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    Our faculty had an interesting discussion about Russian Winter last week All enjoyed it very much some were disappointed in the end no spoiler just thought it ended too abruptly Characters were well drawn and there was an interesting mix of types all uniue and human One gets a real sense of the lack of privacy and constant prying of Soviet eyes on its citizens in the era of the late 40's and early 50's Nina Paulina and Vera also take us into the grueling and competitive world of the Bolshoi Ballet of the time There is history love romance suspense betrayal and descriptions of a variety of precious jewels that ultimately make it to the Boston auction house What value do these gems hold for the owners and why are they selling them??

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    Unknown to most Americans the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin caused the great famine of the early 1930's resulting in the death of millions of his own people By liuidating the Kulaks as a class Stalin may have eliminated the prosperous and conservative farmers in the Ukraine and it led to the establishment of collective farms and chaos in the countryside The loss of over twenty million Soviet citizens during the Great Patriotic War combined with the massive physical destruction of the nation formed the backdrop for one of the finest depictions of the cultural life of the Russian people I have yet come across in historical fiction Nina's frustrating refusal to let down her guard is remarkably true to life as she and millions of her countrymen experienced life in their homeland where a simple uttered comment could lead to a long prison sentence And Grigori's reluctance to share the truth about a family connection when referring to his own amber piece is simply evidence that those raised in the Soviet Union had to be careful not to do or say anything that might bring the authorities to your home Russian Winter's superb blending of Nina's life in post war Russia and her excruciatingly painful existence in modern day Boston held my attention from the opening scene where we are introduced to Drew Brooks and Nina Revskaya to the finaland hopeful meeting at the auction house Though Grigori left the Soviet Union at age eleven he would remain a nomad; first in Norway then in France and finally at age sixteen in New Jersey Like many orphans he longed to discover his biological heritage without upsetting his adoptive parents who regarded him as a jewel a gift from above his secretiveness led him to keep people from getting too close to him He felt he could not even share personal concerns with the one man whom he considered his closest friend and colleague Zoltan the great Hungarian poet Drew is a fully formed three dimensional character about whom we glean a great deal Is her life story not compulsively interesting in a manner that evokes the finest of Woody Allen's female characters? And she is a person like Grigori of great gravitas leading a full rich life but feeling the influence of her beloved grandmother Riita who she believed to be the only person who really understood her as a person I may be in the minority but Russian Winter in my opinion is one of the finest works of historical fiction I have read in the past decade or so

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    I love novels that unfold the way Russian Winter by Daphne Kolatay did shrouded in a mystery that's slowly tantalizingly revealed through multiple narratives and flashbacks The story starts out simply enough Nina a former Bolshoi ballerina is putting up her jewels for auction As Nina inventories her jewels she also reluctantly inventories her life setting in motion a painful remembrance of her past in communist Russia and who she left when she defected her husband the handsome poet; and their friends Gersh and Vera The focus of the story uickly centers around a pair of amber earrings and bracelet as a Russian professor Grigori Solodin mysteriously donates an amber pendant which he insists belongs to the same set Who is Grigori and how is he related to Nina? There were many times when I thought I knew where Russian Winter was going only to be surprised with the twists and turns On the way to finding the true significance of the amber jewels and the circumstances of Nina's defection Kolatay immersed me in the vividly rendered life of a ballerina in communist Russia as well as the dangerous political climate for artists of that time and era Russian Winter is an engrossing captivating novel of love and loss

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    Daphne Kalotay's novel RUSSIAN WINTER is a masterfully crafted novel of loss and redemption set in an unusual historical time period and interweaving two connected stories In present day Boston famous Russian ballerina Nina Revskaya who defected from the Soviet Union at the height of her fame is preparing to auction off her dazzling jewelry collection including three beautiful amber pieces set in gold Nina is now a recluse crippled by arthritis and the weight of her mysterious past a past that could be revealed by an ambitious young representative of the auction house who begins to investigate the provenance of the amber jewelry spurred in part by the donation of an apparently matching necklace from a grieving widower The widower Gregori is the academic translator of poetry by Nina's husband the famed Viktor Elsin one of the many who disappeared during Stalin's terrifying regimeIn taut elegant prose Ms Kalotay conjures the life which Nina is now forced to recall her precipitous rise to celebrity within the Bolshoi dance company her lifelong but difficult friendship with a fellow ballerina the haunting Vera and her headlong plunge into romantic entanglement with handsome debonair Viktor who introduces Nina to a literati circle slowly and relentlessly threatened by Stalinist mandates The novel shines at its brightest in those pages where we see Nina's ascent to prima ballerina driven by her innate perfectionism and myopic dedication to her dance even as the world she thinks she knows crumbles apart to reveal a sordid underside of fear compliance and mysterious deportations to dreaded gulags Nina's narcissism is cleverly played against her growing awareness that her own delusions have ensnared her yet she cannot face the truth until it is too late Freuent switches in the narrative to the academic Gregori and his hunt for clues to his own past embodied by the necklace left to him by his adoptive parents are eually well drawn if somewhat less compelling It doesn't reuire much deduction on the part of the reader to ascertain the secret that awaits Gregori but his journey is well written and interesting as he strives to discover who he isNevertheless it is Nina's story which most captivates for it is the universal struggle of artists living under oppression everywhere; of innocence beguiled by duty; and of sacrifices made for art that can in time return to assert their toll The contrast offered in the novel between Nina's cantankerous older self and the naive ingenue of the Bolshoi who dances her way into tragedy is wonderfully played out as are descriptions of the grey hued existence endured under StalinHighly recommended for lovers of historical fiction and for those of us who to this day remain entranced by the rigors and ethereal beauty of ballet

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    Well it seems I may be in the minority here but I did not love this book It had so much potential I appreciate that the author tried to tie the 2 stories together but the Boston bits ruined the rest of itIn fairness much of what I didn’t like is personal preference I hate the formula used here Tell a little bit just when it gets interesting switch to something else To me it feels like someone taunting ‘I know something you don’t know’ and all I can think is ‘fine if you don’t want to tell me – don’t’ The Nina Viktor Vera Gersh storyline was strong enough on its own – it did not need the teasing and heavy foreshadowing to make me want to keep reading I found the constant interruption of the current day storyline to be very frustrating Maybe if the Drew Cynthia and even modern day Nina characters been developed it would have added to the overall book for me – instead it just detracted from itAlso had the whole book focused on the historical storyline it could have been much developed I would love to read about Russia during Stalin’s reign as this one seemed to barely skim the surface It is her first book though – I would still read another as she will likely only get better

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    I enjoyed this story the way the author was able to weave at least two of the main characters' stories together so artfully Drew is tangential to my mind though I was gunning for her and her intended from early on Her story though isn't as compelling by far as Grigori's and Nina's However a good story and I learned a vast amount about Soviet Russia jewels and the ballet I watched Black Swan during the reading of this novel and the two worked strangely well together

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    The cover got me I had to stop and look It's pretty isn't it? Even though there is nothing at all original about the art The cover beckons but alas it does not fulfill It's unfinished It's the start of a beautiful cover and yet it's oddly blank The flat clarity of the figure verses the worn depth of the background surface don't mesh They fight each other instead of complimenting each other Sadly that turned out to be a prophecy for the novel Russian Winter is a cradle to grave story of Nina Revekaya a once great ballerina with the Bolshoi Ballet now living out her remaining days in Boston with only her maid for company Her past comes to light when she decides to auction her jewels for the benefit of the Boston Ballet Foundation Her secrets are pursued by a young associate from the auction house and a professor of Russian who believes that Nina can explain the mysteries from his own past The sections of the novel about life in Stalinist Russia and those regarding everything to do with ballet both the work and the rewards were very interesting Author Daphne Kalotay has done her research The lives of the artists the fearful politics the efforts of creativity under a repressive regime Kalotay successfully builds a you are there world for all of that and love affairs betrayals and heartbreak However as often happens with stories that straddle the past and the present none of the contemporary elements of the novel come close to capturing your attention and involvement to the same degree as the historic elements do You won't be reading Russian Winter for the plot It's old fashioned picaresue and all ready to be Audrey Hepburn's greatest screen triumph of 1958 It's also entertaining but if you haven't figured out what will happen by page 62 you need to hang up your toe shoes You will be reading Russian Winter to be enveloped in a specific moment in history in a fascinating backstage environment

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    I was hooked on this book by page 80 If you like the arts ballet Russian history or all three you will love this book The book takes place in post war Russia but the narration switches between history and modern day as the author weaves three main characters' lives together I found this book to be profound and while a work of fiction is probably very close to lives other post war Soviets lived I loved the little nuggets of ballet terminology and I thought the lot descriptions in between chapters made this book near perfect Highly recommended

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    This book is a magnificent historical fiction novel set in Russia I didn't want to put this book down I was really drawn in by the histroy and glamor the characters were very real and I found the writing clear concise and easy to follow I really recommend this book its a real page turner

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    2016 is the year where I decided to get back to historical fiction I picked Russian Winter because a couple of my friends gave it 5 stars and I like to read books set in RussiaLikes Mystery behind Nina's weird behavior and the missing pendant kept me readingDislikes Descriptions were functional and usually character related I was missing the descriptions that add feeling and depth to the atmosphere Story line was not what I expected I thought it would tell us how Nina became a prima ballerina I love hard work pays off stories Instead Russian Winter focuses solely on mystery in Nina's past I felt disconnected from characters There are descriptions of jewelry before chapters I expected chapters will somehow be related to them what they represented in Nina's past or how she got them But that was not the caseThe story about Nina could have been inspirational but it didn't touch me I blame it on the writing style which didn't suit me Read an excerpt before buying to judge if you will enjoy it

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Boston 2003 uando mette all'asta la sua preziosa collezione di gioielli Nina Revskaja è convinta di aver finalmente chiuso con il passato Invece una sontuosa parure d'ambra scatena in lei una marea di ricordi Mosca 1935 Nina è una bambina uando scopre la passione per il balletto e la magia del palcoscenico Affronta con determinazione i sacrifici che la danza impone fino a diventare l'étoile del Bolscioi acclamata in tutto il mondo uando si innamora perdutamente di Viktor nobile d Unknown to most Americans the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin caused the great famine of the early

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Tutto uesto che sta pensando Nina ormai anziana mentre Drew Brooks la funzionaria della casa d'aste la incalza con domande su uella parure cui sembra mancare il pezzo più importante la collana uando tuttavia Grigorij Solodin un professore di russo che da tempo cerca di mettersi in contatto con Nina consegna a Drew proprio la collana d'ambra che completa la parure niente può più arginare la serie di sconcertanti rivelazioni che svelano a Nina la verità sul suo tormentato passato The cover got me I had to stop and look It's pretty isn't it? Even though there is nothing at a Janet Evanovich Three to Six Four-Book Set (Stephanie Plum, verità sul suo tormentato passato The cover got me I had to stop and look It's pretty isn't it? Even though there is nothing at a

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Ecaduto e poeta e lui la chiede in moglie le sembra di toccare il cielo con un dito Ma la vita è dura a Mosca il regime staliniano è una cappa opprimente la polizia segreta è ovunue la paura e la diffidenza gravano su tutto e tutti Si insinuano lentamente anche in Nina finché un odioso sospetto la spinge a una precipitosa e rocambolesca fuga in Occidente interrompendo così una fulgida carriera e sbarrando le porte del suo cuore all'unico uomo che abbia mai amato Boston 2003 E a I enjoyed this story the way the author was able to weave at least two of the main characters'