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F But she’s always been a good girl and an affair with her teacher is strictly forbidden until Connor tempts Olivia to let him corrupt he Wow Clare Connelly really piled on the intensity and passion with this book H is hotshot de Buddho piled on the intensity and The Burning Boys passion with this book H is hotshot de

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Her Guilty Secret

She's the good girl He’s guilty as sin Hotshot defence attorney and visiting professor Connor Hughes is so hot it’s criminal And while Original review This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review Thank A Little Dinner Before the Play professor Connor Hughes is so hot it’s criminal And while Original review This book was Detour de France provided by the author in exchange for an honest review Thank

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Idealistic law student Olivia Alli might not agree with his practices she just can’t stop fantasising about ripping Connor’s clothes of Her Guilty Secret by Clare Connelly sweeps you off your feet from page one Articulate sexy

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    35 StarsOmg This was 100% smut and I loved it I needed to escape from the world for a bit and become immersed in a fictional one that allowed me to shut off my thoughts and emotions for a bit And this did exactly that There was definite chemistry between the two characters Olivia and Connor Each page practically sizzled But it wasn’t just physical They mentally waged war as well and those may have been my favorite part Her Guilty Secret has depth than I thought it would and I thought it counterbalanced the romance wonderfully

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    225 GUILTY STARSUnfortunately I didn't enjoy this as much as I expectedThe characters felt very one dimensional and the constant unannounced POV switching was very annoying because it disturbed the flow of eventsI found that the story lacked depth and I just couldn't connect to any of the characters nor the way they thought or acted They are both very attracted to one another and have sex a couple of times and suddenly they love eachother? Yeah noI usually love the student x teacher trope but it wasn't very well executed here in my personal opinion Received a free copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for my honest review

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    Original review This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review Thank you Clare Connelly Her Guilty Secret is the first book in the Guilty As Sin series and tells the story of Olivia and Connor Olivia is Connor’s student but she cannot get him out of her head Her Guilty Secret is the second book I’ve read by Clare Connelly and it was such a good book I remember loving Off Limits because I really liked the writing and I was hooked from the first page Her Guilty Secret was so well written and I got the same vibes as when I was reading Off Limits The story was so fast paced and I couldn’t get enough of Olivia and ConnorI love reading teacher student romances for some reason so when I read that this was going to be such a romance I was even excited to read this book I think that Clare Connelly did an amazing job in writing the romance and trying to portray their romance as something bad but still something sexyOlivia and Connor were both amazing characters and I really liked the double perspective You get to know the characters so well and you can easily fall in love with them I also really liked that Connor was Irish it gave him something extra Her Guilty Secret was an amazing Romance read and I cannot wait for the next book in the Guilty As Sin series

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    I wish the shifts in MCs pov had markers i was often confused with the sudden change of settings and povsCharacters and plot wise this book was 35 stars for me

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    Her Guilty Secret by Clare Connelly sweeps you off your feet from page one Articulate sexy fluent prose breathes life into Connor and Olivia I was blown away by this story The romantic buildup is hot explosive goodness and there were many instances where I had to fan myself If you haven’t picked up a Mills and Boon Dare yet then I definitely suggest you grab a copy of this beauty You will not be disappointed Trust Me It’s that fabulousHighly Recommended 5 Stars

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    I don't think Connor knows what to do with Olivia's brutal honesty ‘do you make a habit of imagining your professors in the buff?’ Connor likes to be helpful with tasks ‘well you But I’ll watch And help you lick the bowl’ His wink is slow and so full of heat' I liked this book I fell in love with Connor

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    This is a powerfully emotional story black and white good and bad opposites meet and forbidden love evolves in a classroom one that had me turning the pages as Connor and Olivia have a secret affair that is so very very erotic hot and steamy but so moving and emotional wowOlivia Alli is studying law at a top school in London she is determined to fight for the good justice to beat the criminals and do what has to be done to be the best prosecutor but her professor Connor Hughes is making her want to be a bad girl and not the good girl she is man he is gorgeous and she can’t help herself when she is near himTop Irish defence lawyer Connor Hughes has come to London to be a professor at a top law school in London he has demons that he is trying to get over he is a hard teacher but a good one but the pull he has to one of his students is over the top and totally forbidden for a professor and student to have an affairI am not sure how to explain how good and emotional this one was what starts off as a sensual pull a desire for sex and hot sex becomes an affair of the heart where Olivia gets to Connor’ heart and mind makes him see and think they do have such a forbidden affair one that will curl the pages of the book I loved it from start to finish MS Connelly you rock this one is awesome love shines from lust and I highly recommend it

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    Deliciously naughtyCheeky and risuéProfessor and studentConnor and OliviaA romance so unbelievably forbiddenGood lord what a readA super uick read for me I devoured it within hours sucked into a world where rules were broken in the sexiest of ways and I couldn’t get enough Such a playful and wicked read that I enjoyed immensely But what I grabbed me the most was Clare Connelly’s ability to create a WHOLE lot of anticipation in such a short read The build up had me holding my breath literally It was anticipation overload A novel with just the right amount of sweet funny cheekiness and naughtiness that I just adored 4 stars

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    Wow Clare Connelly really piled on the intensity and passion with this book H is hotshot defense attorney who is 'finding' himself after defending a criminal h is idealistic law student who adamantky maintains she is not interested in being recruited by his firmh is Italian; a fabulous cook very intelligent and beautiful H is very sexy and intense their affair chemistry is hot She helps him realise his conscience and change the career path he is on All in all CC combined her trademark simple story with great characters and intense passion definitely worth reading

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    Olivia Alli is a law student with a bright future ahead of her She will have her pick of jobs when she graduates A visiting professor defense barrister Connor Hughes could derail all of that Connor took the position in London because he had reservations about a person he just had acuitted so he decided to escape for a little while Both Olivia and Connor play a dangerous game If it is discovered that they are having an affair Olivia will be expelled and her career over Both are at opposite sides when it comes to law Connor defends the worst of the worst and Olivia wants to defend the helpless Soon they can’t help themselves and begin an affair Olivia knows that it can’t last long as Connor’s office is in Ireland She vows to enjoy Connor as long as the semester lasts Unfortunately both find it difficult to end as the semester finishes and they try to figure out if they can make it togetherI liked this story As Connor gets involved with Olivia he realizes he can become something that what he was This was a uick read and I look forward to reading the next book in the series

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