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  • Wings of Fury
  • Emily R. King
  • English
  • 20 September 2020
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    PW Starred Set in ancient Greece this sumptuous adventure from King the Hundredth ueen series sees a fierce heroine contending with brutal Titans suspicious vestals and a petulant Boy God Eleven year old Althea Lambros witnesses her mother die while giving birth to a half Titan baby after having been raped by the god Cronus the most powerful Titan At her dying mother’s reuest Althea vows to protect her older sisters Cleora and Bronte But when Althea is 18 Cronus’s goons kidnap Cleora Althea seeks advice on how to defeat Cronus from the oracle Clotho who tasks Althea with retrieving the 15 year old Boy God Zeus from the island of Crete where he’s been hidden from Cronus his father by his mother Zeus has the power to overthrow Cronus and unite the Titans under his own rule—but not without Althea’s help To succeed Althea must evade the evil General Decimus who has marked her as his property; thwart the vengeful Erinyes; and defy the handsome but deceitful Col Theo Angelos King ably weaves Greek mythology into a cat and mouse spectacle Readers will cheer for Althea as she upholds her family’s honor and fights belligerent gods with determination and confidence This is a winner Agent Marlene Stringer Stringer Literary Feb

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    I think King is getting better and better as a writer I enjoyed this novel so much This is set in ancient Greece with all of the old Greek Gods but written with a twist This is written from the perspective of the women in that world and setting It is a rather uick and fun read Actually the moment I finished it I really wanted the next one in my hands Alas I must wait

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Emily R. King ☆ 9 Characters

Wings of Fury

Mong his possessions women imprisoned and fated to serve The strong minded Althea Lambros controls her own fate and lives to honor her dying mother’s plea to protect her two sisters at all costs Althea’s journey toward crushing the tyranny has begun It is a destiny foretold by the Fates And she is following their visionsOn the southern isle of Crete hidden among mortal women who have fled the

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From Emily R King author of the Hundredth ueen series comes an epic novel of ancient Greece Titans and treachery and the women who dare to rise up against the tyranny of the Golden Age My mother told me that men would speak about the Golden Age as a time of peace and happiness for all However the women of our age would tell a very different storyCronus God of Gods whose inheritance is the world A

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Titans is the Boy God son of Cronus and believed dead He shares Althea’s destiny to vanuish the Almighty fate willing Because Cronus has caught wind of the plot He’s amassing his own forces against Althea’s righteous rebellion and all those who will no longer surrender or run There will be war If she’s to survive to write their history the indomitable Althea must soar higher than any god

About the Author: Emily R. King

Emily R King is a reader of everything and a writer of fantasy Born in Canada and raised in the USA she has perfected the use of “eh” and “y’all” and uses both interchangeably Shark advocate consumer of gummy bears and islander at heart Emily’s greatest interests are her four children She’s a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and an active participant in her.