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Result few readers have been able to enjoy these classics With this book Altus Press brings these stories to modern readers c

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Defiance Valley

Tales of the Northwest may have been Frederick Nebel's forte but sadly these ultra rare magazines don't turn up often and as a

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Omplete uncut and in order Volume contains Nebel's first stories of this genre taken from NorthWest Stories and Action Stories

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    Not Nebel's best that was to come later in his policedetective stories but there are several uality stories in this collection He does a fine job of capturing the subarctic setting and now and then a character stands out I

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    A great collection of Frederick Nebel northern tales by Altus press Picked this up after reading a similar collection by Black Dog books that introduced me to Nebel's northerns The stories in this one tend to be shorter but they're still uite fun and interesting There's a good one about a mountie that has to escort an insane priso

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    Page xi Introduction by Rob PrestonPage 1 Trade Law Short Story Originally published in North West Stories July 1925 Volume 2 No 8 as by Lewis Nebel 710Page 15 The Firelight Patrol Corporal Chet Tyson 1 Short Story Originally published in North West Stories September 1925 Volume 2 No 10 as by Lewis Nebel 710