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E her own abilities and strength as she faces false promises of safety the cloned giants who feast on humans and a madman who wishes her dead On her voyage Pen learns to tell stories that reflect her strange visions while she and her fellow survivors navigate t I have a feeling he says that things are going to The Problem of the Puer Aeternus (Studies in Jungian Psychology by Jungian Analysts, 87) reflect her strange visions while she and her fellow survivors navigate t I have a feeling he says that things are going to

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Love in the Time of Global Warming

Her life by the sea in ruins Pen has lost everything in the Earth Shaker that all but destroyed the city of Los Angeles She sets out into the wasteland to search for her family her journey guided by a tattered copy of Homer’s Odyssey Soon she begins to realiz 15

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He dangers that lie in wait In her signature style Francesca Lia Block has created a world that is beautiful in its destruction and as frightening as it is lovely At the helm is Pen a strong heroine who holds hope and love in her hands and refuses to be defeate Let it not be said that I don't read with an open m

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    if you have been waiting for a dystopian retelling of the odyssey set in LA after an earthuaketsunami combo ruins EVERYTHING and it is penelope who gets to do the odysseying this time then guess what?? you only need to wait until august 27th it is a great adaptation and even though it does call attention to its source material too freuently pretty much literally stating several times like in the odyssey i can overlook it because my guess is that most teens haven't studied their homer with any real rigor at that age you are mostly just reading excerpts in school unless you are an industrious little independent reader i have only read weetzie bat from block before but i intend to go back and read everything she has ever written why wasn't i reading her in high school? i would have been so much cooler block is what all the bad girls read the girls who aren't all clumsy and lovelorn the ones who fall for the other bad boys or girls but who can take 'em or leave 'em the tiny frail looking things with whorish eye makeup and little sparkly thin dresses who would cut you as soon as look at you and are on a much cooler plane than you will ever be her stories are what every teen girl should be reading in order to grow up into formidable women this one doesn't have a tough girl protagonist but a girl who says time and again how scared she is how cowardly and yet faced with what she is faced with the destruction of her city her family swept away from her the uncertainty of what will happen to her and man eating giants roaming the rubble she girls up shaves her head and goes out to take back what matters to her despite her fear it is very inspirationalpen has always felt like an outsider in the time before the tsunami They were laughing and their hair was shining in the haze of Christmas lights their limbs long as saplings I thought girls are magical at this phase girls are invincible nothing can touch them I didn't think us because I didn't feel that; I felt other on the outside watching them I stayed at home with Ovid's Metamorphosis At least I was smart I told myself I read the encyclopedia for fun Not everyone could do that Would want to do that my friends would have saidand along her journey in the after she meets up with other misfit kids who felt other because of their gender or sexuality and through their triumphs over the monsters they encounter they find friendship and love and acceptance and yadda yadda it sounds pat but block has such facility with language and such a knack for creating characters that are at once recognizable and wholly original it transcends whatever book reporty regurgitation of plot i could come up with here she is also one of the pioneers of the YA LGBT novel writing weetzie bat when david levithan was probably still getting bullied in school and she does it so well so casually and matter of factly you just gotta be awestruck with how cool she is and was and ever shall beoh if you are looking for other cool odyssey riffs allow me to suggest The Suitors because NO ONE reads this book and it makes me fume a little i loved it hhmphcome to my blog

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    You have to be a certain type of reader in order to enjoy Francesca Lia Block's works She writes beautifully I will say that but her stories reuire a certain amount of willing suspension of disbelief an acceptance of the extraordinary a completely dismissal of rationality and senseand in that sense this book did not appeal to me It is lovely it is magical it is abstract and surrealbut the experience of reading Love in the Time of Global Warming just gave me an overwhelming headache I would say this book is best accompanied with a lot of psychotropic drugs Maybe a few magical brownies Or perhaps an entire panI am not a artful reader which is why I struggle so much with speculative fiction I do not merely accept things I need rationality I need things to make sense A dreamlike surreal scene does nothing for me besides making me want to rip out my hair by its roots and I have been known to do that it's a wonder I am not entirely bald by now I need an explanation I cannot accept things just because the book says so If you are a reader with a similar mindset this book is not for you So many strange things happen in this book that we are just expected to accept that just happens because of magic No That doesn't cut it for meI don't even know what genre this book falls into It is half hearted at anything it attempts It's a half assed attempt at an apocalyptic novel It's a nod and a wink at the Odyssey It is a partial attempt at science fiction that doesn't even try to make senseLet's go back to the beginning to the premise of the book A grand apocalyptic event has occurred The Earth Shaker It's some earthuake thing that is left deliberately very very vague because our heroine Penelope Pen has conveniently lost her memory of the event Afterwards she hides out in her home her father mother little brother all lost to god knows where When her home is threatened by a group of interlopers a kind stranger within their group deux ex fucking machina man there's so much of it in this fucking book helps her out by giving her his well fueled car and a mysterious map with a highlighted path to Las VegasPen's trip to her eventual destination is a present day version of Homer's Odyssey It is so weird It is so dreamlike People places events appear so completely out of nowhere Her journey is fraught with strange nonsensical detours and Pen's behavior leans towards the verge of TSTL behavior at times The world as she knows it is destroyed split in pieces in ashes Now would be a great time to visit the Los Angeles County Museum I saw crushed cars stacked on top of one another and the street in front of my house split in two exposing the innards of the earth Nothing grew and not a soul roamed The trees had fallen and the ground was barren of any life the world as far as I could see deserted A most excellent time for a side trip to places she's visited as a child with her beloved mother Like fucking really Pen?Pen runs into some of the strangest people and creatures ever They are straight out of the Odyssey the modern euivalent of them that is and they make no goddamn sense And Pen just ACCEPTS all these strange people all these strange events without uestion I just cannot comprehend it She meets Hex a stranger with whom she falls in love and bonds and gets hopelessly high over Lotus Juice over at the Culver Hotel The doors are all open and people are inside sleeping or hooking up survivors like us Broken bottles and clothing litter the hallways A girl is crunched up into a ball hugging her knees and whistling pointing at the blank wall Another is crushing red flowers so the juice drips into her mouth; some spills down her neck in rivulets“I love you” my new friend says “What’s your name?” Did I say things make no sense? Because things make no senseThey eventually leave and meet other versions of Odyssey characters like Circe who's actually a washed up soap opera star who fucks young boys for fun And feeds them cakesThey encounter Giants Literal Giants Who are supposed to be the fucked up scientific anomaly of a madmanThey gather up still beautiful young creatures like Ash and Ez both of whom are gorgeous both of whom have Tragic Pasts and both of whom end up accompanying them on their journey Which still makes no sense I have a problem with how the gay characters are used in the book Let me get one thing straight I have no problems with transgenderedlesbiangaybisexuality of any kind I support gay marriage I support euality and I wish there were gay characters that are well represented in literatureWith that said the characters in this book are not real people They are archetypes They are all troubled They are all special in their own way They do not act they do not feel like normal human beings I get the overwhelming impression that all the characters in this book are there to send a message and that is all None of the characters in this book felt like human beings to me They are artful they are highly stylized They are all visually beautifully stunningly modelesue They are not real Which is typical of all of the author's characters from the majority of her books reallyTake the love interest Dex Hex tells me that back Then when he was twelve he started drinking and using doing whatever it took to get his supply “Good times” At thirteen he was a full blown addict and it got worse when he started DJing five years later because he could get into all the clubs and everyone was always giving him free alcohol and drugs “I was like this mini–pill machine downing them with whiskey Could drink a dude twice my size under the table” The side characters have eually implausible stories They are tragic Ez and Ash and Dex are meant to send a message and I feel strongly that gay characters should not just be there for the point of sending a fucking message They are people They are not social commentariesAs I said you have to be a fan of her writing and her characterizationand I am not however much I have tried to be

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    I thought this was beautiful I can definitely see why this book is so polarizing since almost the entirety of it doesn't really make much sense and for any logical thinker it would just bombard you with frustrating uestion after frustrating uestion I assume that most of the negative ratings for this book are due to how off the wall and strange the events in it are But I chose not to think logically at all as I read and ended up enjoying myself because I thought the airy poetic writing fit perfectly with it and I loved how brimming with magic mythology and even some elements of sci fi the book isI will say that I had to take away a star due to the characters While I appreciated that almost every single one of them were LGBT I felt that it lacked the necessary emotional connection that would have given this book the extra oomph it needed for me to give it 45 or even 5 stars I didn't mind the insta love all that much surprisingly but I still would have liked to have seen as far as the development of the characters wentOverall the book felt to me like a literary euivalent of a surrealism painting It doesn't necessarily have to make sense and it definitely makes you furrow your eyebrows but if you don't really think logically it's uite peculiar and mesmerizing

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    I don't know how to write a review and be fair to this little jewel of fiction I found by hazardThis is an epic story about a girl who has to face the end of the world and the beginning of a new world where giants and magic live together in a terrible world filled with human stones and the death of a civilization It is an LGBT story also with wonderful characters that have different abilitiesAt the beginning all looked strange but as the story advances all makes sense and the world building gets together as a solved puzzleI loved Hex and Pen and the other characters I loved their weakness and strength their love for the Iliad and the paintings made by the masters Their mastery of musicLike mad artist in an Apocalyse world they run over the ruins of what it was trying to make sense of what is nowAnd love emerges and grow scattered like the buildings menaced by all kinds of dangers A pure and sweet loveAnd their is a second part What could be better?

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    I have a feeling he says that things are going to get worse A uote from the book which perfectly articulates my feelings towards this with every page turnedLove in the Time of Global Warming is a retelling of Homer's The Odyssey set in modern day Los Angeles to the backdrop of natural disaster A story idea that had such potential I really wanted to love it but ultimately it falls completely flat due to irritating characters and a nonsensical plotAfter a catastrophic event known as 'The Earthshaker' ends life the way she knows it Pen's family disappears After months of holing up in her destroyed house grieving for her lost loved ones an intruder breaks in and kindly offers her a van full of fuel food and of course a map that conveniently leads Pen straight to her beloved family You'd think she'd get the map straight out and hightail it to wherever they were being kept right? Wrong Because what could be important than forgetting all that to stop off at the supermarket; visit that weird mansion her mom once took her to a definite priority; and don't forget how vital it must be to visit the museum she did arts and crafts at as a child just out of curiosity to see if it's still there Toss in a few useless pit stops before finally thinking to oneself weeks later no less ' Merk mentioned a map You need to find them There's a map in the van I'd forgotten' I rolled my eyes so hard at this point I almost lost an irisThe 'plot' of this book is basically non existent It's simply a string of random contrived events drawn together by the author as a way to introduce characters from the original tale There's no relevance no impact everything is rushed and it leaves you feeling pretty bewildered at what on earth the author was trying to achieveMy biggest issue with this book however was the way the lead character Pen was written For a girl who is totally unaware that anything beyond an earthuake has happened at the start of this journey she shows absolutely no reaction or emotion when a giant picks her up at the supermarket and tries to eat her This happens again and again all these absurd events occur and she doesn't even uestion anything until past two thirds of the way through It's not because she's some tough as nails chick who takes everything in her stride she is literally just missing a chromosome that allows her to react or uestion anything that happens If I woke up to giants and bewitching sirens around every corner trying to kill me or trap me I would be freaking the freak out and uestioning everything The haphazard references to the Odyssey were so poorly done and get thrown at you at random intervals This supposed parallel is something our MC at least acknowledges but of course without even batting an eyelid Bizarre references to works of art and encyclopaedia facts are also regurgitated throughout because of course the MC reads encyclopaedias for fun There's also one of the poorest constructed insta love relationships I've ever had the misfortune of readingI will admit I enjoyed snippets of Block's prose and some of her scenery descriptions gave nice imagery However this wasn't enough to rate it any higher than 15 stars

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    35 Something Different Stars We are all insane But how do you distinguish sanity from insanity how do you diagnose abnormality in this new world? Love in the Time of Global Warming starts off very similarly to a lot of teen dystopia novels; a young woman finds herself in an impossible situation heartbroken and lost and just trying to get by the best way she can Surviving as it were simply to survive I’ll be honest here I have never read Homer’s Odyssey so I have no idea about comparability between the two Though there are many instances where Homer’s classic is mentioned throughout the text I picked this book up on sale a couple years ago after reading the lovely karen’s review and getting cover lust for the object art of it I didn’t love this story but it was a good little dystopian Showcasing characters that are uniue multi faceted and interesting It delves into the soul shattering emotional state of loss and trying to find your place in a world that has irrevocably changed The language that Block uses here is simplistic but it works for the story I believe “What are you going to do if you find art Pen? You going to steal some and put it in the van?I'm going to remember When there was art” I enjoyed the use of butterfly symbolism here as well as the different mystical elements at play It may be a little darker in some regards than I normally come across from a teen dystopian though that darkness isn’t displayed in the foreground It’s worth noting that all of Block’s main characters fall somewhere into the LGBT community which I thoroughly enjoyed but may be off putting to some readers I especially like the way that Pen and Hex’s friendship is portrayed and the hard conversations the two have about their own histories I really should read The Odyssey le sigh

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    Let it not be said that I don't read with an open mind There's a lot of talk on Goodreads and in the book blogging community about hate reading and whether or not one should do it Deciding to read Love in the Time of Global Warming might have seemed a uestionable choice because I absolutely loathed with every fiber of my being the first and only Francesca Lia Block book that I read Weetzie Bat However if I didn't risk possibly hating this one and feeling stupid for wasting my time or being deemed a hate reader I wouldn't have gotten to experience this amazing book Even going into a book fearing the worst there's a chance that you will be unexpectedly swept off your feet and I've seen this happen to pretty much every blogger I know So surprisingly enough to me and to Bekka of Pretty Deadly Reviews who convinced me to read Love in the Time of Global Warming I kind of loved this bookMy issue with Weetzie Bat was that the book read like I'd been unwilling forced into some sort of drug trip which is not my thing in the slightest The book is crazy and the writing annoyed me to no end Love in the Time of Global Warming is definitely incredibly odd and a little bit crazy but for some reason one I can't really put my finger on except to say that it just sort of comes together perfectly this one worked for meThe writing while still poetic and off the wall then I generally like is this lyrical prose that fits perfectly with the story Block makes excellent use of imagery and achieves a style that hearkens back to Homer's Odyssey while still being totally her own which I really admire because it's so tough to achieveWhat I really love about Love in the Time of Global Warming is that it's this genre mash up of awesomeness Block blends together mythology science fiction post apocalyptic and magical realism into a book that should come out an incomprehensible mess and may for some readers but combined to be this brilliant strange utterly uniue little book for meThere's this real blend of science fictionpost apocalyptic with the retelling elements While some aspects are explained with science like the giants others are where the magical realism comes into play like the lotuses Personally I love magical realism and the way that it brought everything together and really made this retelling possible in a world no longer populated by gods and goddesses in our cultural imaginationIn no way is Love in the Time of Global Warming a strict retelling but Block manages to bring in uite a few of the major plot elements and they're clearly recognizable Even better Block doesn't have the tendency to go on and on in endless descriptions like Homer does Also Block takes a story that's very patriarchal with the only women vile seductresses or waiting at home for their men and makes it an LGBT love story with a heroine slyly named Penelope in a nod to the one awesome woman in Homer's work instead of a hero All of the main characters have LGBT leanings and they're all messed up but ultimately likable people with to them than what initially meets the eye In some ways the apocalypse is what frees them to be who they are because the end of the world really puts life into perspectiveMy only reservations are these one personal and one analytical On a personal note I didn't feel any real emotional connection this not being so much a character driven story In fact I'm amazed I liked it so much given that I'm such a character based reader however the writing and story really resonated and struck the perfect tone Analytically there was a little plot line about Pen's parents that I didn't really think was entirely necessary I didn't remember this from The Odyssey but apparently another account as in not written by Homer explains this little addition While I can see why she did that it felt rather out of place since not much really happened with regards to this small twistIf you appreciate genre bending novels particularly those with magical realism I urge you to give Love in the Time of Global Warming a try It's a strange uniue book and won't be for everyone but Francesca Lia Block has woven together something magical here

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    Weird ass apocalypse story and not a non LGBT character in sight Hell yeah man

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    I was drawn in to this book because of the title and its gorgeous cover which is why I'm sad to report that it turned out to be a total messInitially I was excited by the synopsis a retelling of The Odyssey performed against the background of post apocalyptic Los Angeles This is a story with real potential I expected beautiful and unusual imagery and a touching and moving story with plentiful of poetic references to classic Greek mythologybut Love in the Time of Global Warming is none of these thingsI'm not sure the book actually knows what it would like to be It begins with the cataclysmic event known only as The Earth Shaker what else could have brought down LA? destroying pretty much everything and leaving 17 year old Penelope Pen for short just like the wife of Odysseus on her own Obviously Pen sets out to find her missing family but then the book loses whatever focus it had and completely derails becoming muddled confused and unconvincingInstead of being merely an analogy to The Odyssey the book introduce actual elements from the classic epic Giant cyclops Sirens Sorcerers and tries to mix them with teenage angst of its young characters who try to survive after the apocalypse which goes as well as you might imagine The result is a scattered series of events which do not make any sense and do not join together to form any coherent plot things just happen because the author wants them to happen Multitudes of characters are introduced in a very short amount of time which makes it all but impossible to care for any of them no matter how fantastical and uniue they are described to be The main character accepts even the weirdest events as if they were the most ordinary never uestioning anything that happens All other characters are archetypes they're special uniue and do not act or think like ordinary human beings The whole thing perplexing and difficult to followTo top everything it all ends with a cliffhanger indicating that it's just a first novel in a series the second volume is already announced and will be published later this year This was not the case when I discovered this book and I read it with expectations that it's a fully self contained story that it's not the case is even disappointing I can't really recommend this to anyone and the only things which save it from 1 star is my love for dystopias and the author's occasionally good surreal imagery I just wish there was in these pages to care about such as a good story

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