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An eccentric dark genius can't live alone at the top of the mountain forever Prodded by his newly discovered half brother in every way his opposite Bloom will have to come down to meet the world Otherwise the orange farmers and the vaueros the speculators and the developers the artists and the barons of the silver screen will surely come up the mountain to meet him Triumphant and enthralling Mount Terminus marks a magnificent return for David Grand; it's the novel he was born to write Wonderful

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Mount Terminus

David Grand's Mount Terminus is a dark majestic novel about art family overwhelming love and the birth of Los AngelesAfter his mother's death young Bloom boards a train with his bereaved father Jacob to travel west across mountains and deserts to California Mount Terminus their new home at the desolate end of the world There in a villa built atop a rare desert spring they live apart from society supported by the income from Jacob's invention the Rosenbloom Loop a piece of technology t After a str We Remember the Blitz piece of technology t After a str

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Hat has revolutionized the nascent art of filmmaking There Bloom grows up in the shadow of his father's grief with only a pair of servants the house's ghosts and his own artistic muse for company But Jacob can't forever protect his family from his past the dramatic series of events that has taken him from the Hebrew Orphan Asylum on New York City's Lower East Side and into the graces of beautiful twin girls and finally to this fragile refuge in pre Hollywood Los Angeles And Bloom now Make no mis

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    David Grand’s singular beautifully written Mount Terminus could almost be read as a paean to daydreaming At its center is the young Joseph Rosenbloom or Bloom as he is usually called The boy journeys with his inventor father to live a cloistered existence along with a few servants atop the titular Mount Terminus a plateau situated above pre modern Hollywood As Bloom matures into adulthood the web of intrigue he is born into expands threatening to ensnare him in the trap that once destroyed his parentsMount Terminus is packed with secrets and social maneuvering as well as fascinating descriptions of various optical inventions from the early days of movie making but its pacing is contemplative and languorous—much like young Bloom himself Society with its proclivity towards avarice and mask wearing leaves no room for the kind of aesthetic and spiritual space that Bloom a born artist recognizes as essential to his well being His need for unfettered vistas uiet room to think is physical Mount Terminus obliuely references many works but I was especially reminded of Sartre’s No Exit and his famous “Hell is other people” The near impossibility of not altering one’s behavior when one is aware of being observed Bloom seeing the transformation of a loved one at a party thinksFor this role for these absurd people she no longer pursued her scientific interests? For these mindless conformists she was no longer satisfied with the uiet subtleties of Mount Terminus? For her place among these ridiculous men and women she had abandoned him ?The life of the imagination is shown to be sacrosanct—daydreaming as spiritual practice—the human fracas must be kept at bay This subtle pulling away appears in various forms Bloom for example takes a number of High Holiday journeys treks that mark a spiritual change A deaf mute servant acts as a kind of moral compass offering uiet companionship and pointing out the path when Bloom loses his way And one of the book’s loveliest passages happens when the ugly sailor Eduardo a simple unassuming man lures a bird “away from the flock to the rail of the ship where as if it were hung on an invisible string it gracefully hovers with its wings outstretched on the headwind” Conversely joining in with the crowd is shown to be a sticky business One character charges off in an attempt to rectify the wrongs of war by documenting them and is shattered A brilliant director Gottleib is revealed to have a clownish need to disrupt with no audience to taunt he collapses Another character I won’t reveal here is obsessed to the detriment of all with what will be remembered of him once he’s dead When Bloom finally finds his true home—and he does gloriously—it is with people who share his need for sanctuary “They leave him to himself To the uiet To the pleasures of his prolonged silences To his most natural state of being” And this is what I like best about Mount Terminus its deep commitment to setting our distractions aside to getting down to the serious business of dreaming

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    David Grand’s new novel about the germination of Hollywood is no day at the pictures Even its title “Mount Terminus” sounds arduous as though to scare off Sunset Boulevard tourists Grand may be writing about fantasies in celluloid but he’s engaged in serious myth making The magic lantern of his prose projects a dark storm of thwarted romance industrial hubris and baroue fairy tales A silver screen won’t be nearly heavy enough Roll down the plutonium screenThe story takes place on a mountaintop estate in Southern California around the turn of the 20th century A wealthy man named Joseph Rosenbloom lives here like Prospero in Xanadu Don’t blame me for that mixed metaphor This pastiche splices scenes from a vast library of stories from Greek classics to Edgar Allan Poe to “The Great Gatsby” Rosenbloom’s fortune stems from his invention of a timing mechanism that regulates the flow of film through Thomas Edison’s Kinetoscope The Rosenbloom Loop is a clever little device but it’s an even clever symbol of the role that discipline plays in the creation of illusion the persistence of vision that makes seuential still images appear to move In a sense that’s the wizardry that Grand spins in this zoetrope of a novel as these characters love and build and pine and die To read the rest of this review please click here

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    After a strong opening it descended into a too literate magical realism Clumsy ham handed predictable boring sophomoric self conscious It tries too hard and wants to be scholarly but the voice is cloying and derivative Is phantasmagorical but he isn't Gogol It's overstylized melodrama

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    David Grand’s Mount Terminus is an ultimate coming of age story; it also concerns itself with the coming of age of an artist the protagonist Bloom Beyond the journeying the discovering of self Grand gracefully builds a dramatic and subtle interior and exterior worldThe serious business here is that Grand has written an essential origin story that builds like layers of limestone His complicated characters grow into in a world that doesn’t uite exist yet pre modern Los Angeles and this central uestion of origin asserts itself as a universal and spiritual focus for his inhabitantsMount Terminus is a book that dives deep What I like most is its assured originality its surprising strangeness I think there is much to be said in our own modern age of disappearing attention spans and rapidly changing technology about newness and how or why we should embrace change We must and we are better off for it Invention and modernity exist at the core of Bloom’s California and these are also the reasons to embrace this serious text There is a lot to discover and love Grand’s landscapes are culled from the hard earth of the American West and are just as beautifully written; the language is much like the landscapes he invents familiar and packed with so much time so much life Through Bloom Grand takes the time to name what he sees in the new world the beginning of everything we take for granted Beyond the landscape are the technologies of early filmmaking phasmatropes kinetoscopes zoetropes and the glass telescope through which Bloom watches the world of Hollywood being built below him The story has a way of bringing us in close and far away sometimes at the same time so that we may feel “the thrill of being present at the focal point” Perhaps what is most moving about this epic novel is that Grand takes the creator’s command of the recognizable strained familial relationships new technologies the emergence of an entire landscape the interior life of an artist Between the beautiful and skillful language and the verbal and visual communication between characters we the readers may feel as if we’ve just walked out of one of Bloom’s brilliant films as if we’ll “walk out of the darkness into the light as changed people”

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    David Grand is a master I loved this book devoured it Grand sets such a monumental story in play beginning with the first sentence that one might think the pace would be slow but the geographic timescale of his wonderful character Bloom's life is offset by incredible deftness of storytelling Just between pages 8 and 25 Grand unspools a backstory large enough to rest a mountain on and it keeps on going and getting better from there

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    Make no mistake this is an astonishingly good novel In fact it’s as good as it is ambitious which is really saying something because what this sets out to do in literary terms would make a run at high political office appear like a soft option There is so much packed into these three hundred and sixty four pages that it could have easily sprouted into something of biblical proportions Gothic baroue fairly tales filled with blood vengeance and bad romance sibling jealousies repeated over generations and that old chestnut of art versus commerce just for starters This fantasy somehow combines along with real the real life horrors of the First World War and an improvised rendering of the birth of Hollywood to keep this dense but absorbing story moving forwardIt’s the turn of the 20th Century and Jacob Rosenbloom lives on a mountaintop estate in Southern California His fortune stems from his invention the Rosenbloom loop which regulates the flow of film through Thomas Edison’s Kinetoscope In the nascent world of film making this is to the moving picture what the propeller is to moving plane There is dark and violent history to the Mount Terminus estate contained in its secret catacombs and revealed to Rosenbloom’s son Bloom by their deaf mute maid The younger Bloom artistic but sheltered by his dour unavailable father is at the center of the tale Bloom’s own existence owes itself to the rivalry between his mother and her sister and it’s this dark scandal that emotionally cripples Bloom’s father Just like the loop that the elder Rosenbloom invented history seems destined to repeat itself in the form of Bloom’s Machiavellian movie mogul brother Simon a kind of Samuel Goldwyn figure surely it’s a sly nod to the Goldwyn inspiration that Simon has a history in glove making?With the plot at times threatening spread its wings and take flight Grand skillfully manages to keep the whole thing grounded by his coolly efficient prose It’s not easily done When a writer possesses the skills this author does there is a tendency to show what you can do To unnecessarily pad and elaborate Grand prefers the Miles Davis approach It’s not what you put in but rather what you leave out that counts It’s hardly surprising that this epic took a decade to write because this is not a pop culture stream of consciousness undertaking I get the sense that each one of these paragraphs and sentences went through an Olympic like ualifying process to make it onto the page Like spools of film left on the cutting room floor only the leanest most honed lines made the final draftThen there’s the story itself With this kind of constantly meandering evolving tale there must have been a danger for the plot to get lost inside its own bowels to get so convoluted that the original thread became invisible? It’s a credit to Grand and perhaps his editor that this never happens I was always curious to know what happened next and never able to predict it Also grounding this was the believability of the characters particularly Bloom and Isabella who find themselves tied in a gripping emotionally complex knot Throw in the movie director Gottlieb for comic relief the dark shadow of the ruthlessly ambitious Simon the melancholic mysterious Estella marooned and mourning on her love island along with cadre of colorful and corruptible sidemen and you have a work penned by a wordsmith at the top of his game which will leave you breathless by its brilliance

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    Set in the early years of the 20th century ‘Mount Terminus’ chronicles the rise of the film industry and the growth of Los Angeles through the eyes of Joseph Rosenbloom most often referred to as ‘Bloom’ Bloom’s father is a millionaire due to his invention a device that allowed the smooth projection of film When Bloom’s mother dies his father takes him to Mount Terminus California to raise Bloom in isolation on the house on the hill The elder Rosenbloom feels that his money has created a world where his son will always be taken care of but he hasn’t counted on the fact that no matter how hard you try the world will always find its way in and pain will enter every life The prose is dense but not slow reading The story has epic proportions and reads like a grim fairy tale sibling betrayals in two generations a stolen birthright and good and evil twins a uest Bloom is the innocent to whom things happen rather than a person who makes things happen; he is a puer who takes forever to mature Bloom is not in fact a particularly interesting character but enough adventures happen to and around him that the story kept my interest The story is not just about Bloom; it’s about love and art and unwise grandiosity It reads like a long dream that you don’t really want to have end

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    I wanted to like this novel but found it strangely inert A few sections for example Jacob Rosenbloom's youth and training were bright and engaging but the majority of the novel seems observed through a Mt Terminus dust stormLet's say 25 stars

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    Wonderful If only The bible etc were this readable I might have gotten out of sunday school and my other educational endeavors

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    Three is generous Interesting story boringly told I hated the writing style and I had a very hard time paying attention to it

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