skills to be a Grade A detective She’s secured her first “real” assignment a stakeout She’s tasked with finding a suspect in a drug trafficking gang Instead she pulls over famous race car driver Josh StevensJosh Stevens is week’s away from an important race when he ends up in Violet’s path He doesn’t need the bad publicity of a speeding ticket and arrest in the final lead up to the big race Both his lawyer and his manager advise him to lay low and find a way to get in the tiny town’s good graces Just when he’s winning over the town and the pretty Officer Hawks her investigation and his past seem to place him on Violet’s bad side Will Violet end up placing Josh under arrest again or will her heart be the one behind bars?I really enjoyed this book I read it in a couple days work and life interrupted unfortunately The plot was engaging and Ms Lanigan kept the conflict strong throughout the story The author did a great job of balancing moving both the plot and Josh and Violet’s relationship forwardI have to admit I didn’t like the characters right away They both jumped to conclusions and made assumptions about each other that were a bit extreme This doesn’t usually bother me but these came before I felt I had the opportunity to learn their true characters It took me a while to sort them out and grow to like and care about themAnother thing that threw me off about them is how uickly they went from dislikedistrust to having strong feelings for each other I was little than 50% in when I felt like they might have the conflict resolved and race toward the happily ever horizon Luckily Catherine through some hairpin turns in the road to force them to slow down I don’t have a problem with strong feelings early and often if the writer can keep the conflict eually strong and Ms Lanigan managed to do soOther than the conflict and plot I also loved the subplot The project Violet and Josh work on together with other members of the Indian Lake community not only brought out a bit of the characters’ backstories it showed their commonality yet sharpened their conflict at the same time I won’t say how You’ll have to pick up the book to find outI would recommend Hers to Protect to anyone looking for a clean read with a compelling conflict a light enemies to lovers angle and plenty of small town heart

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    This is the second book that I have read in the Shores of Indian Lake series I will say that you definitely do not need to read the other books in the series to appreciate this title The story while it alludes to the other couples that have come together in this town really focuses on the current couple and their path to making things work out if meant to be Characters continue to weave their way throughout all of these stories for familiarity but it is not essential to know their entire backstory for this one to make sense That being said I have a feeling that the rest of those books would be worth checking out as I really liked this one almost better than the last one I readViolet and Josh both have something to prove Violet is the rookie cop who wants to make a big splash but always thought she would have the opportunity to do so in a larger city She is still making rookie mistakes but has an innate sense of how to be a great investigator and cop Josh is the star race car driver who was brought up in the foster care system and wants to show the world that he is a great human being in addition to being a star driver They also share the pain of losing a parent at a young tender age Violet lost her father and Josh lost both of his parentsOf course the two of them have friction especially after Violet busts Josh for doing 200 mph on the back country roads And then there is that matter of Josh's former connection to a known drug lord whom Violet is investigating In spite of her investigation she cannot help but be drawn to him because she can see beyond his celebrity persona into the man he is deep inside And he is able to look past her uniform to see the kind and loving woman within who just wants to make the world a better placeThere is just a hint of a thriller story in here which is fun in a romance And they have a slow burning flame that is kindled and nurtured throughout the story I like reading books sometimes that are all about the relationship and not so much about jumping into bed together It was a great way to pass a rainy Sunday and I am definitely going to keep on reading books in the seriesI received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review

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    Although HERS TO PROTECT is classified as heartwarming it also has some light suspense elements which are a cherry on top of a slow building delicious romance Violet is a young officer on the police force who has recently been given a big case she is to take down a big drug dealer who has been rather elusive thus far She knows he has a fast sports car and though she is on a stake out when she sees one speeding past at over 200 mph she pulls it over It turns out to be Josh Stevens a race car driver who thinks he shouldn't get a ticketViolet knows how important laws are and the safety issues with such reckless driving When he is combative she arrests him following the letter of the law After that Violet continues on her case but also keeps running into Josh and as they get to know each other better they begin to fall in love With some passionate kisses and slow build this romance pulls you in and makes you believe in a couple that at first seemed impossibleThe addition of the case Violet is working on adds some interesting elements to the book Violet has a lot of integrity and believes in doing her job well she's a great and admirable character all around As such we later find out about potential conflicts with her case and it was interesting to see how it all built Although the romance is certainly front and center this adds an extra element to the book along with the dangerous car racing for Josh that keeps the plot moving uickly and with some light suspense As a heartwarming romance you won't find than kisses in the book so it is very clean I would recommend for fans of slow building romance enemies turned lovers and fans of light romantic suspense as a secondary plot Please note that I received an ARC from the author All opinions are my own

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    4 12 STARSSweet romance with a hint of intrigue With a return trip to the Shores of Indian Lake series by Catherine Lanigan we are always sure to find ourselves enmeshed into the heart of the small town culture very uickly The supporting characters are always familiar with much loved updates on some of our favorites being weaved into the current story and each new edition brings us a new couple to fall in love with Violet Josh were very easy to connect with She is eager to do her job and he's living the life people can only dream of but still has a heart that's partially back in that life that wasn't so easy They are faced with adversity but attraction wins out when they can't resist starting a relationship even though they are at odds and keeping secrets The intrigue was spot on the relationship heartfelt and overall I loved their storyRookie cop Violet Hawks takes her job seriously so when she apprehends a dangerously fast speeder in her hometown of Indian Lake Indiana and he gives her flack she doesn't hesitate to cuff him and take him in no matter who he isInfamous race car driver Josh Stevens eventually admits he was in the wrong but he doesn't have to like the fact that the pretty cop took his ego down a notch when she threw him in the slammer Taking some mandatory downtime finds Josh returning to the small town that he's determined to win over after his little skirmish with the law but let's admit it it's his arresting officer that he's really interested in wooing

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    Hers To Protect was truly a heartwarming story of two souls that needed to find that special someone to love as both were carrying hurts from childhood and trying to excel in their current job positions They both were using their jobs to fulfill the emptiness inside of them that their jobs could notViolet a police officer and Josh a famous race car driver have a very memorable first meeting that had me smiling I was definitely on Violet’s side as she pulls Josh over for speeding and felt rather bad for her as she was just trying to do her job and it seemed no one took her seriously because she was young and a womanWhat plays out in this story is a beautiful friendship and romance of two people that have some serious trust issues and a bit of pride on both of their sides; especially when it comes to judging each other This book has a bit of suspense as well that adds friction between these two not like they needed that but it certainly keeps the plot moving at a uick paceThis is a first time read for me by this author and I enjoyed her writing style and look forward to reading of her workI received a copy of this novel from the author I was not reuired to post a positive review and all views and opinions are my ownhttpspausefortalesblogspotcom20

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