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  • Hardcover
  • 135
  • Los funerales de la Mamá Grande
  • Gabriel García Márquez
  • Spanish
  • 01 December 2018
  • 9788439711407

10 thoughts on “Los funerales de la Mamá Grande

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    My rating got me feeling very unpatriotic Garcia Maruez' writing is beautiful His sentences are just right and sound magical when read aloud But plot wise this anthology was a bore It was like reading your school rival's journal and realizing there were no dark secrets One story was only 6 pages long and yet he decided to give it a long introduction En este pueblo no hay ladrones was the only one that contained a beginning climax and conclusion The MC decides to steal billiard balls one night just like that and sell them to another bar and so forth But after realizing that the men in the village are affected by their lack of play he decides to return them unaware of the conseuences please note that this story shows violence against pregnant women Worse she starts the physical fight

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    Man I want to see that bird cage

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    What can I say Reading Gabo is like coming home after a long trip You don't feel like each story really ends at its ending or that each story is a seperate entity Gabo's short stories are his best and they are much like life everything is connected in a mysterious way and the unfamiliar sometimes hits home than we expectI was very touched by many of the characters and the stories that I think recounting them would be a spoiler But i gotta say I wondered who Big Mamma was I felt like she is the Motherland whichever yours is The nation that lives long and no one realizes that she is soon to die Corrupt but fair mean but merciful beautiful but untouchable loved but unfamiliar and revered but forgotten in a day Also is it just me or does she also sound like Eva Peron?

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    Maruez has a personal touch and this book shows that

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    Good I enjoyed the references to A Hundred Years of Solitude

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    A man makes an elaborate birdcage a young woman spends her life making artificial roses a mayor visits his dentist a matriarch has a carnivalesue funeral Little stories about little people living in little places But in what Maruez calls 'compressed prose' wider themes of isolation public and private life and cultural identity are introduced to be developed later in 'One Hundred Years of Solitude' He also experiments with narrative techniues symbolism and introduces some key characters from his widely known works

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    While not as exhilarating as Cien años de soledad Los funerales de la Mamá Grande offers a satisfying return to Garcia Maruez's world of Macondo

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    AmazingGarcia Maruez really has a uniue way with wordsThis short story collection represents the birth for Macondo and many of the Buendia family's membersor at leastthe first draft for a lot of the characters in his famous novel One hundred years of solitude I have not read enough of his works to recognize other characters but I'm sure there are in this collection after all I felt like reading to separate stories Macondo and another oneI wander if I will meet in the future Baltazar Damaso and importantlyhis wife or the mother of the boy who lost his train and got shot for receiving charity in a strange villagesorry for not putting the accents on the names ^^' I hope so because I will continue reading from this authorhis cruel base and downright disgusting characters are really fascinating I've given 35 stars to One hundred years of solitude and now I'm not so sure if it was correctAfter allI've never considered it a story covered by another one magical than the savage reality of this all powerful nameBuendia who oppressed instead of giving an example but a story made solely for recreating ideas and showing that everything has a price and some actions receive no forgiveness so I may re read it in the future with a different perspective

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    I liked it It was an interesting read Because the book it's so short it was really easy to read It has stories that somehow are related to each other but in each story there's a different character Some of the stories were boring some entertaining But with every story I read to read a few pages to really understand what is about After that the reading went smooth I read this because I want to try again to read books by Maruez I tried it a few years back and I gave up Maybe now I can appreciate his writing who knows?

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