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Or rather likes her Arrie doubts Rex is the open minded type so he hides the truth It won’t matter soon anywayA terrible experiment looms Come nightfall Edith will attempt to make a powerful personal slave a mindless wolf shifter that likes to devour young girls Rex is the experiment Arrie the meal

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Arrie and the Wolf

Trapped in a necromancer’s basement Arrie picked a bad day to dress in drag Edith thinks he’s a pretty young girl If she Arrie and MOBI #180 discovers the truth he’ll be slaughtered and gutted Not that the fate awaiting him otherwise is any betterA mysterious man shares the cell with him one who

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Wears chains and combat boots instead of a skirt He’s rugged and handsome with tattoos and a bad boy attitude The perfect escape partner exceptArrie likes Rex a lot Likes his good looks Likes how protective he is whenever the hag comes around Shy glances and subtle touches hint that Rex likes him too

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    By the middle of this part I just wished Arrie would die at last I don't even care about the ending I just can't take any of him

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