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In 1999 at the tender age of ten Charlene Lunnon and Lisa Hoodless were snatched as they walked to school Over the next week they were held captive tortured raped and almost killed News of the girls' disappearance dominated the headlines and the entire country held its breath praying for thei I can't tell y

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R safe return as a massive police hunt failed to turn up any clues But then a miracle happened The girls were found alive their abductor was arrested and the case was closed But there was to be no such closure for Charlene and Lisa Over the coming years their friendship was strained to breaki Every parents

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Ng point as they struggled to reconcile themselves to their painful memories and to each other Abducted is their astonishing first hand insider account of how it feels to be kidnapped how they survived their horrific ordeal and how they have found the strength to move on and rebuild their liv the story of t

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  • 06 May 2017
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    I picked this book up at a neighbour's garage sale because the offences occurred in Sussex where I used to work as a police officer Also because I am interested in missing persons casesCharlene Lunnon and Lisa Hoodless were abducted by paedophile Alan Hopkinson in 1999 They were located by 'chance' when the police attended the address they were being held in to make enuiries about other sexual offences against children They had been subjected to terrible abuse for 4 daysThe girls tell the story themselves Although the book was published some 10 years after the offences the telling is child like which makes it disturbing in some ways One of the girls details how she had been abused already by a family friend so was 'used to it' One girl's parents decided to separate just weeks after the ordeal so she had to endure the pain of her mother leaving the family and moving in with another man Both girls hated the counseling they were forced to sit through for weeks on end not wanting to dredge up memories of events that they would rather just forget about Both girls entered emotionally abusive relationships in their late teens and one became pregnant The other later found a stable partner and had a child but she was still very young at the time Once in their twenties they restored their fragile friendship which had fallen apart after their shared traumaI wonder if there will come a point when the girls regret being as open as they have been about what happened to them Their school friends were openly talking about it at the time which caused a lot of problems for them but that is understandable and there was nothing they could really do about it But I uestion the wisdom of placing so much explicit detail in the public domain They say that they want to make sure that the offences of their captor are known so that he will be unable to re offend Maybe that says something about their faith in the criminal justice system or lack of itThis is a story told in explicit and sordid sexual detail Every interaction is documented probably partly for the purposes of making a full length book that would sell I skipped the entire middle section of the book about their captivity as it was just too graphic I don't see what possible benefit can come from anyone knowing such explicit detail about what happened to themThe book was also full of bad language I hope these girls having survived their terrible ordeal will one day realise that Jesus offers the only true hope for their lives and future I can't recommend this book for Christian readers

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    I remember the publicity about this case on TV at the time when the two 10 year old girls went missing Lisa and Charlene were 10 and on the way to school when a paedophile grabbed Lisa and threw her into his car boot and a scared Charlene agreed to go along to look after her friend Over the next few days the girls were locked in his flat and continually raped day and night while they waited for rescue This book would scare parents across the country The girls tell their story of before during and after their ordeal and we see each event from both points of view which makes this a fascinating though horrifying read To think of the pain and terror that these girls endured in those days thinking that help would never come and always being promised by their rapist that they would be allowed homeshudder And the ordeal doesn't even finish when the girls are found next come the medical examinations the media intrusion therapy and the effect it all has on their friendship when they go back to school It is a really good book and despite the difficult subject it is one of the better true life reads

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    I can't tell you how much the cover of this book bothered me I know that might seem strange since it's only a picture of the girls faces but everytime I looked at it Lisa's eyes kept staring at me over the word abducted and it was as if I were looking at my own daughters face above that word Her eyes and eyebrows are identical to my own daughters to the point that these two could pass for sisters if not twins I showed my daughter the picture and asked her who does this look like she gasped and said me It's very unsettling The image of those eyes made this book haunting and real for meStories like this one is why my kids don't play outside unsupervised don't walk around the toy department in stores by themselves and never walk to or from school without me even though it's right across the street I don't see a point in taking the risk Some might think I'm over protective but I'm only trying to make sure that nothing like this ever happens to my kids Reading this book gives one a very real look at what a lot of children who are kidnapped and never make it home again probably go through In their last moments of life they are not treated as people they are simply objects of a sick and twisted desire I had always had this secret hope that God has already come and removed the childs soul so they don't have to go through the ordeal but that is the stuff of makebelieve I believe in God but the reality is these little defenseless victims suffer so much before their beautiful life is horribly taken from them When children are abducted it changes the world Parents become protective and people who don't even know the children personally grieve for the loss When the odd miracle happens and the child makes it back home the world rejoices and is filled with hope that maybe kids will make it home one day tooIt's nothing short of a mircale that these two young girls were returned to their families It's pretty amazing how they were finally found I beleive God played a hand in the timing of things in that aspect and once your read this book you will probably agree

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    This was a really difficult book to read and I was repeatedly brought to tears Abducted is about the real life case of two kidnapped girls and their horrific ordeal What truly sickened me was the way in which their abductor constantly apologised to the girls he knew that what he was doing was wrong but he did it anyway I'm heartbroken for the girls and pray that they find peace in their futures

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    Every parents worst nightmare This book written by one of the girls some years later told the story of how her and her best friend both aged 10 were abducted tortured It tells of their ordeal and their rescue and their attempt at moving on

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    Charlene and Lisa Those 2 poor little girls abducted on there way to school this is there story of what happened to them and how they survived the abduction and cruelty well written 5 STARS

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    the story of two ten year old girls abducted by a paedophile a true story told by the protagonists

  8. says:

    so glad they are out there living their happy endinggood luck girls3

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    Very good book but honestly one of the difficult true crime I've read Such a sad story about two 10 year old girls abducted repeatedly raped and tortured over a period of days Each girl tells her story in first person and it's hard to read but their courage comes through loud and clear Seeing the girls' eyes on the cover really sticks with you

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    Horrendous storyThis book had me crying from beginning to end those poor little girls How do you get through something like that but happily they have and now are mummys themselves I practically read this in two sittings as I couldn't put it down I both loved and hated this story tbh Heartbreakingly sad

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