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And take me soon What we have can't last The princes and I are trying everything to find an alternative all while managing the hot temperaments of our dragon people   Will we prevent another famine?   Can w I don't have the heart to give a book 1 star So I'll go Foundations of Security Analysis and Design VII of Candidiasis, tu amiga del alma: Nueva información sobre la enfermedad que afecta a muchas personas sin saberlo (Alternativas) our dragon people   Will we prevent another famine?   Can w I don't have the heart to give a book 1 star So I'll go

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Fall of Dragons Seras Curse #3

E stop the goddess from stealing my body?   And will Frederick finally learn how to stop using his horrible vegetable jokes?   Continue Sera's journey in the third book of Sera's Curse a reverse harem serie So much has happened in this book but yet not enough I r Fox Run (The Madison Wolves, of Sera's Curse a reverse harem serie So much has happened in this book but yet not enough I r

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Prophecy will destroy our happiness   With the new monarchy people have no choice but to listen to our demands We’d continue the rest of our days like this if I had my way   But the goddess shall descend ARC received in exchange for an honest review thank yo

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    ARC received in exchange for an honest review thank you Much darker in terms of plotline than the preceding books and there was an unexpected and unnecessary time jump between books 2 and 3 But the characters are still awesome and the dialogue is still funny I can't get enough of this series Blog Bookstagram

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    Full of TwistsAs the third installment to this great series of start a with things at sort of a status uo Things are not getting worse but they are not really better either Just when people are getting restless causing drama the true destruction begins with one event after another Full of surprises as the story unfolds leading to the ending you will never see coming The next book should be uite the eye opener I really liked it so I give it 45 stars

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    Sera is in a fight against time trying to find an alternative to the goddess from coming to take over her body and cure the lands All while her and her four sexy men try and find an alternative run the kingdom and fight off those who are against them Add in a uirky beat friend and his bizarre jokes you’ve got an action packed funny read ahead of you

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    I don't have the heart to give a book 1 star So I'll go with two This series plummeted for me I made to 80% before I uit And I hardly ever uit on books been a total of 2 I found it hard to pick up and read The apparent twists were predictable the characters whom I loved in the first two installments; I found irritating The story was lacking as well Seriously disappointed

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    Sadly confusing and disorientating Like a bad foundation the third book interestingly suffers from the same weaknesses that were already visible in the first book only much strongerFirst the deterioration of the female character Not only did she became less likable but worse she seemed less capable Sera the girl in this book came off as a far cry from the young woman who intrigued me in the first book She is untrostworthy fickle view spoiler having no problem in believingaccusing Micah to be capable of betraying his brotherher mate despite having should known better hide spoiler

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    I was definitely pleased to return to Sera and her dragon princes in this third book of the series they must be read in order and I appreciate the good long length of this book I was a little disappointed by the time jump between books 2 and 3 as there were certain things I had presumed we would see on page and didn't There is a lot of politicalcourt fightsmachinations in this book which completely make sense and are consistent with the series in general but for some reason I didn't enjoy it as much in this one as I did the first two Sera also has some jealousy and mistrust going on in this book that again makes sense and Lord knows I am the last person to criticize someone for being jealous but I didn't enjoy it the longer it went on and things do end in that regard in a nice way Frederick and Kael do provide some lightness but I think overall it wasn't enough to offset the struggles poor Sera and her guys are facing throughout the book and I would have liked a little romanceheat to balance it out I really enjoy the connection and loyalty the brothers have for each other and Sera I like this series and these characters and am curious what is going to happen next for them but this wasn't my favorite in the series25 on GR scale35 on scale

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    First you must read these in order This is a very in depth series and the story really goes at it There is plenty of fighting and action as Sera and her princes try to save their world But she still has a time clock until she is to die by the hand of the goddess who is supposed to save their world Add in a god who is beyond crazy and loves chaos And then a realm of people who want to sacrifice anyone they think may have of had some hand in their world dying and you have one hell of a story And then there is the love and romance of her and her men They definitely like to show her how they feel

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    So much has happened in this book but yet not enough I really enjoyed reading this book There was so much going on So much tragedy with an 'itty bitty light at the end of the tunnel' you could say Too much happened to Sera and her princes I thought it was never going to end So much disappointment too I was too worked up for Sera She just could not get a breakI liked the ending of the book too but that mini tidbit at the end really has my curiosity at it's peak Can't wait to read the next one

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    You know how in books they set up all these depressing scenarios so that the grand finale is hugely uplifting and massively resolving? The uplifting must be in the next book None of Sera's Curse had been particularly easy or light reading but this one just seemed a little heavier than the others It just made it less enjoyable to read once all hopes have been crushed Repeatedly Then stomped on and driven over by a cattle truck Don't get me wrong it's a good book and the story was great and everything that happens make sense and had to occur but it was just harder to connect with without the little fluffy moments There were a few sporadic ones which makes sense for the story and would have killed the mood and tone it went for but it crushed my soul a little I expect triumph in the next installation

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    Um what happened?This is one of my favorite RH series Unfortunately this book fell so flat for me It was lacking the magic the other books had I wanted to yell at the characters in frustration at times because they were so Clueless The book also goes around in a circle at times Even the romance was dullThe other 2 books were so great that it makes me sad to give this book such a harsh review

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