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Labels of twelve bottles of rare wine And when Napoleon dies the bottles disappearTreasure hunters Sam and Remi Fargo are exploring the Great Pocomoke Swamp in Delaware when they are shocked to discover a World War II German u boat Inside they find a bottle taken from Napoleon's 'lost cellar I enjoyed it was good enough adventure to keep me interested

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Spartan Gold

Thousands of years ago the Persian king Xerxes the Great was said to have raided the Treasury at Delphi carrying away two solid gold pillars as tribute In 1800 Napoleon Bonaparte and his army stumble across the pillars in the Pennine Alps Unable to transport them Napoleon creates a map on the This is a good summer read in the sense that your brain kind of has to be shut off to enj Believing In Faeries pillars as tribute In 1800 Napoleon Bonaparte and his army stumble across the Buddho pillars in the Pennine Alps Unable to transport them Napoleon creates a map on the This is a good summer read in the sense that your brain kind of has to be shut off to enj

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' Fascinated the Fargos set out to find the rest of the collection But another connoisseur of sorts has been looking for the bottle they've just found He is Hadeon Bondaruk a half Russian half Persian millionaire He claims to be a descendant of King Xerxes himselfAnd he wants his treasure bac A solidfun suspense novel Sam and Remi are two likable characters both capable as well as

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    Okay I'm done It was an enjoyable read I agree with one of the other reviewers that even though they took some damage Remi and Sam didn't seem phased in the slightest by the bad guys in a way that I felt they should have They brushed off the attacks from villains and thugs with a shrug As for the History mystery I liked that part of it The writing was smoother than I remember Clive Cussler being in the Dirk Pitt Novels It's worth another book but not three if Sam and Remi don't learn how to be properly concerned about bullets and bombs and Russian Mobsters with high priced hitmen It seemed too easy for them Three stars This may be the review I'll think about it Enjoyable read worth the time Not in my top ten The Narrator needed some getting used to This was an audiobook for me Brik seemed to think everyone either sounded like Dracula a Midwesterner or Italian He also flat footed some of the punchlines that might have been funnier fun to read

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    This is a good summer read in the sense that your brain kind of has to be shut off to enjoy it so I am giving it three stars in the same sense I would give a mindless action movie two thumbs up for entertaining me while keeping me out of the heat in an air conditioned theater Now if your brain isn't shut off while reading this book you may notice some things that might irk you such as spoilers ahead you have been warned The heroes married treasure hunters Sam and Remi Fargo are flatter than cardboard cut outs The only attempt at all to liven them up is with snappy banter that is a bit reminiscent if you have read Cussler's most famous series of Dirk Pitt and Al Giordino This lack of character development is somewhat masked however by the plot moving at a breakneck adventure pace Speaking of that the already brisk pace at the beginning of the book accelerates exponentially as the story progresses to the point where the protagonists are nearly in a different country for every chapter by the end of the book This left precious few pages for the final climactic scene with no pause for suspense whatsoever an underwhelming end to the antagonists and very little description of the treasure they hunted the entire book for although their wonder at eventually figuring out the mystery will not be shared by the reader who were spoiled by said treasure being the title of the book Speaking of the antagonists the main antagonist Ukranian warlord Hadeon Bondurak and his henchmen former Spetsnaz soldiers are written as to be less effective than Scooby Doo villains The protagonists who are loathe to use lethal force and do not make a habit of carrying weapons constantly and easily outwit these bloodthirsty trained well armed men with unbelievable childish ruses and incredible luck For a better example of how a Russian former Spetsnaz mercenary should be written see Sokolov in Reamde Sam falls out of a boat after hitting his head and while the hit leaves him unconscious he does not pass out until after he pulls himself back into the boat I am pretty sure this is not how head injuries work Sam is also later shot through ear mentions the wound will need stitches never gets the wound taken care of and it is never brought up again The paint by number follow the wine bottle trail of obscure historical clues were very derivative of Dan Brown's Robert Langdon books and there was a glaring plot hole as they were unable to get the clue from the broken wine bottle shard or was that bottle the only one to mysteriously not have the cryptic seuential instructions leading to the next bottle on it? And speaking of those bottles at one point Sam and Remi find a bottle in an old crypt and pay 500 for it to a descendant of the crypt's inhabitant who did not know the significance of the bottle or its value and later get 250000 for their exploration foundation for that bottle from the French government That entire transaction did not sit well with me at all considering the Fargos were allegedly not interested in material wealth and were already financially set up Finally there was the inevitable Clive Cussler cameo I have read enough of his books to know that when the sun kissed white haired man with the sparkling blue eyes appears I am being treated to yet another superfluous indulgence of the author's ego and to just grin and bear it

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    Overall a disappointing outing from Cussler and Blackwood In this novel Remi and Sam Fargo treasure hunters extraordinaire and generous philanthropists find themselves up against the forces of a mysterious Ukranian crime boss who traces his ancestry to Persia and Xerxes the Great Both are after the secrets of the lost cellar of Napoleon and the potential treasure it will lead them toThe major issue here is that there is no threat Remi and Sam repeatedly face down the bad guys and do so in non lethal manners that allow the bad guys to escape and the Fargo's to run free Once or twice it might work but after the third or fourth time it becomes repetitive and the sense of threat and peril to the characters vanishes You know they're going to get out of it okay so there's no tension This echoes through to the end of the book which hits the climax and conclusion inside a handful of pages The mystery that the Fargo's are following reuires putting together obscure clues left behind by Napoleon and his chief confidant an interesting idea but a difficult one that doesn't leave much room for the reader to figure out what is happening along with the characters This lack of involvement combined with transparent motivation for the stereotypical bad guy and muddled logic for involving the main characters leads to a thoroughly unsatisfying readCussler's books are normally better than this Skip this book; if you're in the mood for Cussler pick up a NUMAPitt or Isaac Bell book instead

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    Iam having a hard time figuring out what to say about this novel I believe the ARGH pencilled in near the end of the copy I read may say it allthat ARGH no doubt had to do with a xiphos a Spartan sword being referred to as having gleaming steel showing through on the blade The xiphos was bronze and in later times iron There would be no gleaming steelThat really says it all This book read like someone spliced some action scenes into a series of Wikipedia printouts the entire thing was an infodump Or to be accurate a series of infodumps pertaining to everything from Nazi minisubs to Napoleonic winemaking techniues to Crimean Sea smuggling tactics In between there were lavishly detailed descriptions of how to temporarily disable a speedboat or extract a tracking chip from an iPhoneTruly this was research porn Cussler obviously sketched out a vague scenario one that made next to no sense veering as it did from Nazi minisubs in the Carolinas to vineyards in France to THE TREASURIES OF DELPHI and handed it off to his cowriter on a paper napkin The cowriter clearly enjoys researching and couldn't bear to eliminate any of his thousands of carefully compiled notes and references So instead he incorporated them all into the novel as its main text Add a character or two here and there and a few guns and explosions and boom Novel With convenient Nazi sub on the cover seeing as all Clive Cussler novels appear to be mandated to have Nazi subs on their cover if the preview of the next book the publisher is touting in the back is to be trustedIn all honesty this wasn't a BAD book It read uickly and I even learned a few things But it was rather like going on a Wikipedia binge and clicking from link to link to link and finding myself four hours later on a page that I can't figure out how I got to bleary eyed and slightly dizzy Only with explosions and a bit stilted dialogueAt least now I know how to take that tracking chip out of my phone though

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    I enjoyed it was good enough adventure to keep me interested

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    I feel as if I have ordered a steak and recieved a hamburger A good hamburger but still just that a hamburger What's that a hamburger is better with cheese making it a cheeseburger? Yeah well I got a hamburger and that is it Here is the line on this one a gorgeous young and wealthy couple stumble upon a great historical find meanwhile a nasty rich bad guy is also after the find that the young couple stumbled upon And of course the bad meany will send his cronies in to attempt to thwart the young couple from any attempts at figuring out the historical riddle before he can Well a bit of a formulaic plot is developing here it seems Yes this is a good book it just seems like this one has been done before I hope the second in the series will provide my steak I was looking for Or at least a damn cheeseburger

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    Spartan Gold is another treasure hunt story along the lines of a Steve Berry novel but with a weaker plot There is of course the bad guys who are on the trail of the same treasure and who are willing to kill to make that happen The book loosely weaves some history into the story including the notion that Napoleon had discovered gold stolen by the Spartans from Delphi But if you're looking to learn anything factual this ain't the book for you I felt it was difficult to follow the two protagonists Remi and Sam Fargo as they trek around the globe collecting clues Lots of action but little substance Also the character development was pretty weak

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    Some years ago I read Cussler probably with Dirk Pitt So thought I'd try this with different protagonists The audio version isn't the best one to choose because of all the statistics etc I like Remi and Sam but their scrapes with the bad guys are a little unbelievable Maybe it was because of the reader but the style of writing reminded me of DeMille Don't think I will read the others in this series

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    A solidfun suspense novel Sam and Remi are two likable characters both capable as well as self deprecating with decent sense of humor I also enjoyed the traveling and the little morsels of history the book offers Worth it to me to continue to the next book in the series

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    One of the first Remi and Sam Fargo books