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Hem he never thought possible But what will become of the man of his dreams once he leaves the magic of the French uarter?

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Yes Sir AUTHOR Ellis Carrington

A New Orleans vacation takes an interesting turn when Grayson Harper lets a friend drag him along to see a voodoo priestes Wellwhat an unexp

Download ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¿ Ellis Carrington

S for a love spell Suddenly he's having very vivid dreams about a mystery man that seem all too real and doing things in t Don't ask me how

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    Wellwhat an unexpectedly great little nugget this wasA lot of the times you have to sift through duds to find a decent freebie Found a story worth the read in Yes SirSet in New Orleans Gray is on a much deserved vacation He and a friend visit a voodoo priestess for love potions Before you think the story gets lameit didn't Gray has these dreams of a Dom and these delicious little scenes They feel so real he wakes up with marksHow is this happening? Why? It doesn't really expand in paranormal themes I was left wanting Plus I pouted because I want story especially with a twist so goodAnd the writing is pretty good too Definitely checking out from this authorPS BDSM scenes were believable I wanted to read about Gray and his Sir

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    Very short cute well written freebie Nice if you have 10 minutes to kill

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    A very hot short story with a nice paranormal twist that doesn't take over just adds a flavor of mystery The focus is firmly on Grayson the extremely kinky dreams he is having and figuring out what it all means I loved the twist and the 'explanation' such as it was of what went on Perfect ending as well Recommended if you like men who discover their submissive side and a touch of mysterious suspense

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    because the cover for brandon shire's Cold was so awesome there was room for a whole other cover on the other sideflat stare

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    Don't ask me how I ended up with this in my e reader I haven't the foggiest In any case I decided to travel outside my Kindle and dipped my toes into my iBooks which I haven't visited in ages and I found this A yummy little morsel that had me smiling and feeling warm inside Letting go is a good thing

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    Overworked and a control freak Grayson Harper is finally taking a well deserved vacation with his two high school friends New Orleans is as good a place as any It's a city of good food and magic This is if he believed in Voodoo Scoffing he goes at the behest of his friendGrayson's fortune telling with a Voodoo priestess do they even do fortunes? is not as expected Immediately afterwards his nightly dreams are filled with erotic longing with a piercing blue eyed stranger Each phantom visit cranks up the sexy heat and leaves him with embarrassing nocturnal emissions This story is well written and erotic Ms Carrington does a good job of building the tension Her BDSM is light and enjoyable It's a tiny taste of her talent This story is a bit too short for me with several threads left hanging Hope she expands on this story Recommended for kinky mm readers provided by Manic Readers

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    35 starsVery nice and hot freebie with an interesting premise and likable characters I would definitely read a seuel as the ending is really the beginning of their story

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    I liked the way this sweet short fell together New Orleans voodoo some light BDSM and a touch of the paranormal thrown in for good measure Nicely fleshed out characters for a short story

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    4 StarsA Live Your Life Buy The Book ReviewWoah that was a scorching hot read It was only 34 pages yet the author managed to inject enough life into the characters to have me totally invested and wanting to know everything about the guys Just one complaint I wanted Grayson Harper is a total workaholic his coming out was not a happy celebration in the Harper household and after graduation he has to make his own way through college It was tough for him and he totally dedicated himself to work work work Now a successful entrepreneur with his own software firm Grayson still has this constant drive and total focus which doesn’t leave much room for fun and his last lover is now relegated to being a convenient hook upLong time friends Jerry and Cornelia get Grayson to agree to a break in New Orleans No work Just play And one night the two men go into a Voodoo shop and buy a lurve potion each annnnnd this is where it gets hotImagine the man of your dreams being the man in your dreams Except these dreams leave tangible evidence on your body what the heck is going on? And please God don’t let it stop In Grayson’s dreams he is submitting in a way that he never has or would in real life and he likes itNathan Ingram lost his partner Sean 10 years ago While with Sean Nathan was a reluctant Dom – only playing along with Sean to stop him from hurting himself Sex since Sean has purely been vanilla which Nathan is fine withThen while visiting his family in New Orleans Nathan starts having these dreams Hot dreams Dreams where he is a Dom again for the first time since losing Sean And of course he too likes itThis story is obviously paranormal to a degree – but for those that aren’t into paranormal as a rule then trust me you will like this It is sexy and fun and for a short read it sure packs a punch Or a whip as the case may be Go Download the Book It’s free

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    We've all heard it before Let go of the past or Try something new or How do you know you won't like it until you try etc In Yes Sir Grayson is a man who is always in control both in his work and personal life Actually he doesn't have much of a personal life because he's a workaholic While in New Orleans on vacation with his friends a visit to a voodoo shop changes everythingThe dreams he begins to have take on a life of their own He can't explain it They seem so real The heat The passion The lust The hands of the mystery man roaming his body and the pleasure he feels submitting to his master are real Yes the man who has always been in control has not only submitted but is enjoying this new exploration Yet he is alone in his hotel room awaking from a dream While the story is short it provides you with a sense of completion You're not left hanging You get that ending but you will end up wanting to know NOTE I received Yes Sir to provide a fair and honest review This and other reviews available at Viviana Enchantress of Books

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