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Holds the power to heal the injured agent but not without a price For Mia Snow that price is surrendering to Kyrin's forbidden seductionand embracing their electric attraction She's walking a knife's edge risking her badge and even her life The closer she gets to Kyrin the Mia learns about her own heart her human needs and the shocking secret that will shatter everything she's ever believed First in th Chroma: A Photographer's Guide to Lighting With Color surrendering to Kyrin's forbidden The Hokku or Epigram Versus of Basho seductionand embracing their electric attraction She's walking a knife's edge risking her badge and even her life The closer Spank! she gets to Kyrin the Mia learns about her own heart her human needs and the Prison Ramen shocking Saints and Misfits secret that will Macroeconomics (7th Edition) shatter everything Godzilla Returns she's ever believed First in th

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Awaken Me Darkly

RIDDING THE WORLD OF EVIL ONE ALIEN AT A TIME THAT'S MIA SNOW'S MISSION Snow is in the forecast In a time and place not too far away Mia Snow is an alien huntress for the New Chicago Police Department Heading up her expert team of Alien Investigation and Removal agents Mia's unmatched at battling the elusive enemy among us and she's the perfect girl for the job She's seen her brother die at REASONS I D Release (Off Balance, she's the perfect girl for the job She's The Sea Lion Festival seen her brother die at REASONS I D


The hands of aliens She's earned each of her scars And she'll die before she cries Now a series of killings have Mia and her partner Dallas tracking alien suspects but a sudden blast of violence leaves Dallas fighting for his life They are ice and fire The chance to save Dallas appears in the form of a tall erotic stranger An alien A murder suspect Kyrin en Arr of the deadly Arcadian species Mia is a ha

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    REASONS I DON'T LIKE THIS BOOK1 FEMINISM DOES NOT EUAL MAN HATING Okay so the main character is just going around talking about castrating men forcing steel pipes down their throats oO ripping out their voice boxes kicking men in the balls and saying stuff like A tide of anticipation was already rushing through me at the thought of putting these men in their places at my feet UmNO One of the men had actually pulled my hair and scratched my cheek like a sissy girl who hadn't gotten her way What a pussy UmNO This goes on and on throughout the novel It makes me sad and I don't like it2 OVERDOING THE I'M A BADASS FACTOR Mia Snow is a badass Such a badass And she won't stop talking about how badass and tough she is She goes on and on and on about how she never cries loves beating aliens up loves killing aliens has no mercy has no remorse has no guilt has no conscience etc etc etc It's a never ending barrage of how badass she is and I want to scream I GET IT YOU'RE TOUGH SHUT UP ABOUT IT Sheesh Instead of making me think that she's a strong woman she comes across as a complete sociopath who can't control her violent tendencies 3 THEN after all this man hating and also proclaiming of her badassness she chooses the WEIRDEST times to flirt with men and say sexual things to them It's super creepy For instance when she goes with a co worker a fellow cop who's picking a lock Smiling I said softly I love it when you do this His ability to break past any barrier gently and efficiently without anyone the wiser was how he'd earned his name I swear to God it turns me on Any time baby he said This is just one of my many talents with my hands Um what? This is a man who earlier in the book she said these words to The last breathing man who let me near his goods dropped to the floor in a fetal ball and begged for his mommy If I were a man I would just be terrified of this woman one minute actually every minute I'm with her she's threatening to hurt me and then suddenly out of nowhere she's talking to me in a breathy voice about how much I turn her on? When I pick locks? WTF? It doesn't make any sense but it DOES convince me she's mentally unstableAND THEN she is going to arrest this guy this slimy guy who is a wife beating woman hater okay? Lowest of the low And when she breaks into his house to arrest him she finds him on the floor having sex with some woman And before she arrests him or anything SHE TAKES A MOMENT TO STOP AND ADMIRE HIS SEXUAL TECHNIUE I can't believe it I just can't believe this is happening WHAT? WHAT???? It doesn't make any sense at all I thought she was a badass man hater and here she's confronted with what by all accounts is a super scummy man who actually deserves the scorn she has for all men and she's like Oh he's actually pretty good in bed hur hur hur oOContinuing on this theme when she meets the hero in the hospital room of her dying friend and the hero says he has a way to bring her friend back from the brink of death she instantly goes all sexual and weird on the dude Please Please help me Help Dallas I'll beg you if necessary to save him I'll fall to my knees right here right now I'll do anything you ask AnythingIs that what you want? Me on my knees? What? Where is this even COMING FROM???? I can't I can't This is just too weird You need to see a sexual therapist lady You've got serious issues that need to be addressed I mean you are really messed up in the head SeriouslyAnd the relationship between hero and heroine is ALWAYS a battle always She beats him up about 11 times in the book Before they have sex after they have sex as foreplay Even at the very end of the book when they're supposed to be a bit stable and less at odds with each other she's still threatening to kill him None of this is in a BDSM way but instead in a he is dating a flippin' nutjob way4 Not to mention the normal tropes I'm sick and tired of She's 5'6'' 120 pounds but she can kick any man's ass even men 3x her size No matter what she eats double bacon cheeseburger with chili cheese fries she can't keep any fat on her I had uncommon metabolism Yes of course you do rolls eyes I'm so sick of both these tropes5 Then there's the only black character a man named Ghost Yes and in addition to being named ghost he also is described as chocolate colored and chocolate skinned about a bajillion times Then they throw in this gem Hey babe don't worry I'll cover you Ghost said a lusty edge to his wordsShe smiled over at him even ran her nails over his arm I like the thought of your body covering mine You are so dark I just don't have any words for this6 THE SEXISM The men in here who are actually sexist are the kind of men who go around saying stuff like A woman's place is on her knees and Bitches should be taught a lesson and I had to put her in her place and crap like that which I found very over the top and ridiculous Most men who are sexist are a tiny bit subtle than this ESPECIALLY WHEN TALKING TO A FEMALE POLICE OFFICER WHO HAS A GUN AND A BUNCH OF MALE OFFICERS WITH HER Stupid It was just stupid and I couldn't take it seriouslyOverall I don't find this book sexy in the least Mia Snow is a hugely messed up person who needs to see a mental health professional IMMEDIATELY if not sooner I'm baffled as to how she became a cop Don't they have psych evals? I was laughing hysterically throughout this book and shaking my head in wonderment because it was just so bizarreAvoid at all costsPS You know I'm extra gentle with romances right? So if I say it was terrible you know it was really terribleZERO REAL STARS ZERO ROMANCE STARS

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    Hmmmmmm look at what I’m reading Ignore the stupid title and clichéd series name And the perverted cover Geez there are lots of things that would make a person avoid reading this I’m not sure why I picked it Oh waitMuahahaha I couldn’t help myselfWell well What can I say about this Awaken Me Darkly? It’s mostly typical UF to my entire disappointment I like a good UF as any cool and important person but my dear Huntress of Aliens is not the most special kid in class The story is mediocre BUT and that’s a big butt I’m fascinated by Gena’s writing style and Mia’s badass level She’s a pro I tell you Plus the white haired hottie is a bonus Guess my sci fi mood will shift into painting sci fi guys with white hair and violet eyes Gah I’m so predictableWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAITBefore you poke my eyes out with a spork I know this is NOT UF Heh actually Funny story there Let me tell you how I got to think this is fcking UF And how I found out it isn’tSo that’s my story Pretty gruesome huh? What I would give for a machinegun right nowAaanywhore I’ve been judging the book as an UF and since the misunderstanding raped my mind I’ll take a star from its score Because I’m cruel that’s whyMrs Showalter I wanted less of thisAnd of thisSo I would appreciate if you make the future books cooler Peace out

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    Hhmmm I am feeling somewhat ambivalent about this – about the characters about the plot about the romance – not bad not great Just blahPlotI am guilty of comparing this to Showalter’s other series Lords of the Underworld I have to admit that I am partial to mythology based storyline so that is part of the reason why I prefer LOTU However besides that I think this plot is too slow for my taste I read this book uickly but mainly because I was eager for something amazing to happen The beginning is mainly building up the background as the first book of a series should and establishing the mysterycrime of this book I think my complaint here that the plot is rather slow and the romance is even slowerCharactersIn addition I just do not connect to the characters I think a factor to that lost of connection is that this book is told in 1st person point of view Usually 1st person helps me connect with the protagonist better because you read hisher thoughts as they are but here I just felt a bit bored of Mia’s perspective I think if this is 3rd person with switching perspectives I might have enjoyed the characters AND the romance better Kyrin is alright but I feel like I do not really know him I suppose the 1st person POV is a deliberate choice because this book is a mystery and we as the readers are supposed to learn and get clues when the protagonist gets them So Kyrin not having his own perspective makes sense because the protagonist and the readers are uestioning “Is he good? Is he not? What’s the deal here?” It makes sense and again this is only a FACTOR to why I think I do not connect with these characters but I just wish something captivated me Final ThoughtsOverall I’m giving Awaken Me Darkly Alien Huntress #1 2 stars It is slow a bit bland but I think I am still curious about what will happen in the later books For a lot of series the 1st book is so so to me but I end up adoring the series as a whole when I read the later books and get introduced to new characters I hope that is the case here and this series will soon knock my socks off Fingers crossedThings that you might want to know WARNING Spoilers belowIs there a happysatisfying ending? view spoilerHappy hide spoiler

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    I wasn't at all sure what to think of this storyline since the alien bounty hunter plot seems very different but I ended up liking it very much My first read by Gena Showalter was The Nymph King which I absolutely loved From that point on I have been reading her books This is very different Early on in her paranormal romance writing career Gena Showalter seemed to focus on writing lighter paranormal The Alien Huntress series is a big departure from that at least in my opinion If I could describe the tone of these books in one word I would use noir Very dark uite grim That is the atmosphere I picked up from reading this book There is a good mystery and the sci fi elements are well developed so that I was able to buy into the alien concept fairly well I liked the storytelling voice that Ms Showalter uses in this novelI'm not big on aliens as a paranormal theme but I appreciate what Ms Showalter did with the concept Of course you have the steamy romance the alpha brooding hero and a very believeably tough heroine in Mia to round it out And there are good secondary characters that make you want to follow up on them in their own stories It's been a while since I read this one so I don't have a lot of details Having said that I don't have any complaints It's a solid four star book and intend to read the other books in this series

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    Mia is a hard ass AIR agent who never lets anything stand in her way but from the first time she lays eyes on arcadian Kyrin she can't get him out of her head But when her partner Dallas is hurt and near death Kyrin can save himfor a price He wants his sister Lilla released from the AIR holding cell then he'll save Dallas Mia tries to set him up but he captures her and they get to know each other I love the way the ending leaves a happily ever after but also there's enough leeway for the next in the seriesI never thought I'd like the Alien Huntress series but I love Gena Showalter futuristic stuff is really not my thing but this series has me hooked

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    there's clearly A LOT of issues i have with this book i could rant about but it was also a fun read so? buddy read with sharon 3

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    I wasn't sure if this was supposed to be a PNR or UF but unfortunately it didn't work for me as either In short I don't like it very much As a warning there are unmarked spoilers below as I have used specific plot “twists” to illustrate some pointsFirst I don't like the heroine Mia Snow A government sanctioned alien hunter Mia is pretty much a bigot when it comes to aliens I almost stopped reading three pages in because she was so hateful Although we are eventually given the reason for her racism I still can't like her given that for the majority of the story Mia never uestions these prejudices or acknowledges that circumstances in her history might have given her a skewed less than rational view of aliens This lack of doubt on her part suggests to me that she is either i aware that she's a bigot but too hateful to care or ii too stupid to realize that her views are bigoted Not even when she finds out that she herself is half alien do we see Mia spending much time uestioning the validity of her I assume by then former views We don't see her feeling any guilt about having ruthlessly killed aliens or any remorse for having bigoted views Rather we see her being angry at her father for lying to her and “misleading” her into hating aliens To me this indicates a serious inability or unwillingness to acknowledge her personal responsibility for her past actionsviews This emotional immaturity is a facet of her character that I really dislike While I'm sure Mia is supposed to be the typical strong heroine associated with urban fantasy as she can kick physical ass is ruthless as an alien hunter and supposedly has an “indomitable will” while reading I felt that Mia lacks mentalemotional strength For example when Mia first learns that she is half alien and that the murderer she was pursuing was her biological mother we see Mia wanting to inwardly scream in defiance of the truth and we also see several instances of her refusing to listen to the truth eg her screaming at Kyrin to shut up cursing at him slapping him etc These repeated references of her unwillingness to face the truth1 indicate an unjustified emotional immaturity Now Mia doesn't actually scream in defiance usually which I suppose might be meant to show that she has some sort of mental fortitude but we're never shown her struggle with these issues She just wants to scream at the unfairness of it all but doesn't So instead of seeing her as vulnerable and overcoming her vulnerabilities through an admirable emotional strength I got the sense that she was emotionally weakand that her actions were completely disconnected from her emotionsinternal state In general I thought that Mia screamed too much either out loud or silently When a story is written from a first person point of view even though the screaming is silent it it occurs continuously it's annoying As for her ruthlessness in hunting which I expect was supposed to show her badassness wellit troubled me greatly In fact it came off rather like power tripping irresponsibility Thus not only is Mia emotionally irresponsible regarding her own personal conduct she is also irresponsible regarding the rights and personal welfare of othersExhibit A The situation where Mia ordered all of the citizens at what seemed to me like a peaceful protest to be arrested Note that she herself had instigated the protest as a scheme to trap Kyrin who also plays the role of her love interest for uestioning in a serial murder case2 Mia never even tells her underlings on what grounds to arrest the citizens and this is obviously because there are no grounds to arrest the citizens It was just part of her ploy to make sure Kyrin did not escape her trap Ok right I'm sure this is an obvious point but this completely tramples over the rights of the citizens that she is supposedly protecting This to me shows that the heroine completely lacks a sense of responsibility towards the public she has supposedly sworn to defend Her claims that she hunts aliens to protect humans is a lie She hunts aliens because i she's a bigot and therefore hates them ii she wants revenge because aliens killed her older brother and iii because she's trying to make her alien hating father love her again If Mia's ruthlessness actually stemmed from some honourable source like wanting to protect the public I may have been able to accept it maybe but it doesn't It stems from what I felt to be weaknesses in her character For me this would only be acceptable in a character if that character were the villain of a book not the heroineExhibit B Mia's parroting of laws that are obviously ruthless and unjust for example any aliens involved with crime are to be eliminatedexecuted They don't have to be guilty they just have to be involvedNow this is obviously a problematic law If Mia were a child I could understand how she could parrot these laws and not uestion thembut she isn't Here I am in a similar situation as regards to her bigotry I can't decide if this is an example of her ruthlessness ie if she realizes these laws are wrong but doesn't care because it lets her kill aliens or if it's an example of stupidity because she doesn't realize these laws are unjust In either case I care for Mia less and lessFor all of these reasons I found it impossible to admire or like Mia And thus I found it beyond annoying whenever I was told or shown that the majority of the characters in the book did admire and like herAs for the hero Kyrin? He could have been a computer for all I could tell To me he seemed little than a reuisite plot device Sure he was described as powerful beautiful and given the reuisite bad past to atone for And I suppose the way he continually overrides Mia's free will with either i physical binds eg tying her up ii a magical armband which inflicts pain on her if she tries to escape his house or iii drugs are indicative of the reuisite domineering aspects we expect from an urban fantasy alpha hero3 But I never got a sense as to what his character was like There is a part in the book where Mia describes what she has concluded about Kyrin's character given the state of his home but as we were told instead of shown these things I didn't really buy it Needless to say the romance didn't work at all for me It was pretty much doomed since I didn't like either the hero or heroine but even so I didn't see them getting to know each other at all I could refrain from making the actual joke about “know” in the biblical sense There was no sense in which I felt they complemented each other or actually enjoyed each others company So in short this book didn't work for me as an urban fantasy because what I look for in an urban fantasy is i a strong heroine and ii a good plot4 Nor did it work for me as a paranormal romance because what I look for in a romance is i likeable heroines and heroes and ii scenes that show the hero and heroine are falling in love I didn't find any of those in “Awaken me Darkly”Will I read another book by Gena Showalter? I think I would if only because I think this is one of her earlier books Perhaps she hadn't hit her stride yet And I didn't read the book all that carefully it may have been the case that the things above all jumped out at me and I missed the significance of things that may have changed my mind about my assessmentProse C I wasn't too fond of the writing style there was telling than showing I feltPlot C predictable but not terribleCharacters F obviously I did not like the charactersWorld building C I wasn't very drawn in by the world but I'm not big on aliens in the first place And since this is the first in a series maybe it gets fleshed out in later books 1 A truth which really she must have or at least should have suspected2 When I say a serial murder case I should actually probably say the serial murder case” since this murder case forms the backbone of the plot3 Right I haven't even voiced my opinion on how these actions by Kyrin are to say the least problematic But that's because although now that I've listed them I see objectively how problematic they are but I didn't really care when they happened in the book This is probably because I didn't and still don't buy Kyrin as an actual character whom I might expect to have admirable characteristics4 I haven't mentioned the plot above Basically I felt it was rather predictable I saw it coming that i she was half alien ii Atlanna was her mother and iii that the brother Atlanna referred to would be Dare and not Kane But that may be because I've been reading uite a bit of Carol Berg recently which has primed me to look out for plot twists Although I must say this is the first novel I've ever read where the heroine uses a poisoned whip to whip the villain to deathAlso there is a part where Mia tries to glean insight from an Atlantis myth into the motivations of a suspect named Atlanna purely because Atlanna sounds like Atlantis If that's representative of the type of police work that Mia uses to link suspects to crimes the aforementioned laws are even problematic than I thought

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    First in the Alien Huntress paranormal romance series It will definitely be my last in this seriesThe StoryMia Snow has been called out to a homicide A man William Steele has been found nude in a dicey neighborhood and it's only luck that Mia and Dallas each find a clue that narrows the list of suspects down All on that list are aliens which confirms that their unit AIR is in chargeThe team members of AIR are hoping this isn't a serial killer as Steele is the fifth man who's been snatched in the Chicago area although he is the first to turn up dead Their boss Jack Pagosa gives them til morning to solve itoh reallywell that is just so realistic Fortunately Mia and Dallas are cynical enough that they suspect Lilla en Aar and the policeman who arrested her so they have lots to do that first night Now if Lilla only had some realistic dialog and George Hudson weren't so obviously an idiot If life worked this way in the real world we wouldn't have a lot of criminals skating aboutThen we meet Kyrin en Aar Lilla's brother who is obsessed with Mia Leaping into her vicinity with no finesse whatsoever and uickly eliciting a lustful reaction from heryawn Then we get to meet Howdy Doodyoops I mean the steely eyed sex club owner Mark St John We finally get to the sex part when Kyrin kidnaps Mia out of AIR headuarters when he strips her and dresses her in one of garments worn by women from his planet and ties her to the beddouble yawnI'm sorry Showalter is not trying so hard to create some tension of any sort and I'm just not feeling it as she has Mia fighting with Kyrin about his keeping her prisoner telling her that there are things he can't tell her because she is not yet ready to hear it So naturally he gives in and tells her She rages off with completely unbelievable reactions Okay I might believe them if she were oh 16 instead of 28 Oh look read this at your own riskThe CharactersAIR is short for Alien Investigation and Removal A branch of law enforcement tasked with hunting down and executing aliens who have broken human laws Sounds rather like Anita BlakeAbout the only positive I find in this story are the interactions between Mia and her team The dialog is realistic and showcases their camaraderie If only I didn't have to read the bits in betweenMy TakeThis could be a good story if Showalter had taken the time to develop it As it is the leaps of intuition and the inner dialog are embarrassingly lame and I cringed as I read through this really bad space opera Yeah Mia may be kick ass but she can be stupider than ahem She's a lousy interrogator and it takes her how many pages to figure out that the central theme is fertility?? Then when Kyrin kidnaps heroh brother the hem of my black leather jacket danced around my calves If she's wearing a jacket and its hem is down to her calves she is short and she must have taken it off and tied the sleeves around her waistIt just happens that hair follicles are found at each crime scene that pinpoint the murderer?The CoverThe cover is very sexy with its deep royal cast and the sexy woman in her black patent leather bustier I think she must have wandered over from another story because there aren't any women in bustiers in this one

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    BASICSLove triangle? view spoilerNo hide spoiler

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    Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || Pinterest I read this book for the Unapologetic Romance Readers' New Years 2017 Reading Challenge For info about what this is click hereGiven how my previous encounters with Gena Showalter's books went spoiler not well I'm not sure why I decided to buy this oneOh wait now I remember It's about an alien huntressAssassins and bounty hunters in books make my ears perk up Aliens make me come running If you discovered a bodice ripper about alien assassins I would probably zoom towards you at a speed that would break the sound barrier Luckily AWAKEN ME DARKLY despite the bodice ripper like title is not a bodice ripper so the sound barrier is safe for nowMia Snow is an agent of AIR Alien Investigation and Removal She lives in a world where Earth has already made First Contact and many of the aliens we have encountered have chosen to make their homes on Earth Most are peaceful but some attempt to harm or kill humans and those are the aliens that Mia deals with up close and personal spoiler boinkWhen what looks like an alien serial killer happens on the scene it's Mia and her team who are called in to deal with the situation and nip it in the bud before it causes a panic Her investigations lead her into the depths of a seedy community straight into the arms of an alien named Kyrin an Arcadian alien who just so happens to be of the race of aliens that Mia is investigatingCoincidence? Maybe Spoiler Obviously it isn'tReading this book brought back memories of the paranormal romances and urban fantasy novels I plowed through in my early years of college Good bad I didn't care I read them all One of my favorites at the time before the series went sour was the Anita Blake vampire series and in a way AWAKEN ME DARKLY brought back a lot of those rose tinted memories of books 1 5 There are a lot of similarities between the two books Mia like Anita is a ball busting heroine who compensates for her femininity with machismo and showboating Mia like Anita is also a hunter of an immortal species and like Anita ends up forging a relationship with a member of the species she's hunting with Kyrin playing Jean Claude to Mia's Anita in this case Kyrin like Jean Claude is also fond of long hair puffy shirts and leather pants and has a condescending paternal air to him that makes the heroine alternate dropping trou with death threats and declarations of her own independence etc Even the cover with its vague hits at kink and taboo would not be out of place in Anita BlakeI wanted to enjoy this book than I did and for about the first third AWAKEN ME DARKLY was engaging and fun even if Mia could be a btch It's when the mystery that Mia is investigating comes to light that things get weird spoiler WTF and the abrupt ending did not help matters Also the hero's kidnapping of the heroine to his pleasure palace was so eye roll worthy it's straight out of a 90s futuristic romance When she's dressed in gauzy silks with a beautiful bejeweled armband designed to serve as an electric shock collar draped in the arms of the blonde alien hunk I kept picturing Fabio romance covers especially when he braids his hair Fabio the pirate alien YASAWAKEN ME DARKLY has the dubious honor of being the least offensively awful Gena Showalter book I have read THE NYMPH KING was kill it before it spawns seuels bad AWAKEN on the other hand is just cheesy I think I would have liked it if it were set in space like a Linnea Sinclair science fiction romance This just felt like a PNR with extraterrestrial window dressing15 to 2 stars

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