With many favorite characters from The Line returning for an encore performance and some new faces you won't want to miss audiences will definitely want to check out the latest book in Courtney Brandt's young adult marching band specific series In A Fine Line Lucy Karate is finally a senior and ready to make her permanent mark on t


A Fine Line

He Forrest Hills High School drum line After receiving the honor of section leader the bass drummer's season starts out with a bang literally When recent British transfer student and current heartthrob of the school's A Fine Kindle female population Wes Mallinson accidentally kicks a football directly into Lucy's drum one afterno

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On at practice he inadvertently triggers a season long showdown of band geek vs jock Between multiple memorable senior pranks a competitive halftime show with a twist and answering the very important uestion can feisty drum line girls and handsome footballers ever get along A Fine Line will keep you entertained from the first page

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    Reminded me so well of my thought processes in high school Reading this series is like reading my journals from high school if I had had the c

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    Reviewed by Randstostipher tallnlankyrn Nguyen for TeensReadToocomIt's towards the end of the summer and almost the beginning of her senior year and Lucy Karate is ready to kick into action Her first order of business is to become Lieutenant and with the aid of her matchmaking skills it might just be the easiest

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