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Isabelle is a of Isabelle MOBI #183 Sapphic young student at Oxford versed in the arts of Flagellation When her ageing scout Stan Tierney lets slip The Indiscretions Epubthat he knows about a long established society o

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The Indiscretions of Isabelle Nexus

Of sexual humiliation if she is to get close to the mysterious societyFollow Isabelle's adventures in The Indulgence of Isabelle The Indecencies of Isabelle The Indiscretions of Isabelle and The Indignities of Isabell

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F lesbian dominas Isabelle is drawn in As Isabelle investigates together with her girlfriends Jasmine Indiscretions of Isabelle Epub #225 and Caroline it becomes clear that she will have to endure a comprehensive round

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    Isabelle Colraine is back Now in her second year at Oxford she's hot on the trail of a rud secret society of female CP enthusiasts that go by the name 'the Rattaners' Isabelle and her two sapphic buddies Jasmine and Caroline are out to discover if they exist and to join them at all costs She also meets several new playmates along the way including 2 older female dominasAnother winner from Penny Birch I love this character and her sexual m