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Take Me Series Box Set

GET THE COMPLETE BESTSELLING Racing Series Box PDF #10003 Romance Series By Colleen Masters This boxed set includes all four bestselling books from the Take Me FasterSeries Faster Take Me PDFEPUBHarder Take Me Faster Deeper Take Me Faster Longer Take Me Faster Hotter Take Me How does a responsible intelligent career driven girl find herself Me Series Box MOBI #245 half naked and hooking up with a bad boy Formula One driver in a Barcelona night club bathroom Siena Lazio is a lot of thingsbut reckless isn't one of them She's only in her mid twenties and already Team Ferrelli's Director of On the Run Sweet Valley High Super Thriller of thingsbut reckless isn't Kidnapped one Undeniably Fated of them She's The Ira War Strategy Tactics and Military Lessons Csis Significant Issues Series Csis Significant Issues Series only in her mid twenties and already Team Ferrelli's Director Black Blue of

characters Take Me Series Box Set

Hampionship from Enzo The tattooed British bad boy knows how to get what he wants And always gets what he wants Harrison and Siena fall deeper and deeper with each secret tryst Passion flares reality fades and the lines between right and wrong begin to blur Driven by lust and ambition the couple delves into a world of treachery deceit lies and ultimate betrayal Is Siena ready to place her fragile heart into the hands of a speed demon and will the thrill of falling for him be worth it when they wreck Words Contemporary Romance For readers Contains mature themes and explicit sexual content

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Public Relations and heiress to the top Formula One racing team The esteemed daughter of Alfonso Lazio the greatest driver F has ever seen Siena seems to have it all figured out All she has to do is uphold her family's honor and ensure her brother Enzo's public image is pristine while he rises to fame and clenches the title as Formula One's new champion Everything is perfect Until she's swept mercilessly off her feet by the one man she can never be with The one man who can fuck it all up Harrison Davies is Team McClain's secret weapon and he's the only driver who threatens to steal the c

About the Author: Colleen Masters

Hey thereI'm Colleen Masters author Series Box PDF ✓ of the Faster Series Thank you so much for swinging by and checking out my stories As an indie Take Me PDF/EPUB ² romance author your support means everything to me Let me tell you a little bit about myselfI grew up in Central Jersey and studied Theatre Me Series Box MOBI õ Arts and English at Monmouth University Going to college right next to the beach Hell yes D My dream has always be.

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    So I did enjoy what I read but it did not need FOUR books to tell the story I get that it takes place over an entire F1 season but that really is not what the main focus is at all so the length of this series is perplexing I honestly lost interest I jumped around to find out who was blackmailing Siena and creating probl

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    HARRISON NEED I SAY MOREI could not put this story down from the first page I loved all of the characters loved their lives they lived and love

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    This series was an okay read I prefer her MC series better Harrison though he's a naughty boy are we looking for somewhere private Harrison asks I for one am completely in favor of that course of action Who knew Italian American girls were so insatiable He's so sweet when it comes to his compliments what can I say he breathes his hands cuppin

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