CHARACTERS ½ Biscuits Bullets A Gettysburg Story

CHARACTERS Biscuits Bullets A Gettysburg Story

A Gettysburg Story In the midst of A Gettysburg ePUB #9734 all the tragedy a story of three friends emerged One Jack Skelly had joined the Union Army another Wesley Culp the Con


Biscuits Bullets A Gettysburg Story

In its own way Biscuits Bullets ePUB #9734 holds many secrets including how it ends As close as the three friends were in life they would never learn each others secret ending

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Federate Army and young Jennie stayed behind helping her mother in their tailor shop War like death will not be ignored and it came to visit each of them in its own way Life too

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    A mesmerizing story about war and love If you enjoy history and a good love story you do not want to miss this book The author has done a wonderful job at developing the characters and telling a gripping story