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Characters Milking the Dogs Part 1

Tracy has just one Dogs Part ePUB #10003 year to go until college and desperately needs a well paying Milking the ePUB #9734 full time summer job to finish off paying for her little red car and raise money the Dogs Part MOBI #239 for her tuition That's when she finds out about a dream job at a dog breeding kennel just outside the c

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Milking the Dogs Part 1

Out later To enhance breeding her job involves 'milking' all Great Danes they have every two days and they're all males and it only makes sense for her to use her mouth Add this to the fact that her boss is a horny old Dutchman who desperately wants to fuck her ass and mouth too and it ends up being a dawn to dusk day of endless fu

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Ity limits that will pay an hour Nervously she calls to ask about it and is delighted to be told to come right out Be prepared to work today she's told To play the sexy cheerleader card she arrives wearing bright pink skinny jeans a tight black t shirt and sexy boots and it works She's hired right away What she has to do she finds