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Olescence set in a place where the inhabitants are scarier than the horrors of school dating and puberty The only reason I put this under manga is because of the publisher The book itself is okay

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N her heart even if that means his own death This book is a playful reflection on the tribulations of ad Pa It's been a while since you finished and we've been bad Do you even remember My Dead Girlfriend?Miloš YeahPa So?Miloš If I can remember stuff from years ago I can remember stuff from two weeks ago Pa Fair enough What do you want to say about it?Miloš I uh it was really cool I liked how it was scary I liked how his girlfriend was a ghost and most of the people he knew were ghosts Pa What about his family?Miloš I liked them They were cool All the Bleaks and stuff Pa Even his sisters?Miloš Yeah Pa I mean you liked them?Miloš They're all right They weren't nice but I liked their names April May and June Pa Did Finn like them?Miloš No he didn'tPa So why did you like them?Miloš Just because of their names Pa Their names are cool What else did you like?Miloš How his girlfriend died Tripped over a rock into a wishing well and I like the extra pictures at the endPa Those are called concept artMiloš What does concept art mean?Pa It's the work an artists does to create his characters It's how he learns what they're like Cool huh? It's kind of like the pictures you've been drawing of your pirate character Would you read another one of the Finneas Bleak books?Miloš Yeah He just called himself FinneyPa Anything else you want to say?Miloš No not really Actually there is one thing Pa OkayMiloš All the monsters all the pets had wingsPa And Miloš That's sorta weird Why do pets need wings if they're monsters?Pa Weren't the pets gargoyles?Miloš Gargoyles? What are those?Pa On old churches and buildings they'd have these stone demon statues that were on the walls Those were gargoylesMiloš It looked like a dog though But then again it had a demon tail and horns and it was purple so it was probably a gargoyle Pa It's a cool pet Would you like one?Miloš Yeah Only I'd rather a shitzhuPa Hahahaha You're crazy

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When Finney falls in love with a girl who also happens to be a ghost he decides to stop at nothing to wi Cute story This is about a high school kid in a school populated with vampires monsters mummies witches you get the picture Normal teenage stuff and then some Finney the main character ends ups with a girlfriend who is obviously deadI may or may not read the next volume but this was definitely a fast readAnd just realized there is no second volume I wondered as much when I saw it was Tokyopop 2007

  • Paperback
  • 192
  • My Dead Girlfriend
  • Eric Wight
  • English
  • 01 August 2019
  • 9781598169966

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