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Ngle A desperate chase Revolutionaries and secret police Religious fanatics and coldhearted scientists Murder A London filled with danger and wonder A tortured relationship between a mother and a daughter and a mother and a son Unexpected villains and unexpected heroes Cool reason versus passion Rich versus poor Right versus wrong though which is which isn’t clear   This is the world of Smoke a narrative tour de force a tale of Dickensian intricacy and ferocious imaginative power richly atmospheric and intensely suspensefu One of the benefits of a cross country airline flight is a lot of sitting without other distraction The Return of a Gangsters Girl tortured relationship between a mother and a daughter and a mother and a son Unexpected villains and unexpected heroes Cool reason versus passion Rich versus poor Right versus wrong Hard Pass (Forbidden Plays, though which is which isn’t clear   This is Cut and Run the world of Smoke a narrative Beautiful Bandit (Lone Star Legends, tour de force a Daddy Rapes His Little Daughter During School 2 Story Bundle tale of Dickensian intricacy and ferocious imaginative power richly atmospheric and intensely suspensefu One of Tetris the benefits of a cross country airline flight is a lot of sitting without other distraction

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Smoke AUTHOR Dan Vyleta

Alternate cover edition can be found here“The laws of Smoke are complex Not every lie will trigger it A fleeting thought of evil may pass unseen; a fib an excuse a piece of flattery Next thing you know its smell is in your nose There is no hateful smell in the world than the smell of Smoke” England A century ago give or take a few years   An England where people who are wicked in thought or deed are marked by the Smoke that pours forth from their bodies a sign of their fallen state The aristocracy do not smoke proof of t This is a dark atmospheric and imaginative dystopian novel that feels intensely like a world that i The Mission Primer trigger it A fleeting Tao Te Ching: A New English Version thought of evil may pass unseen; a fib an excuse a piece of flattery Next Decorum thing you know its smell is in your nose There is no hateful smell in Zen Doodle Unleashed the world Thick than DIGIGRA sexy gravure vol395 yua kuramochi the smell of Smoke” England A century ago give or Folk Shawls take a few years   An England where people who are wicked in Why Knock Rock? thought or deed are marked by Fiction Writers Workshop the Smoke Witch, Please (Not Your Basic Witch that pours forth from Fabricate their bodies a sign of First & Then their fallen state The aristocracy do not smoke proof of Painting Garden Birds with Sherry C. Nelson (Decorative Painting) t This is a dark atmospheric and imaginative dystopian novel Ella Puede! that feels intensely like a world Newlyweds Anal Lessons that i

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Heir virtue and right to rule while the lower classes are drenched in sin and soot An England utterly strange and utterly real   An elite boarding school where the sons of the wealthy are groomed to take power as their birthright Teachers with mysterious ties to warring political factions at the highest levels of government  Three young people who learn everything they’ve been taught is a lie – knowledge that could cost them their lives A grand estate where secrets lurk in attic rooms and hidden laboratories A love tria Smoke by Dan Vyleta was bloody marvelous From the first line in the bookThomas Thomas Wake up which

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    DNF 50%This book has a fascinating premise Part historical fiction part paranormal dystopia it imagines a Victorian world where sin is visible in the form of an ugly smoke that leaks directly from a person's body Imagine it your anger lust and shame displayed for the world to seeThe beginning opens in a rich upper class boys' boarding school near Oxford And at first it is compelling Thomas and Charlie are the protagonists; each likable and sympathetic enough to capture our interest The narration is mostly third person but slips into many first person accounts and the writing style is dense and descriptive but this suits the setting and atmosphere of the novelThere's a darkness and fear to this world that keeps the pages turning for the first few chapters Crazy religious zealots and innocent teenage boys are a combination that draws us in Unfortunately though somewhere towards the end of the first 25% this book becomes unspeakably dull It loses its compelling rhythm surrounding the way the smoke is used to punish the boys and the hint at mysteries and lies behind it Instead we get pages and pages of description about country life fancy manors and characters far less interesting than Thomas and CharlieThe denseness of the narrative works when paired with a plot that intrigues but it felt like wading through thick mud when the plot slowed down and nothing was happening The time we spent in this slow section which I'm sure eventually gives way to interesting things again the less I cared about the story and the fate of the charactersBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | Store

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    This is a dark atmospheric and imaginative dystopian novel that feels intensely like a world that is Victorian and Dickensian This is society divided by Smoke which marks the poor whose clothes and bodies are clearly marked by soot and smoke The rich and powerful use it as an instrument of power and control The well off do not smoke either through discipline or through underhand subversion of smoke with the use of specific sweets and cigarettes available to those in power We become acuainted with Thomas and Charlie pupils at a boarding school in Oxford and erstwhile friends Thomas has a dark soul uick to anger his father was a murderer a fate he is certain that he will share Charlie by comparison is level headed compassionate and loyal in character We become aware of JuliusCaesar an odd sinister and dark character who loathes Thomas A visit to London introduces the boys to the heavily smoke filled city where Charlie sights an Angel a man who seems to be completely free of smoke and Thomas observes an old man collecting the darkest of soot from a woman that has just been hungCharles and Thomas are invited to Baron Naylor's estate where they meet Lady Naylor and become privy to secrets plans to revolutionise society experimentation special cigarettes and sweets They are startled to discover Julius is Lady Naylor's son from a previous marriage and experience further unsettling and malevolant behaviour from him Livia is Lady Naylor's daughter who disapproves of her mother but her and Charlie become close Thomas Charlie and Livia go on the run as attempts to kill them spook them Thomas is badly injured when he is shot Charlie attempts to secure further information from Renfrew one of the teachers but barely escapes after enduring a harrowing experience in Oxford The three eventually reunite to continue their investigations in London at the home of the smokeless angel that is Tobias Grendel a man who feels cursed to a half life Livia becomes romantically entangled with Thomas and Charlie which binds the three of them ever closer together A murderous Julius in the meantime has become consumed by the darkest of soot partaken through a special mask A trail of death follows in his wake He is determined to catch up with Thomas Becoming aware of the plans of Lady Raynor and Sebastian an engineer and the connection with the London sewer system and their need to save a young child the three friends enter the dark sewers Thomas Charlie and Livia come to contemplate the nature of Smoke and where they hope the answers might lie This leads them to make a momentous decision to enter a brave new worldThis was a compelling and gripping read that entices and beguiles the reader I found the story tense suspenseful and entrancing The three young characters are beautifully drawn and developed throughout the novel The plotting and world building is superb I hope the author continues to write another book about this world Highly recommended and wonderful read Thanks to Rebecca Gray and Orion for an ARC

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    Smoke is stunning and sublime A piece of fiction like this does not come along very often This is a firm favourite of mine now forever Totally adored it I'm stunned by so many low reviews TrulyThis book has the most fascinating plot uite simply your sin shows to the world as soot smoke grime on your body and clothes Thinking something bad about the person you are with? Careful your white shirt doesn't start to spoil with smoke and sootThere are seekers who are determined to find a way for Smoking to stop and then those that believe all need to The lengths gone to in the novel will take your breath awayIt's incredibly atmospheric and addictive I felt the book pulled me in and entangled me in the prose I'm stunned that some did not like this and gave it bad reviews Truly I am It's not a fast paced book and there are many characters that I won't go into but each one has a distinct presence and place that makes them easy to walk with to see to know I felt I was IN the book at timesSet in England from London central to small mining villages the setting is just perfect It's one of those fiction books that had me thinking what if this were true and pondering the impact of itIt's a uniue read for me something out of the ordinary and I read it steadily without putting the book away Each word had me mesmerised Sophisticated story telling I felt a lot of emotions reading this too from horror and disgust to happiness and wonder Fiction rabbit hole here I come See you when I come back up for airA beautiful book with a dark edge and moments that will keep the book twisting and turning Subtle scenes that whack you across the head once you digest what is really being presented to you So much to say really So many great elements Great overall concept and an absolute winner for me If you like some degree of complexity with your books you will enjoy this it's not one you can skim read at all Lock yourself away with food and water and ensure you wear black should you smoke and show whilst reading it5 magical stars for the journey this book is I would love to see this as a mini series it's ripe for it Even if you don't step out of your comfort zone of genres try this one and see Obviously not for everyone but I can't fathom actual bad reviews of this Huge thanks to the publisher for a copy of this novel to read and reviewThanks for reading my review For of my book reviews plenty of awesome books to win author interviews and features come over to join me for book fun at follow me on Twitter enuire about joining my reviewers team to enuire about my book publicity services

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    Smoke by Dan Vyleta was bloody marvelous From the first line in the bookThomas Thomas Wake up which 'did' grab my attentionto the very last sentence of the book I'm still smiling ear to ear but I'm not dishing out this lineI had a BLAST OF FUN hanging out with the teenagers Charlie Thomas and Livia all of noble birth There is adventure dystopia adventure mystery rich vs the poor and young love There are political and moral overtones with the Tories liberals and Radicalsturning this novel into a thriller with villains and heroes but as to being fully certain who is evil and who is notwell that's uestionable depending on whose perspective you might be looking from In this worldthere is a physical manifestation of 'Smoke' from your body and clothes if you tell a lieare sinfuland withhold secrets Yet there are degrees of 'sin' Depending on which social class one belongs to The wealthy kids such as Thomas Charlie and Livia have been trained to control their emotions so their clothes look cleaner than people who come from povertywhere they are covered in soot It was fun that the candy sweets Beasley Son was a character in this novel the yummy irresistible treats These sweets are a part of the mystery they just might give Charlie and Thomas answers if they eat one Then again uestions may arise Is Smoke a diseaseor a cure? Lots of symbolism in this novel When the mind is enlightened the spirt is free and the body matters notOma Desala from StargateSmoke represents the release of the soul or spirit from its visible and physical form and it's sublime ascent back to the invisible GREAT novelmaybe??? A seuel is coming? It looks like it's possible Thank you Doubleday's first reads giveaway

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    This is a novel in which I admired what the author was trying to do — I appreciated his vision and cleverness of story — but ultimately this is a flawed book and it didn't completely work for me Smoke is set in Victorian England but it's a revised version Characters in this world show their sin by smoke So if you have sinful thoughts or deeds different colors of smoke will rise from you and everyone can see itThe story opens at a prestigious boys boarding school and we see the bullying that happens when people's sins are obvious and open to judgment thanks to the smoke We thank the smoke is a chilling phrase the boys are taught to say en masse We meet our two heroes Thomas and Charlie and we meet our villain Julius One of my favorite scenes was the opening one in which the boys hold a secret meeting in the middle of the night Julius holds court over the boys asking them probing uestions and testing to see if they'll show smokeThen the boys take a trip to London where they see how extensive the smoke is among the lower classes and they witness a public execution The events that day set the second part of the story in motion in which Thomas and Charlie get invited to a wealthy relative's house in the country and they learn some dangerous secrets about the origins of the smoke And if you're wondering where the hell are the women in this story we'll finally meet two of them out in the countryIn the third act of the novel the boys are on the run for their lives and Julius has become even terrifying This is where the book took a turn toward horror with Julius like a demon walking the earth This was my least favorite part and I was ready for the story to endMy complaints about Smoke involve both its structure and some writing uirks Some of the parts really dragged and there were sections with too much exposition and infodumping I don't need an encyclopedia of details about the different colors of smoke thank you While reading I really struggled with how I was going to rate this book because there are aspects to admire here but I was also frustrated with the pacing and story developmentOther reviewers liked this novel than I did and perhaps you will love it too In the end I can say I'm glad I read it and I was intrigued enough by its cleverness that I will look up of the author's workFinally I have to praise the design of the book cover which features the gorgeous Monet painting Houses of Parliament It's a beautifully haunting image and it's perfect for this story I was also tickled by the choice since I got to see another painting in that Monet series earlier this summer at the National Gallery in London Even though I didn't love this book I enjoyed seeing that book cover on my nightstand every dayFavorite uotesDan Vyleta chose some amazing passages from famous writers to include between the different sections of his book and those uotes really helped set the tone and gave some historical context for the rest of the story Here were some of my favoritesWhen one remembers under what conditions the working people live when one thinks how crowded their dwellings are how every nook and corner swarms with human beings how sick and well sleep in the same room in the same bed the only wonder is that a contagious disease like this fever does not spread yet farther — Friedrich Engels The Condition of the Working Class in England 1845I asked him whether there was a great fire anywhere? For the street were so full of dense brown smoke that scarcely anything was to be seen 'Oh dear no miss' he said 'This is a London particular'I had never heard of such a thing'A fog miss' said the young gentleman'Oh indeed' said I— Charles Dickens Bleak House 1853Imagine that you yourself are building the edifice of human destiny with the object of making people happy of giving them peace and rest at last but for that you must inevitably and unavoidably torture just one tiny creature and raise your edifice on the foundation of her unreuited tears — would you agree to be the architect on such conditions? Tell me the truth— Fyodor Dostoevsky The Brothers Karamazov 1880

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    I received this on a read to review basis from NetGalley Thank you to the author Dan Vyleta and the publisherHarper Collins for this opportunitySmoke is the name for the physical transmutation that appears on a person's body and clothing as a physical sign of their internal sin Whether in thought or deed the sinners are marked for society to judge by the severity of the smoke that marks their physiognomy This leads to an almost religiously fanatic feel to permeate the book and often reads like a religious or moralistic parable in the depiction of society's treatment and judgement of the 'sinners' What is counted as sin can often be something as human as lust or something as immoral as murder Bad thoughts and bad deeds alike are visible and this leads to a society of restrained individuals that appear Victorian in their abstemiousness The obviousness of the satirical approach of the novel only served to heighten the absurdity of the lengths individuals would go to to disprove their 'sin' and to prevent its occurrenceThe ambiguities I encountered whilst reading this I could completely forgive as the world building and the creation of the magic system of sorts was on such a phenomenal scale especially given the length of the book that any attempt at a further justification would have only furthered muddied the already complex descriptions given This book is clever no denying that and reading this is like attempting to view the world through layers of smoke there are layers upon layers to both narrative and plot shadowed corners that are only to be revealed when the author allows and a dark and brooding atmosphere that permeates the entire text I was enraptured with this world and the characters therein and cannot wait to dive into the next installment

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    The concept of this book was very intriguing It deals with a world in which you literally start smoking when you sin In other words sin is very visible and at school you are taught to try and hide your sins It's exactly at a school that we meet our two main characters Thomas and Charlie Circumstances however lead them away from school one Christmas and that's where the story really takes off I really liked the two boys as well as this mysterious yet fascinating world I think that's why the beginning of the novel came off the strongest to me because it introduced me to both the world and the characters I also really liked how the story is predominantly told from the protagonists' points of view but every second chapter is from the point of view of an outside person That really brought depth to the narrative and I was constantly looking forward to these short in between chapters However much I found this world fascinating though I started losing interest in the story towards the middle and it only got worse There wasn't any point where I was eager to get back to the book and continue reading; especially when it started becoming of a middlegradeYA story That's why my rating ends at 3 stars because while I loved parts of this book I was also disappointed in some of it

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    One of the benefits of a cross country airline flight is a lot of sitting without other distractions competing for your time Without a back and forth trip this weekend I'm not sure how long it would have taken me to finish this bookI should start by saying that upon reflection I'm not sure this is really the book for me; however I think a lot of people will love itSmoke tells the alternate history version of Victorian England where people emit a smoke whenever they do something bad like tell a lie lose their temper think a bad thought steal etc And yet some people namely those in the church government the rich and those in authority don't seem to smoke The poor uneducated powerless smoke all the timeThe premise of the book is fascinating The first chapter actually the first third of the book is so well written I was completely engaged Then the book starts to get a bit convoluted and I lost interest Its 448 pages seemed to drag on eternally I attribute this partially to the story losing focus and partially to me just not being the right audience for this alternate realityscience fictiondystopian sort of bookIn spite of my issues with the book I am always amazed at how closely fiction mirrors reality even wildly creative fiction like this Characters in this book want to remove all foreigners from England build walls and the divide between rich and poor is startling Vyleta had to have written this book long before the US Presidential campaign but the themes sounded eerily similar25 stars rounded up to 3 for creativity and originality Thank you to NetGalley and Doubleday for a galley of this book in exchange for an honest review

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    I loved Dan Vyleta’s previous novels particularly “The uiet Twin” a dark historical mystery and so was thrilled to have the chance to review his latest offering “Smoke” is a very different novel to his previous work but will hopefully bring him a whole new audience which has to be a good thingThe novel begins at a prestigious boys boarding school in an alternate England It has a sort of Victorian steam punk feel to it – from gas lamps and carriages to public executions – this is a dark and almost pre industrial version of the country However the greatest difference is Smoke itself; rather than pouring forth from chimneys it is something that emanates from people Smoke is indeed a visible manifestation of vice and sin As always there is a class difference here; the aristocracy including the boys we meet at the beginning of the book friends Thomas and Charlie and the Alpha Male violent and bullying Julius are taught to control their Smoke The working class pour Smoke freely and their vice and sin are shown openly and often revelled in A school trip to London opens the boys eyes and changes how they think about SmokeThomas’s father committed a crime and it is believed that he carries this inherited sin within him When he goes to visit his uncle with Charlie he meets Lady Naylor and her daughter Livia Thomas discovers his uncle has descended into madness while Lady Naylor has secret laboratories and is involved in investigating the origins of Smoke Charlie Thomas and Livia team up and end up on the run – dealing with the evil Julius controlling school masters and lowly coal miners – as they fulfil their destiny to uncover the secrets of Smoke This is an interesting and well fleshed out world with good characters and an original background At times it read a little like a YA novel but has adult themes I enjoyed the ideas behind this novel and while I hope it increases Dan Vyleta’s readership I hope it will not see him changing style completely He writes such excellent historical mysteries that I would be saddened if he did not continue this new style of writing alongside his previous types of books

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    I'm uite certain that reviews of this book will make much of its 'Dickensian' atmosphere and setting The author is clearly aiming for such with uotes from Dickens included However something kept poking at me saying Dickens? Hmm that's not uite it And suddenly it sprang at me Joan Aiken Yes Aiken has than a touch of the Dickensian herself But that's the feel of this book exactly If you loved Joan Aiken's books as a kid you will LOVE this book now It's aimed at a slightly older audience I'd say that this is YA for young adults who don't mind their stories dark Like Aiken Vyleta's story features an England of yesteryear a plot that's essentially an adventure tale with much romping around the countryside but with truly creepy villains and the real potential of bad things happening to our young charactersThose main characters are Thomas Argyle whom I kept picturing as Thomas from Downton Abbey and his friend Charlie students at an elite boys' boarding school in the classic fashion of a certain genre of literature We soon learn through a brutal incident of hazing how this world differs from ours This Britain is affected on every level by Smoke Smoke is just that a sooty discharge that emanates from people particularly when people are overtaken by their passions by emotion especially by guilt Smoke is seen as sin and an indication of sin It is also seen as an indicator of class of course the peasantry is rife with smoke but a gentleman should never be seen to show a stain of such he should always be self controlled and pristineThomas has an unshakable belief in his own state of sin due to a hidden incident in his family history He looks up to his friend Charlie as far virtuous than he His main concern is the state of his soul until he is invited nay summoned for the holidays to the home of an uncle who's a stranger to him Charlie accompanies him and there the boys discover a bizarre situation The uncle is confined to his room unwell and his aunt is running the show She seems to be engaged in mad scientist type experiments involving Smoke which are also probably highly illegal Also in the house is her daughter the rigidly repressed Livia and then Thomas' worst bully from school turns up with an unexpected reason for being present Outside of school his dastardly acts may be even less restrained than they were before and the boys believe that they may be in serious danger from multiple directions Have they stumbled onto clues to knowledge that they were never intended to see? It seems they're over their heads and in the midst of some very adult plots involving both the highest and the lowest echelons of their societyMany thanks to Doubleday and NetGalley for the opportunity to read As always my opinions are solely my own

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