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Gend as John Rambo sprang up from the pages of First Blood to take his place in the American cultural landscape This remarkable novel pits a young Vietnam veteran against a small town cop who doesn't know Most people will come to First Blood having seen the film first as well as the three seuels

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From New York Times bestselling author David Morrell comes the novel upon which the box office superhit Rambo was based First came the man a young wanderer in a fatigue coat and long hair Then came the le His name was Rambo and he was just some nothing kid for all anybody knew standing by the pu Dare Me the novel upon which Kitty and the Midnight Hour (Kitty Norville the box office superhit Rambo was based First came Little Reds Riding Hood the man a young wanderer in a fatigue coat and long hair Then came The Return of a Gangsters Girl the le His name was Rambo and he was just some nothing kid for all anybody knew standing by Hard Pass (Forbidden Plays, the pu

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Whom he's dealing with or how far Rambo will take him into a life and death struggle through the woods hills and caves of rural Kentucky This time when Johnny comes marching home be afraid Be very afraid Many ladies cried their hearts out for Virginia Wolfe I could've cried out mine for this bu

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    I'm ashamed to admit that I didn't know that the movie First Blood was based on this book So when my friend 11811 Eleven reviewed this book I put in a reuest for it immediatelyRambo shows up in a small town in Kentucky The local sheriff doesn't like his kind being in his town so he takes him and dumps him out at the end of town Rambo comes back Then sheriff Teasle does it again A couple of times Rambo takes offense to being told that he can't be in town He also takes offense to Sheriff Teasle wanting to shave his beard and cut his hair So Rambo goes a bit bat shit crazy on the town He ends up in the mountains of the area That pisses off the sheriff so he and his men go after Rambo That does not end very well For the sheriff's menSo then let's call in the state police national guard and everybody else He's an expert in guerrilla fighting he knows how to live off the land so he doesn't have the problem that you do of bringing up food and supplies for your men He's learned patience so he can hide somewhere and wait out this fight all year if he has to He's just one man so he's hard to spot He's on his own doesn't have to follow orders doesn't have to synchronize himself with other units so he can move fast shoot and get out and hide some place else then do the same all over again That doesn't end so well eitherI remember watching this movie when I was in about the seventh grade My household was super religious so we didn't get to watch movies like this at home One of my teachers at school actually brought in his copy for us to watch one day I was glued to my seat Rambo was the shiznitNow I do get forced to watch it every time it comes on TV by my fanboy husband but usually I ignore it while I read The movie is a tad different as Rambo is a poor misunderstood hero I thought in the book he was just a tad nutso and was tired of anyone pushing him around and he pushed back HardHe is not very like able in the book The sheriff isn't either though So I didn't mind that they just wanted to shoot the hell out of each other

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    I don't kill for a livingOf course not You tolerate a system that lets others do it for you And when they come back from the war you can't stand the smell of death on them 68%“Don't start nothin' won't be nothin'” Will Smith MIB not the originator of this uote “Did not know who he was fucking with” Richard B Riddick escaped convict murderer Actually books and movies who follow the did not know who he was fucking with trope are some of my absolute favorites However I'm not sure this exactly falls into that realm Let's discussI wasn't sure what to expect from this book And it wasn't the easy breezy read I expected some sort of action adventure caper that I could read uickly and enjoy like pulp fictionYou're probably familiar with the basic story although I have to tell you there are uite a few differences between the book and the movieRambo – not John Rambo he has no first name in the book – comes into a small Kentucky town and is expelled by the local police chief one Wilfred Logan Teasle Teasle doesn't like the way Rambo looks and he thinks Rambo is bad news Now get it clear he said I don't want a kid who looks like you and doesn't have a job in my town First thing I know a bunch of your friends will show up mooching food maybe stealing maybe pushing drugs” 8%This is based on nothing than how Rambo looks and the fact that Rambo is unemployed Rambo allows the cop to drive him literally in a car out of town – then promptly marches right back into town again to get a burger at the local dinerNow I want to point out something important here something I think Morrell does here that works and that I think he did not have to do Teasle is not a bad guyYes that's right Teasle Rambo's #1 enemy in this book and the small town chief of police is NOT a bad guy He might be a fucking moron I'll give you that but he's not a malicious sadistic asshole who wants to hurt Rambo At least he isn't before Rambo starts murdering people right and left He's actually a decent cop and someone who tries to be a decent man emphasis on man since he has definite ideas about masculinity This is a very masculine book I think a female appears on page only twice and women are extremely minor side characters who don't factor in to the main plotTeasle actually gives Rambo a lot of chances He gives Rambo a lot of chances to just move on And Rambo knows it too Teasle drives him out of town Rambo walks right back into town and orders a burger Teasle lets him take the burger to go and drives him out of town again  “As it is I've half a notion to lock you up for the inconvenience you've caused me But the way I see it a kid like you he's entitled to a mistake It's like your judgment's not as developed as an older man's and I have to make allowances But you come back again and I'll fix you so you won't know whether your asshole's bored bunched or pecked out by crows Is that plain enough for you to understand? Is that clear?” 8%I'm not saying Teasle's an angel But he's a cop who tries to protect his town and he's not someone who is an abusive assholeOur problem here – the main problem of the novel – is that both Teasle and Rambo are too macho and too crazy to stop Once it starts it can't stop because neither man can back down They both literally keep going view spoileruntil both of them dies hide spoiler

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    His name was Rambo and he was just some nothing kid for all anybody knew standing by the pump of a gas station at the outskirts of Madison Kentucky He had a long heavy beard and his hair was hanging down over his ears to his neck and he had his hand out trying to thumb a ride from a car that was stopped at the pump To see him there leaning on one hip a Coke bottle in his hand and a rolled up sleeping bag near his boots on the tar pavement you could never have guessed that on Tuesday a day later most of the police in Basalt County would be hunting him down I'm not a big fan of Silvester Stallone in fact I believe he's a hack but First Blood is arguably the best he ever did on the silver screen I only saw the film version once back in the late eighties when the videoplayers and small colour TV's were sprouting like mushrooms all over the country to fill in the gap left by increasing censure in official cinema houses Yet I remember the story 30 years later and that made me wonder where this enduring appeal comes from Turns out it is mostly the merit of the original story penned by David Morell at the tail end of the sixties a time when the American nation was torn apart by an unjust and inhumane war Watching the news on TV this debut author had a stroke of inspiration that turned into a cultural icon made me decide to write a novel in which the Vietnam War literally came home to America There hadn't been a war on American soil since the end of the Civil War in 1865 With America splitting apart because of Vietnam maybe it was time for a novel that dramatized the philosophical division in our society that shoved the brutality of the war right under our noses The major difference between the book and the movie is this very attitude towards violence Most viewers my own twenty something self included saw only the underdog Rambo fighting the system and kicking a in a spectacular way Yes this is part of the story but the themes run much deeper in the novel and Morell finds a way to paint in between the black white right wrong good guys bad guys easy assumptions Both Rambo and Sheriff Teasle have depth and nuance than the movie I remember Rambo is clearly dealing with a split personality and post traumatic shock this being one of the first novels to explore the condition in detail He has his pride and his anger yet he is not a blind killing machine and would have liked to be able to fit in if only the 'suares back home could look beyond his hippie appearance and engage him in a respectful mannerTeasle is the product of an older generation and of a precious war Korea one war when the Americans still could pretend to be the knights in white saving the world from anarchy and terror Teasle feels threatened by the new world order and by the younger generation with their protests their drugs long hair and free love He takes refuge in a conservative paternalistic worldview that will ultimately set him on a collision course with the drifter Rambo And let him do this to somebody else? Screw He has to be stopped What? That's not why you're doing this? Admit you wanted all this to happen You 'asked' for it – so you could show him what you knew surprise him when he found you were the wrong guy to try and handle You 'like' this I didn't ask for anything But damn right I like it That bastard is going to pay I found the level of explicit violence in the novel surpasses the movie version but it is not gratuitous it serves the declared purpose of making the horrors of war on distant shores real for the sheltered people back home A lesson that is sadly already forgotten in this third millenium when new warhawks seem only to eager to start new conflicts in Syria Korea or Iran—«»—«»—«»—

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    Most people will come to First Blood having seen the film first as well as the three seuels While the book does contain the thriller aspect and some of the action of the film it is also a kind of dark character study into how a person can be affected by military training and the traumas of warIn terms of the influence of this novel on me as an author I would say that the protagonist J Rambo has a number of similarities to my own John Kennedy character These will become even apparent as The Drug Gang Series continuesFirst Blood is both a fascinating and an exciting read probably reminiscent of the film The Deer Hunter in many ways than the actual Rambo movies

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    On a warm fall day in the small Kentucky town of Madison Rambo unlike the movie there is no first name given here arrives carrying a sleeping bag and a few meager possessions Given his unkempt state long hair unshaven he’s fingered for vagrancy and uickly picked up by Wilfred Teasle the local sheriff driven to the edge of town and issued a warning – don’t let Wilfred see him around these parts again Undeterred Rambo walks back into town as the whole ordeal plays out a second timeYou would think this would be the end of it but Rambo is refusing to be shoved around any longer A decorated veteran of the Vietnam War he has felt rejected by his country since returning home With both Rambo and Wilfred refusing to back down from one another it isn’t long until Rambo finds himself in a jail cell What happens next leads to a lot of death and buckets of bloodMy first dose of the Rambo character came in 2008 when I went to the theatre to check out the fourth film in the movie franchise aptly named RAMBO Up to that point it had been the most violent movie I’d ever seen I believe it had held the record for on screen body count at one point with two hundred and thirty six deaths I joked with a friend of mine that after its release on blu ray the disc would probably be covered in blood when you unwrapped it It wasn’t until I would go back and watch the first film that I realized that the series had gone off the rails following First Blood Rather than a commentary on the mistreatment of war veterans and the growing problem of post traumatic stress disorder the character would become this symbol of the might and righteousness of the American militaryEven so than the film which isn’t a surprise David Morrell’s First Blood remains focused on the aforementioned issues facing those returning from war Morrell really gets inside Rambo’s head as he struggles to think of anything else other than the horrors of war and straight up murdering people The cop – and Korean War veteran – that essentially lights the fuse for Rambo’s powder keg in the film William Teasle isn’t portrayed the same in the novel He’s complicated and certainly honorable than his on screen depiction Morrell’s choice to go back and forth between the viewpoints of Rambo and Teasle through alternating chapters goes a long way to present a deeper richer version of the storyAs expected like the movies this is an extremely violent story Rambo is a former US Special Forces Green Beret and being trained well in the art of guerilla warfare he’s able to repeatedly hold off a literal army of men tasked with bringing him down He does this by being able to effectively disappear into the Kentucky wilderness and pick off his adversaries from afar There are a few scenes that depict grizzly animal deaths so keep that in mind before you pick it upAs you read through David Morrell’s First Blood you’ll recognize the skeleton of the movie in the original novel but to be honest it’s two entirely different stories I’m not sure which I prefer over the other so I plan to watch the movie while the book is still fresh in my mind

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    A classic I first read this novel in 1982 It was very exciting at the timeI was fourteen It's been probably a couple decades since I last read First Blood It's showing it's age a little now Still not a bad read but it's really nothing than a glorified chase story A product of it's time Make no mistake about it there were many folks in the early seventies who were nervous about the returning veterans Many truly believed that we were going to have warfare erupt on a large scale within the United States and the vets were going to be at the forefront I suppose it seemed inevitable The country was already experiencing social upheaval and violence thanks to the anti war movement and the civil rights movementNow the vets were returning home and they weren't being treated very well Americans knew this and they were worriedIt's almost as if they thought that John Rambo and his fictional counterparts were the retribution that they deserved Of course I'm probably being melodramatic First Blood wasn't even the first of the genre when it was published Already there had been at least two movies Welcome Home Soldier Boys 1971 and Targets1968 in which veterans were shown as being dangerous and very deadlyBut this book has survived and gone on to become a modern classicA few difference between the literary Rambo and the cinematic Rambo This Rambo isn't necessarily a nice man There isn't really anything heroic about him After all you don't look at a rifle and think that it's admirable do you? You might admire the skill that went into it's design and manufacturing and you might appreciate it's accuracy but ultimately it's just a tool That's how Rambo comes across to me He's dangerous and very effective but not heroicHe's no great loss The cops are assholes and get what they deserve as well So there are no tears shed for them either When it comes right down to it I found myself wondering what I was supposed to think about the characters and the plot Am I supposed to feel that the whole situation is just one giant screw up and throw my hands up in disgust? A thinly veiled analogy about the waste of war in general and the stupidity of the Vietnam War specifically? Wellperhaps It's a pretty fair chase story with some skillfully written action seuences A good strong debut novel by a young writer Morrell would go on to to write stronger novels but John Rambo is his creation and this is the book where Rambo first appeared Even at the age of forty two it's a good beach read Helps to be a little older though I believe many readers under thirty might find it boring andor unoriginal It definitely helps to be old enough to at least remember the aftermath of Vietnam I'll leave the rest of the deeper meaning stuff for you the reader to figure out

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    David Morrell leads a writing workshop in delivering stomach churning on the body sensation So good I stole the bat cave seuence for We Sold Our Souls

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    I think this is a must read for fans of the movie There are as many similarities as there are differences but I enjoyed both eually I loved the movie when I was 10 I need to watch it again to see how it has held up all these yearsFantastic read Goes on the favorites shelf

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    Many ladies cried their hearts out for Virginia Wolfe I could've cried out mine for this but I didn'tThe Jerry Goldsmith and Dan Hill's It's a long road the song it cried out my heart like hell

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    First Blood a first read 40 years too late in reading for many The author starts the story with introducing a name Rambo and having the reader build an image of this character in mind he successfully paints the portrait partly introducing Rambo the long hair the rough looking image his sleeping carry sack on the road drifting wondering and then loads us with confrontation a police officer that seems to have issues with his hair his wondering his smarts and his look of a man that can take care of himself Imagine you never saw Stallone and the movie and so far we are slowly introduced to Rambo and who he isWe start to learn some of Rambo when he reaches a situation involving water in an uncompromising situation and then the memories with water and a hole involving bamboo come flooding back and we now start to build a better understanding of the darkness the shadows that haunt him I love the way he slowly introduces us to a scene of confrontation and slowly reels us to learn the ways that John behaves You feel for John he is being treated unfairly almost a victim of discrimination in the beginning as a kind racial issue in a way as if he was someone from another country a people that the officer hated maybe a person he once fought against the officer seems to not like his looks but he will learn that deep down what he doesn't like is maybe that could be another version of him walking around somebody he may have been or could have been and gone loose in the wilderness taking heads out killing and fighting a war in his own backyard He could be scared of his own image in this man and wanted to rip and drive him to the ground and that was the biggest upset Rambo was no vagrant to be meddled with This was no enemy a man like himself both fought in wars he is all American Rambo he should have been left alone to his own devices but alas our dear author David Morrell chooses to use this bullying officer to bring out his worst but most skilled ability to kill he shows us an unforgettable Rambo a name a character who would did take the world by storm and be engraved in every book reader and moviegoers mind across the worldRambo a veteran back from a brutal war that took probably the best of himself away in another hemisphere and now the person left behind having to assimilate back to society with vivid memories terrible nightmares for only a brief experience can bring back all the pain all traumatic experiences bring about fear a rash behavior unflinching and with no prisoners Sheer Craftsmanship in telling this very human tale of the evil that men do and see coming home to roost told in a way that only David could have told it Getting you off to a good start is the key of great storytelling introducing parts and a name of the character stuff of great stories you only have to read Lolita or Moby Dick or Metamorphosis to see great examples of first sentences then after aperture he has you fully encompassed and captivated to the very end of this train ride going of the rails destined for a explosive climax Excerpts Sure you'll fight Sure What a laugh Take a look at yourself Already you know what this place reminds you of Two days in that cramped cell and you'll be pissing down your pant legs 'You've got to understand I can't stay in there' He could not stop himself 'The wet I can't stand being closed in where it's wet' The hole he was thinking his scalp alive The bamboo grate over the top Water seeping through the dirt the walls crumbling the inches of slimy muck he had to try sleeping on Tell him for God's sake Screw you mean beg him 'Green beret?' Lester said The voice was starting to repeat broke up never came back again It started to rain light drops speckling the dust and dirt spotting Teasle's pants and soaking in pelting cool on his bare back The black clouds shadowed over Lighting crackled and lit up the cliff like a spotlight and as fast as the spotlight came on it went off and the shadows returned bringing with them shock waves of exploding thunder 'Medal of Honor?' Lester said to Teasle 'Is that what you brought us after? A war hero? A fg Green Beret?'  Below is what i asked this author in an interview I hosted I asked a few uestions on this book and the movie adaptation to read the rest of the interview on writing and his new Victorian London mystery Murder as a Fine Art visit it on my webpage Courtesy of Carolco PicturesLou PendergrastWhat inspired you to write First Blood? David MorrellI was a graduate student at Penn State in the late 1960s I taught composition classes there and many of my students were Vietnam veterans They told me about their difficulty adjusting to peace time—sweats nightmares reaction to loud noises difficulties relying to people We now call this post traumatic stress disorder Back then it was called battle fatigue I decided to write First Blood about a returned veteran who was trying to adjust to the disturbing knowledge that he was skilled at killing At the time the United States was ravaged by hundreds of riots many of which were against the Vietnam War It was as if a different kind of war was happening at home Basically First Blood became an antiwar allegory about a version of the Vietnam war occurring in the US  Lou PendergrastWhat did the movie adaptation of your novel First Blood do for you creation of Rambo?David MorrellThe character in my novel is extremely angry and bitter The character in the film adaptation is portrayed as a victim The plot is mostly the same but the interpretation is different On some Blu Ray DVDs of First Blood I provided a full length audio commentary about the differences between the novel and the film  Lou PendergrastWhat was the popularity of your book like after the movie adaptation of your book was out? David MorrellThe novel was published 41 years ago and it’s never been out of print The Rambo films brought attention to the novel of course but even before the release of the first film in 1982 First Blood was taught in high schools and colleges across the United States

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