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A study of the role and the PDF #186 of German and Austrian royals in Hitler's defeat The part played by the many The Palace PDFEPUBGerman and Austrian royal families in opposing Hitler has hitherto been overlooked and this history outlines many incredible instances Palace and the eBook #8608 of their involvement Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia was deeply involved in the German resistance movement and was ues

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The Palace and the Bunker

Tioned by the Gestapo following the July  plot on Hitler's life Otto von Habsburg heir to the Austro Hungarian Empire was sentenced to death and escaped through Europe to America where he helped coordinate attempts to liberate his homeland his Hohenberg cousins children of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand were incarcerated in Dachau Crown Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria was exiled to Italy where he was pursued by the S

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S his wife and children were captured and sent to concentration camps and the exiled Prince Hubertus zu Löwenstein traveled between the US and Britain assembling German exiles into groups representing the real Germany so that they could assume power when Hitler was defeated The sweeping away of German and Austrian monarchs in made the rise of Hitler possible and their successors helped make possible his defeat

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    The typesetting is uite good and the book is well produced with an attractive cover and nice photosThe first half of the book consists of a potted history of Nazi ideology and politics that relies heavily on a conservative and religious analysis The second royal half of the book has four brief sections on royal enemies of Hitler Price Louis Ferdinand of Prussia Crown Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria Hubertus of Lowenstein Wertheim Fre

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    The author is an acuaintance of mine and therefore I cannot offer a review of his tome without some bias There are however uite a number of fa

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    I'm reviewing this for Historical Novel Society For now all I'll say here is that this is a silly book