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Free download Plague Harvest

Plague Harvest

On the uiet agri world of Orath an ancient evil awakens As the people of the planet sicken and the crops fail Librarian Vabion of the Ultramarines castellan of Fort Kerber

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s victims start to rise again and the architects of Orath’s fate are revealed Vabion must stand alone against the darknessA Space Marines Battles Novella by Cavan Scott

Cavan Scott ☆ 2 Summary

Os and guardian of Orath’s secrets must work with his uneasy allies from the Doom Eagles Chapter to discover the source of the contagion and end it But when the plague

3 thoughts on “Plague Harvest

  1. says:

    Great read good opening story very typical Warhammer 40K setup and would like the books unfolds and stops abruptly left wanting it was cut a bit short for my liking as if planned for a novel and then became a novella

  2. says:

    Only a short read Plenty of gore and blood shed It's and interesting tale with some exciting seuences but all in all nothing special

  3. says:

    Novella Plague marines and an ancient secret that might doom a world Starts slow gets better ends with a bang

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