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Summary Daughter of Secrets

Daughter of Secrets

Staying in a haunted Romanian castle is bad Dying in one is worseFor uiet accountant Olivia Carter the fortune she inherits from her late mother’s secret first husband is life changing Unaware of her mother’s ties to Romanian fast food mogul Andrei Rusu Olivia is baffled when she discovers the billionaire has left everything to her instead of to his own penniless sister in RomaniaVenturi

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O how could he possibly say no to Elena Rusu when she offers him a nice chunk of money to drive an American heiress around? Even if every soul in town knows not to cross paths with ElenaBut when Christian is ordered to drop Olivia off for a stay at the derelict Magura Castle – the most haunted place in all of Romania – Olivia and Christian start to uestion every detail of her family trip Doctors, Ambassadors, Secretaries uestion every detail of her family trip

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Ng to Europe to meet with the neglected branch of the Rusu family Olivia is determined to make things right But from the moment Olivia arrives her time in this romantic country of rolling hills and fairytale castles seems doomed★Kind hearted tourist guide Christian has a sick mother and four sisters to feed But with his van one wheel away from the junkyard business is not exactly booming S

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