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  • Paperback
  • 258
  • Black Sunrise
  • Christina Engela
  • English
  • 03 December 2019
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    A fun and enjoyable uirky multi character story that carries an important messageBlack Sunrise is about a lot of different things and the author has done a great job of linking them all together by way of a story that is not only funny it’s also strange in a good way and carries a positive message The diverse array of characters range from a bounty hunter to a talking plant called ‘Fred’ who in some senses stole the show considering this ‘Arborian’ seemed to be of a secondary characterSet mostly on the planet of Deanna; this holiday destination see’s the arrival of an alien spaceship helmed by the ‘Ruminarii’ a race of hostile lizard type aliens looking to send a message Along the way we see the story from many different points of view; including these aliens who spoiler alert fail in a sense to send said messageCindy Mei Winter; a former government agent is trying to put the past behind her and provides the important message this story carries What first appears as a suggested undertone comes center stage in the latter part of the story as Cindy is revealed to be transgender; something that is portrayed in a positive and modern way In fact there are two transgender characters in this story This message extends to many of the other characters who are all different in their own way uestioning the concept of what an alien really is Overall I found this story enjoyable with a positive message that puts the ‘conscience over paycheck’ concept into practice There are some parts I found to be genuinely funny while in other moments it was thought provokingSeeing as this book is a part of the wider ‘uantum’ series I will be sure to check out the others

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Black Sunrise

Ren’t any big mansions on a palm beach owned by an affluent writer generous enough to let him live rent free and use his spare Ferrari But then you have to ask yourself what could you expect living on a planet like Deanna? As a third rate colony in the Terran Empire Deanna had than its fair share of dull

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When a single Ruminarii Hammerhead arrived to invade the small backwater Terran colony of Deanna the people of Atro City went to meet them at the space port with open arms Perhaps ‘exposed’ is a better word?Life as a private investigator slash bounty hunter isn’t all Gary Beck wanted it to be There we

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Moments It orbited a star called Ramalama If you think that’s funny Deanna’s two moons were called Ding and Dong respectively This is a local jokeCindy Mei Winter hoped to put her violent and somehow depressing past behind her but now it seemed her new beginning and her holiday were going to have to wai

About the Author: Christina Engela

Christina Engela is one of South Africa's most uniue and skilled storytellers having written books in science fiction and also several non fiction titles Best known for her realistic characterization and for casting fully fleshed out LGBT characters in leading roles Christina brings a wealth of personal experience to each of her stories With several new offerings already in the pipeline.