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InsurgencyBoth face choices that will separate them from those they cannot help but love As their stories intertwine a conspiracy ignites that may end in slavery or death or lead to freedom anew if only each can face what must be sacrificed Sacrifice is a phenomenal conclusion to the Legacy trilogy The second novel in the series Allegiance had so many twists and turns that I wasn t really sure what to expect in Sacrifice I am happy to say that it was just as engaging as the previous novels and had a lot of action despite the conuest of Hytanica in the previous novelCayla Kluver is amazing at character development The cast of characters we have grown to know in Hytanica are smart cunning and persistent which means they won t take their defeat lying down There was a lot of secret plotting throughout the novel which was a lot of fun to read about You could see the strategy and the misdirects being formed which increased my respect for the characters involvedAs always we have a strong set of female characters in a world where they are supposed to seen rather than heard What is uniue in Sacrifice however is that we also have a strong set of male Cokyrian characters who are supposed to be weak and feeble I appreciate that Cayla Kluver really shows that genders are eual in her trilogy and explores both patriarchal and matriarchal societies One of my favorite parts of the Legacy trilogy has always been the love triangle I am a huge Steldor fan he is charming funny arrogant handsome cunning I just can t read enough about him I was in heaven with Allegiance because Steldor played such a major part in the story While he is still present in Sacrifice I didn t get uite as much as him as I wanted While I have never been opposed to Narian I have to say that I just don t like him as much as I like Steldor He did grow on me throughout the course of the novel howeverI have immensely enjoyed the Legacy series and am sad to see it go Sacrifice was a fantastic read and I am looking forward to from Cayla Kluver in the future What makes her writing truly special is the endearing characters she creates Even though I am highly anticipating new characters and new worlds from Kluver I am so sad to leave the Legacy world behind I will be crossing my fingers for a Steldor spin off in the mean time

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This is not the time for the fight to end Now is when the fight will begin This is the time to regain what has been lost Aleraueen of a fallen kingdom secretly in love with the enemy ShaselleDaughter of a murdered father rebel with a cause Considering this was my most anticipated read in 2012 I feel I have a right to feel so slighted and disappointed by the way it turned out so bear with me if I get a little too harsh on my criticimsNot only did it not continue in the venue of the second book where Alera finally turned from a hesitant girl to a decisive leader not only did she became once again as impassive as she was in the first book she even betrayed her country and friends in favor of her beloved Alera is the Grand Provost of Cokyri s new province She s technically still the leader of her people even if she has to answer for her decisions to Cokyri s empress and even to Narian who s appointed as the empress s man in Hytanica In fact though Alera is just a figure head throughout the book posing as the leader and making the speeches while Cannan runs the kingdom Alera has to ask than once about how her people are actually faring under the Cokyrian rule since even though she s assigned the task of listening to her people s complains every day and finding solutions for them she doesn t get the city s pulse the depth of their desperation the effect of Cokyrian s regulations on everyday life She s focused 100% on Narian and how he will be accepted by the Hytanicans so that their relationship will also be accepted This is all she thinks of for the entire book Even when Steldon points to her the fact that her people are not allowed to rebuild their churches and practice their religion even when Cannan points how removing their weapons leaves them without food and meat and mostly without dignity Alera can t be roused for than a chapter Her answer to all these problems reminds me strongly of Marie Antuanette Let them have a fair Yeap that s apparently the solution to a defeated nation let s have a fair so we can rise the citizen s morale Which of course is not bad when it s combined with other measures but if that s the only measure taken to help a defeated nation as in this case then I have to say it s completely ineffectualUnfortunately not only does Alera refuse to take any action that will help her people s life she takes active measures to make sure they accept the Cokyrian rule without fight going as far as to make speeches about peaceful co existance with the Cokyrians and even betraying them to the enemy when she s informed of a revolution plan A woman who chooses to betray her country by crashing her hopes for freedom and at the same time commiting her childhood friends to death is not in my book a heroine She s the villainess of the story a self absorbed girl who only cares for her own happiness and that of her lover s instead of her country s and that s not someone I can cheer for I kept on reading hoping that at some point she would realize that her country could and should fight for its freedom instead of remaining under occupation so that no one would get hurt meaning Narian wouldn t get hurt but she never changed her tune until the end And when she proudly said to the Cokyri Empress that her people would accept herAlera as their leader and that Steldor London and Cannan would always follow her rules right after those said men had rebelled without telling her anything I felt like laughing at her face for the blatant lies she spoke while actually believing themIn short I felt towards the end that the author had written it before the rest of the story and she for some reason stuck with it even when the development of the plot changed from what she had originally in mind when writing those lines so it did not in any way fit with the people or events as they unfolded here We were told for 2 books and even at the beginning of this one that Hytanicans believe that once a King always a King yet we are guaranteed by the end that they will accept Alera as sole leader and have completely forgotten Steldor who was the one to fight the enemy and boost their morale to boot when Alera did nothing but stand hand in hand with the enemy and ask for their peaceful surrender Sorry but I m not that gullible or forgettable as to accept thatThere was another heroine in this book Shaselle who s Bailic s daughter and Steldor s cousin She s eighteen and at first she seemed to have the spirit that Alera lacked in this book and could move the story forward on her own Sadly Shaselle turned out to be a rebel without cause a girl who liked to cause trouble and disobey her family just for kicks She kept on finding herself in trouble and had to wait for others to rescue her from her folly once that was acceptable maybe even twice When it became the pattern of her story Shaselle getting in trouble by her obviously stupid choices and a bunch of people having to rescue her again and again it got tiresome and annoying In the end she even decides to go out of her house when war strikes out not because she can fight and help her people not because she wants to go to someone in particular she cares for not because she has a task to acoomplish but because she wants to see how the war will go and who will win for herself So she goes out in the streets alone while soldiers are gutting each other and burning houses and cutting heads and as in all wars though not written here raping women While she s proven she can t defend herself REALLY Can there be anything stupid than that Irresponsible Childish Personally I doubt itSo two unlikable heroines two completely self absorbed ones two 2 dimensional heroes Narian and Steldor little to no action and an ending that doesn t fit what we ve learned about Hytanica and its people in 1500 pages I really can t think of a worse ending to this series except if Steldor was killed as well

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One lives behind the former Hytanican palace walls and walks the razor's edge to keep the fragile peace in her beloved homeland The other slips through the war torn streets seeking retribution for her family's tragedy following whispers of First Thoughts This was the perfect middle ground between the slow pace of Legacy and the uick action packed scenes of Allegiance With a fitting ending and a story I found myself absorbed in I could forgive the few things that annoyed me and enjoy the conclusion to one of the best series I ve readReview originally posted on Alexa Loves BooksI m an ardent lover of the Legacy trilogy I absolutely adore Cayla Kluver s writing style the incredible world she s managed to create and the characters that she s written to life And this final novel in the trilogy Sacrifice is just a completely fitting way to end things It was a little difficult for me to get into the novel mostly because of the constant POV shift between Alera ueen of Hytanica and Shaselle daughter of one of the slain Hytanicans Having an alternate POV provided the opportunity to see things happening in Hytanica from a different perspective I definitely appreciate this as Shaselle s POV gave us the chance to see what was going on outside of the palace where Alera resides including what the rebels were up to and how the city was faring under Cokyrian reign While I do believe Alera has definitely transformed from when I first encountered her in Legacy I still get frustrated with her a lot When it comes to handling the matters of her kingdom and her people she s definitely intelligent sensitive and diplomatic There s a new maturity to her actions which draws my respect However there are certain choices she makes especially when it comes to Narian that I find particularly bothersome and disagreeable and it also frustrated me when she didn t take action on behalf of some of her subjects at certain points Narian put me on edge a lot even though he does the best he can to protect the Hytanicans and prevent the wrath of Cokyri from descending on them He s certainly intelligent commands leadership and demonstrates compassion However I did think that he was still a bit aloof and closed off even with Alera And of course as someone firmly in Steldor s camp it obviously bugged me that Alera chose him Speaking of Steldor he doesn t appear to often to my woe but when he does I could still see all the reasons I loved him He toed the fine line between being recklessly mischievous and carefully responsible I enjoyed his kindness optimism strength and protectiveness over the kingdom and his family Plus he s still such a charmer I will freely admit that I enjoyed reading Shaselle s chapters a lot than Alera s most of the time She s the daughter of Baelic who was Cannan s brother and who was executed in the last book She s definitely uniue among the Hytanican women as she s a free spirit who loves to ride horses Her stubbornness and her independence definitely endeared her to me and I sympathized with her plight as a young woman trying to make sense of a world without her father and a world where she as a Hytanican woman would be reuired to wed Her adventures range from exciting and fun to scary and nerve wracking but I commend her general attitude of bravery though it was often matched with irreverence and impulsiveness As with Allegiance there is so much happening in this novel Hytanica is in the process of being rebuilt and Cokyri is attempting to enforce its power over the city Tensions run high often than not and I was saddened by the fact that there are so many losses and deaths in this novel There are of course a few lighter humorous moments scattered throughout the book trysts between couples witty remarks and moments of wild abandon and that definitely balanced things out for me Cayla Kluver has again presented us with a novel that boasts real characters extreme conflict and a thoroughly satisfying ending to a series that I love While I do wish a few things had played out differently I think it Sacrifice is pretty much the best way this series could have ended

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    Crossing my fingers that Alera will stop being a dumbass n go back to steldor

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    Considering this was my most anticipated read in 2012 I feel I have a right to feel so slighted and disappointed by the way it turned

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    My god That's all I can say This book took me an ENTIRE MONTH to complete that's how much I didn't like it Don't get me wrong I finished the other 2 in a day each and I enjoyed both novels but oh god this was just terrible

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    Alright I said when I read this book that I would review it I am now after months of stalling writing it I love Le

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    Cover love This is the most PERFECT cover This girl actually looks like my Alera you know the one I picture in my head Love the dress Can't wait for the book to be in my greedy little hands and devouring it's pagesDAlera Narian Steldor London Cannon and Shaselle Yay they are all in the final book to this amazing series I was so glad to see Na

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    First Thoughts This was the perfect middle ground between the slow pace of Legacy and the uick action packed scenes of Allegiance With a fitting ending and a story I found myself absorbed in I could forgive the few things t

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    Originally posted on A Reader of FictionsThe Legacy Trilogy has not garnered immense acclaim from most of my blogger friends In fact a full three of them rated the first book one star on Goodreads So yeah these books aren't

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    Sacrifice is a phenomenal conclusion to the Legacy trilogy The second novel in the series Allegiance had so many twists and turns that

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    Very excited for this book I have only read allegience have not yet obtained the first book as i did not realise that alegience was the second in the second book i was dissapointed by the relationship outcome betw

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    That is hours I will never get back of my life If I had known how this series would end I would never have picked it up Throughout the fist two novels Allera was growing as a character and the the third book she completely reverts into a spoiled selfish brat She took no care for her people's welfare and continually put all of her trust into her boyfriend She is a terrible heroine Shaselle is our other heroine in this story She could have of

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