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    You can recognize a small truth because its opposite is a falsehood The opposite of a great truth is another truth Niels BohrI was thinking about Dante the other day and wondering how one could approach him from the angle of a GoodReads revi

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    I once thought I'd write an essay on how long it takes a serious author of fiction or nonfiction before he or she inevitably uotes Dante If I were to write a novel myself this is a hypothetical grammatical construction I'd probably manage about a page before I'd exclaim that I am lost and middle aged and in the middle of a dark forest I'd

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    Divina Commedia Divine Comedy La Divina Commedia #1 3 Dante AlighieriThe Divine Comedy is a long narrative poem by Dante Alighieri begun c 1308 and completed in 1320 a year before his death in 1321 It is widely considered the preeminent work in Italian literature and is seen as one of the greatest works of world literature The poem's imaginative vision of the afterlife is representative of the medieval world view as it had developed in the

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    I attempt to rewrite the Divine ComedyIn the middle of the journey of my lifeI came across a man named TrumpWho seemed bent on causing much strifeO how he was an unpleasant fleshy lumpLike some hobgoblin of the child's imaginationOr a thing that in the night goes bumpBut in spite of lengthy cogitationI find I have produced fewer words Than me

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    Reading the Divine Comedy at seventeen was for me to see the world sub specie aeternitatis Apparently that’s not okay in the World’s eyes Writing it in the 14th Century was not considered okay either So Dante was banished for life from Fl

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    THE DARING somewhat COMIC and also DIVINE INVENTIOIt is very difficult not to be lured by the highly intelligent craft of Durante degli Aliguieri DA And may be it is not a coincidence that he was the exact contemporary of Giotto his fellow Florentine For if Giotto planted the seed for a pictorial representatio

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    Plumbing the crucible of happenstanceI should give a uick intro and say that I rarely EVER EVER re read a book I should also mention that 3 years ago I had never cracked Dante's Divine Comedy Now I am finishing the Divine Comedy for the 3rd time I've read Pinsky's translation of the Inferno I've read Ciardi I've flirted with Mandelbaum and danced with Hollander but from Canto 1 of InfernoHell to Canto XXXIII of ParadisoHeaven I can't say

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    I finished it Someone bring me my medal the Inferno is Hieronymus Bosch with wordsA few caveats to this review I am not a theologia

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    I propose an extra level in the Inferno for procrastinators and abandoners I was planning to write a novel where

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La Divina Comedia en italiano Divina Commedia es un poema escrito por Dante Alighieri Se desconoce la fecha exacta en ue fue escrito aunue las opiniones más reconocidas aseguran ue el Infierno p You can recognize a small truth because its opposite is a falsehood The opposite of a great truth is another truth Niels BohrI was thinking about Dante the other day and wondering how one could approach him from the angle of a GoodReads review One of the obvious problems is that he lived a long time ago and many of the cultural referents have changed You re constantly having to think Well nowadays what he s saying would correspond to THAT It isn t so bad in Hell when there is plenty of entertainment to be had in seeing how the different sins are punished and indulging your schadenfreude Then Purgatory tells a moral story that s or less timeless if you go for that sort of thing but once you arrive in Paradise it starts getting seriously tricky A lot of the stuff at first sight just seems irrelevant to the 21st century world all these explanations about the mechanics of Ptolomaic astronomy and Dante uerying the inhabitants of Heaven on obscure theological points It s notorious that readers most often give up somewhere in the third book I started wondering if there was any modern day author one could identify with Dante and if that might help us connect to his concerns And in fact I do have a suggestion that some people will no doubt condemn out of hand as completely heretical Richard Dawkins Now of course I am aware that Dante was deeply immersed in the Christian world view and Dawkins is famous for being the world s most outspoken atheist But it s not uite as crazy as it first may seem Dante was a Christian to the core of his being but he was furious with the way the Church was being run he put several of its leaders notably Pope Boniface VIII in Hell On the other side I challenge anyone to read The Ancestor s Tale to the end and not at least for a moment entertain the idea that Dawkins is in actual fact a deeply religious man He admits as much himself as he puts it it s often not so much that he disagrees with conventionally religious people that they are saying it wrong Amen to thatAs noted both Dante and Dawkins are extremely unhappy with the way mainstream religion is being organized The other characteristic that unites them for me is this passionate love for science One has to remember that for Dante Ptolomaic astronomy was state of the art stuff and the details of the angelic hierarchy were a topic of vital importance of course he cross examines the hosts of the blessed to find out These days I imagine he would be trying to get inside information on what happened during the Big Bang before spontaneous symmetry breaking occurred whether or not the Higgs particle really exists and how evolution produced human intelligence For Dante there didn t seem to be any opposition between religious faith and science they were part of the same thing I do wonder what he would have thought if he had been able to learn that many leading religious figures even in the early 21st century reject a large part of science as being somehow unreligious It s wrong to spend your life dispassionately trying to understand God s Universe I can see him getting uite angry about this and deciding to rearrange the seating a little down in HellI keep thinking that there s a book someone ought to write called Five Atheists You ll Meet in Heaven Please let me know when it comes out I ll buy a copy at oncePS I couldn t help wondering what Paradise might have looked like if Dante had been writing today Obviously we wouldn t have the old geocentric model of the Universe it would be bang up to date I think there is now far material for an ambitious poet to work with than there was in the 14th century For example when we get to the Heaven of the Galaxy I imagine him using this wonderful fact that all the heavy elements are made in supernova explosions We are all stardust as some people like to put it Then when we get to the Heaven of the Cosmos we find that the light from the Let there be light moment at the beginning of Creation is still around it s just cooled to 27 degrees K and appears as the cosmic background radiation But it s not completely uniform as the uantum fluctuations left over from the period when the Universe was the size of an atomic nucleus are the beginnings of the galaxies created on the second day Finally we reach the Heaven of the Multiverse and find that we are just one of many different universes It was necessary to create all of them so that random processes could make sure that a very small number would end up being able to support life How impious to assume that God would only be able to create one Universe and have to tweak all the constants Himself

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La Divina Commedia

Udo ser compuesto entre y o el Purgatorio de o a o y por último el Paraíso de o a fecha del fallecimiento del poeta Libro más famoso de su autor es una de las obras fundamentales de la transic Reading the Divine Comedy at seventeen was for me to see the world sub specie aeternitatis Apparently that s not okay in the World s eyes Writing it in the 14th Century was not considered okay either So Dante was banished for life from FlorenceIn the Comedy eternal flame is the just deserts of corrupt conformity That doesn t seem uite right in the eyes of the comfortably politically correct back then as now And they like it or not always have the final say And what they say goes And Dante had to goSo reading this literary landmark for the first time when I was seventeen marked the inauguration of a colossal climacteric in my life The winds of change back then were howling all around me and as if in reaction Dante s vertical landscapes ascending and descending morphed within my mind to become the central mythos of my world and my young spiritFor Dante s work states clearly from his symbolic POV that we CAN find lasting happiness and security in spite of the majority s comfortable perpetual nay saying to the contraryWhat we have to do to find it is pacify our dark impulses work out our emotional trauma with diligence and awareness and then aspire to reach the gates of Real and Lasting Happiness in the crown of our emotions and intellect Faith The faith that Dante has finally received from God when he reaches the summit of Purgatory is contained in its ultimate vision that of the Giant and the Whore being cast by the Gryphon into the Pit In our times the Giant is of course the controlling robotic Big Brother of us moderns and the Whore its eternally driving Desire The one feeds the otherAnd at the End of Time they are both cast into Hell by the mythical Gryphon the Avenging LordAnd so dawns the new Heaven and Earth inexorable and ultimately Victorious as Dante attains ParadiseThat sums it up Hell Purgation And Paradise And it all takes place right here on the face of this unforgiving planet Now here s a key point that many have missed about the Comedia while it is easy to fall through the cracks of life into an Infernal Reality it s next to impossible to maintain a decent attitude while falling The cthonic pull of the Inferno is just too intenseBut Dante did it So while enduring his cruel vision in the daily life of ruthlessly divided Florence he kept his rational cool throughoutIt speaks volumes of his character And it tells you EXACTLY the kind of virtue you need to get to HeavenIn the era of my first reading of it my grandmother had a beautifully bound edition of the Longfellow translation with its wonderful nouveau Gothic plates by Gustave Dor which I carried all around my parents house absorbed in its mystical milieuBy the next summer I had graduated to a library loan of the much less bulky sized John Ciardi translation in a limited edition with abstract modernistic illustrationsYou know one or another edition has been with me all throughout the intervening 50 years between then and now my literal sine ua non Vade Mecum in all of its multiple shapes and sizesAt university it was the must own tiny Everyman Library dual language edition with its graceful Pre Raphaelite line drawings very easy to stick into my shirt pocket going to and from lecturesAnd do you know I recently realized that in all my many many readings of the poetic translations available I ve never been able to fully grasp the subtle complexities of Dante s AristotelianThomist philosophical argumentsSo I picked up Charles Eliot Norton s eminently accessible PROSE translation for my KindleSo as well as the print edition pictured above another excellent translation THAT is the story of my life in One BookAnd now that the end of of my life is approaching Sooner rather than Later or that s the impression I now get I can look back at my life and the world I ve lived in and agree with The Comedy s author that as is inscribed in bold letters on the glorious facade of the old San Francisco Public Library La gloria di colui che tutto movePer l universo penetra e risplendeIn una parte piu e meno altrove The glory of The Prime Mover penetrates throughout the entire universe in one part less and another And He the Prime Mover Himself will guide us safely Home through the howling storms of this dark world if we re alert to its dangersBut knowing the dangers how do we make that first step out of this City of Destruction and forever escape the maws of the ravenous Beasts that keep us from ascending out of its Dark WoodThe answer is simple It s our own appetites that feed the power the beasts have over us So we first have to make perfect our Will So for me Dante s words being lapidary meaning etched in stone were a portent as well as a promiseFor as we grow older we must keep always moving and ever watchful and contrite To avoid becoming like those who dare to dream drunkenly in the face of the Gorgon Death Turned Ourselves to StoneAnd SINKING into the DepthsCave lector

Free download × PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ Dante Alighieri

Ión del La Divina Epubpensamiento medieval teocentrista al renacentista antropocentrista Es considerada la obra maestra de la literatura italiana y una de las cumbres de la literatura universal I finished it Someone bring me my medal the Inferno is Hieronymus Bosch with wordsA few caveats to this review I am not a theologian philosopher medieval historian Dante expert nor astrologist I am however a reader who wants to read all of teh books and I appreciate vivid imagery and interesting human interactions in fiction I tackled the recent Clive James version of Dante s Divine Comedy no footnotes or canto introductions here because I just wanted to let the story wash over me to see how much I could get on my own without knowing why Dante s father s baker s frenemy s ex lover s dog handler was sitting upside down in the burning pitch in Hell And when it comes to vivid imagery the Inferno delivers Surprisingly to me the Purgatorio was also fairly easy to follow as Dante and Virgil continue up a ceaseless barren slope past the singing self flagellating sinners who do their time for various sins and each time an angel wipes an ash mark from their foreheads become one level closer to heavenFrom reading the inferno in high school I had recalled Dante as a sniveling swooning sissy but on this re read found myself very much liking his sensitivity and sense of empathy especially to many of the sinners in hell well as long as they are classical figures If he knows them he s likely to go stomp on their heads Guide Virgil has to chastise him numerous times to keep him from getting understandably emotionally mired in the horrors he witnesses My favorite parts besides perhaps the insult throwing trident wielding demons were the back and forths between Dante and Virgil Sadly though Virgil is barred from entering heaven and in the third book Paradiso we are stuck with the so nauseatingly lovely and perfect that you just want to smack her Beatrice Regardless of this new guide I found Dante s heaven as impenetrable as listening to someone describe an acid trip It struck me as a sort of renaissance era Yellow Submarine complete with its own Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds though the incessant choral music wasn t uite as catchy Lucy in the sky with DanteSeriously I m amazed at how similar this clip from Yellow Submarine is to the Paradiso Watch it EDIT Sorry it looks like the Submarine link keeps breaking so my apologies if it doesn t work If I notice a problem I will fix it Should be working now anyway