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Librarian's note There is an Alternate Cover Edition for this edition of this book hereWhat if you had a secret An irresistible urge Delve backstage and into the private lives of popular rock band Lilli and the Munsterz Returning to the music world after The Sinister MOBI #180 a turbulent split f The author reuested I review her debut novella and I thought Sure why not It s only a 122 pages Who would ve thought it would be the most difficult 122 pages I have ever readI should ve known because the author knew me from my Josie and Jack review so I should ve known that her book would be similar in its theme But I made a mistake I assumed that she had stumbled upon a book review of mine which just happened to be of siblings in an incestuous relationship Plus the synopsis indicated that I d be reading about a maybe ex couple who were also ex band members competing against each other in a Battle of the Bands TV show Boy was I surprised when ten pages into the book our female protagonist wearing a skimpy night dress walked to her brother s room in the middle of the night and said I know you want me so here I am WHAT NO YOU DID NOT JUST PULL THAT ON ME I will not waste anyone s time describing the feelings and thoughts going through my mind as I continued to read the book and lose brain cells But simply put it was a struggle and I prayed that every page I read was the last oneI ended up heavily skimming the last sixty pages I also might definitely have lost half my brainSetting the content aside the book was still a mess I would not have read the book past its first page no past the first SENTENCE of the prologue if I had not already committed myself to the author The book needed so much editing on so many fronts verb tense tone perspective paragraphing narration sentence structure etc that it would essentially be like rewriting the book Also what was up with the alien spaceship I thought Oh is this set in the future or something Maybe the bands are battling it out in space Nope the spaceship had nothing to do with the book It was just randomly hanging out as the story went between past and present which was done awkwardly A simple straight line would have accomplished the same thing just as wellI could give the book a five stars rating and rave about it but that would be lying And the author did ask for an honest review

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The Sinister Urge

Ard reply Now it's ‘A special man in my life No I'm very happy being single No time for all that’ I've been peddling that line for years and it's never failed meProblem is I do have a special man in my life A wonderful perfect man It's just a uestion of keeping it a secret But for how long” In this New Adult story rock band The Wires is headed for success when the feisty lead singer Lilli decides that she s had enough of being groped and noisily breaks off relations with the guys on live TV My sympathies were entirely with Lilli THE SINISTER URGE is the title of the first album she records in a new band with her younger brother Tony Elm called Lilli and the Munsterz What could go wrongThe two British based bands later enter a TV talent contest and some behind the scenes person thinks it would make for an exciting show to have them compete against each other While they are staying in the hotel and signing autographs an eager fan gives Lilli a present of her favourite book Flowers In the Attic Frances Newton is exploring a taboo subject Her characterisation is her strength so that we can easily see the singers the makeup artists the TV crew Lilli s backing musicians from Yorkshire drolly remark that they feel like prize marrows during photo shoots This group of people is entirely self preoccupied reflecting how a bunch of struggling young people would feel during the most exciting and tense time of their lives There s some strong language and adult behaviour as in many New Adult stories and a broadminded attitude is displayed such as when a shopkeeper becomes a drag ueen by night Through flashbacks we see how a relationship begins and continues despite everyone involved knowing that society would disapprove If this had been a standard romance I d probably have enjoyed it but there is a definite suirm factor The relative ages of the two main characters clearly plays a part as Lilli comes across as precocious and selfish while her younger brother is immature neither of them has the self confidence and interest in other people to start a relationship with others I don t get the sense that Frances Newton approves of the relationship she depicts rather that she wants to invite the reader to uestion the over sexualised lifestyle imposed on today s young people This is her first book and as such I can see room for improvement in her style but I m sure that her bravery will stand her in good stead Anyone who likes to watch reality TV shows or entertainment contests might get out of the read than I did

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Rom her former band Lilli Morgan has risen like a phoenix and has the industry at her feet “Before the split it was ‘Lilli Everyone always wants to know if there has ever been anything romantic between Adam and you’‘No not at all I'm uite content being young free and single’ was my stand Review also on wwwjolasbookshelfwordpresscom The Sinister Urge is not a typical love story I don t want to post spoilers so I won t dwell on the topic but I was a little surprised by this novel It wasn t what I anticipated in the slightest It was a pleasurable read one that I can recommend to readers of romance

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    Review copy given by the author Although the topic of taboo family relationships is dealt with in a mainly humorous way the serious repercussions inevitably surface Despite some technical blunders some of which may have been softwa

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    The author reuested I review her debut novella and I thought Sure why not It’s only a 122 pages Who would’ve thought i

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    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to read thisI dont like to give bad reviews as I knowhow hard an author works to create the wonderful world of stories we love to read But I do believe in giving an honest review I love the taboo stories

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    Sinister UrgeFrom the first page I knew this book and I weren't going to get along And I hate that feeling that feeling that guilts me into finishing a novel even though I know I won't leave a good rating I don't mean to sound in anyway condescending or rude this is just my honest opinion 1 I was on page two and even though I'm not

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    I was contacted by the author and asked to read this book and post an honest reviewI tend to have a limit to how taboo I'm willing to go in regards to a topic for a book I'll read I'm not a fan of incest but I was very impressed with this boo

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    Review also on wwwjolasbookshelfwordpresscom'The Sinister Urge' is not a typical love story I don't want to post spoilers so I won't dwell on the topic but I was a little surprised by this novel It wasn't what I anticipated in the slightest It was a pleasurable read one that I can recommend to readers of romance

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    Stopped at 18%It’s just too disjointed and difficult to read Sorry

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    In this New Adult story rock band The Wires is headed for success when the feisty lead singer Lilli decides that s

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    First i have to say the story kind of freaks me out cos ew But im trying not to judge hereThe writing style was a bit confusing in the beginning there was a lot going on and i didnt get that the first part was a

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    The story of Elm and Lilly brother and sister is told in flashbacks and in the present as they struggle and celebrate their very special relationship It's the story of a lifelong romance much like those rare couples who fall in love in junior high or high school and whose love actually grows stronger with the passage of timeVery few of us have experienced growing up with our soulmate I'm not sure about the advisability o

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